LV999 Villager – Chapter 4 P4

Answering Such A Thing Depends On Yourself After All | Part 4


“Aah, I heard you! It’s still too early to give up, you know!”

After calling out Kagami’s name and sending some Monsters flying with her fists, Takako looked back, as Kagami gave Alice a thumbs up and said “Good Job” with a smile.

“It’s thanks to Kagami-san.”

Muttered Alice, feeling extremely satisfied.

“Bringing back the Adventurers that had fled was simple, you know? All of them were saying, ‘I want to rescue…the people who are fighting!’, but everyone lost their will to fight in front of the large group of Monsters…they couldn’t move.”

Listening to Alice, Rex, Tina, Krul and Palna understood the other Adventurers’ pain. They themselves shared the same feelings, in no small amount.

“But you see, I realized that it’s useless for everyone to be afraid, after seeing Kagami-san and Krul-san’s group fighting without giving up. They said that, surely, they could do something as well. They received courage from seeing Kagami-san’s group, you know.”

Alice’s words left a deep impression on Krul. Certainly, she had believed that the Adventurers would try to assist them once they saw her party, but this was originally Kagami’s achievement. They decided to move because it was impossible for Kagami to fight by himself. After seeing their appearance, Salumeria’s Adventurers had gathered together to face off against the Monsters.

One person. Just one normal Villager, whose will should have been smashed to bits in this hopeless situation. Unable to suppress her heart’s excitement for the current development, Krul revealed a smile.

It wouldn’t change the fact that it was a dangerous situation, but she couldn’t help thinking that this was really amazing. She hadn’t read any such epics in the Arcasia Kingdom archives within the castle. One person, by challenging 10,000 Monsters, moved the hearts of thousands of Adventurers…It wasn’t a Hero, just a normal Villager. There hadn’t been any humans in the past that had done something so unbelievable.

Without a doubt, this event would be passed down as a legend. Being able to witness such a legend unfold before her, she couldn’t help but feel excited.

Rex had the same thoughts as well. Although he felt the same, he was also quite jealous. His jealousy made him feel regretful, but he respected Kagami from the bottom of his heart. If someone asked if he could accomplish the same, he could only answer no.

“Fu…fufufuhahahaha! Interesting…This Villager is really interesting! Since that is the case, show it to me, the unimaginable conclusion from your struggles in this battle!”

Rex and the others, who had exhausted their bodies, felt their strength return. It was a revitalizing medicine in this hopeless situation that they had believed would end them. Their hearts couldn’t help but tremble as they were invited to participate in this legendary fight.

“Yosh…well then, shall we do our best? Tch, in front of me is…Alice! Get away from here, it’s dangerous!”

“Yes, I understand, Kagami-san. I’m really sorry? No matter what, I wanted Kagami-san to be happy when I told you this.”

At her words, Kagami struck Alice’s head with a ‘pon’ and muttered, “Don’t worry about it,” to her, and then urged her to pass through the hole that was opened up in the stone wall behind them. At that moment,

“It wasn’t me that created an opportunity that allowed the other Adventurers to fight, but Alice. The one who is the most amazing is…Alice, who prioritized their desire to help and brought along these Adventurers, despite being a Demon. It was you!”

As he said this, Kagami smiled at Alice. She yelled back, “Yeah!,” and happily rushed along to the hole in the stone wall as moisture appeared in her eyes. After confirming that Alice had gone back behind the stone wall, Kagami’s expression stiffened, and he turned towards the Monsters that were still spread out before him.

“Change of plans…Let’s aim to win! Let’s go all out against them!”

“There’s no need to say that!”

While Kagami was yelling that, Rex quickly finished off the enemies in front of him with his sword and rushed out ahead of Kagami. Krul and Palna continued to fire off Wide Area Annihilation Magic at the Monsters before them as well.

“Geez…If I had thought about how those spirited fellows might have become my enemies in the near future, I would have become dispirited…Well, besides that, I’m just serving Demon King-sama and Alice-sama!”

“Menou-chan! Since Kagami-chan is bringing out his full power, cooperate with the other adventurers and protect Rex’s group! Kagami-chan! We’re fine over here, so have at it as you like!”

As this was said, Menou gave Kagami a thumbs up, and Takako blew a kiss at Kagami. Kagami raised his voice with a “Yoshaa!”, firing him up as he endured the overwhelmingly powerful attacks, and when his reserved power explosively broke out, he instantly closed in on the Cyclops that stood in front of him.

Kagami then firmly grasped the Cyclop’s leg like he would grab a log and dispatched Monsters by swinging the Cyclops around like a weapon. He stylishly flung it while forging onward, annihilating several Monsters at once.


A lot of the adventurers who saw this scene were dumbfounded, and after seeing Kagami dispatch the Monsters using the Cyclops, they let out a splendid war cry to raise their morale.

“Let’s go, we will win! What the hell is that guy…He’s too amazing! He looks like a Monster, no matter how you look at it!”

“Either way, it’s fine! He has always been fighting for us! Our pride as knights would be done for if we don’t repay our debt! Don’t fall behind!”

There were those who brandished their longswords, those who began casting spells, and those who drew their bows powerfully, but like Kagami, they all forged onwards and began to fight higher leveled Monsters than them. Those who were there didn’t really think about whether they were weaker than their opponents; they just had their feelings of wanting to protect this city, and believed that it might be possible if they backed this man. With a cry, they clashed with the Monsters.


As for Kagami, such a sensation was a first for him. All of them were united by this one purpose and fought against the Monsters. It was difficult to push aside the fear brought on by the limiting concept of Levels, and a large number of people struggled to push aside thoughts of how it was a reckless and impossible challenge. Kagami couldn’t help but feel that these new possibilities would change these people.

Kagami didn’t have any doubts at that moment. Even if there were high leveled Monsters in front of him, he would surely win somehow. The people who had come here on his behalf would surely stand against the Monsters, just like him, and would succeed somehow. Kagami believed this, so he cast away his guard and forced his way through the middle of the group of Monsters.

A path leading through the Monsters was created, like a giant cannonball had passed through, revealing the dry ground of the wasteland.

The created path was immediately closed off by the other Monsters. Although the Adventurers weren’t able to see Kagami clearly, they immediately understood that he was struggling greatly against the Monsters. Meanwhile, Monsters were being blown out of the center and into the sky, one by one.

Nobody thought that it was “useless to continue on like this,” and decided to try and do the best that they could do.

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  2. Now he is not receiving dmg while charging like in the first one? nice, he’s Auto-Evade skill finally activated! Now turn-out-to-be-not-so-powerful monster will be grinded to sweet gold of ‘mine’. hehehehe…


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