Garudina – Chapter 2 P3


Transcendent Domestic Affairs Cheat, Never Act Rashly

Three days later, Georg had, at long last, arrived at the Garudina Great Forest.

“…That’s the forest, right?”

“It’s the forest…”

Two people raised their voices idiotically. The majestic sight of the primeval forest, untouched by human hands, spread out before them.

“…It’s wide, huh?”

“It is…”

The two of them used wind magic to fly into the sky, in order to see how far the forest extended.
Incidentally, Georg had just come up with the flying magic yesterday. He would have created it sooner but, as a dragon, he could use his wings to fly, so it took him some time to figure out. By the way, he had come up with the idea because it was impossible for Ferris to ride his dragon form, due to all of the frighteningly overpowered skills it had.

“…Hey, I still can’t see the edge of the forest.”

“Yeah, I can’t see it either.”

Immense was the best word to describe it.

“…Well, there’s no use hanging out up here. Let’s head over to the lake in the middle.”

“Yes, got it.”

They began to move by manipulating their wind magic.

“Fufu, this feels good!”

Ferris said, in high spirits. Recently, her tone had become considerably less formal and had a more intimate feeling.

«It would be nice if I could touch her ears or tail soon…»

Georg continued forward while thinking such wicked thoughts. However, there needed to be a solid foundation before anything could happen. The two of them continued to fly for about 20 minutes before they finally arrived at the lake.

“Well, although I somehow managed to imagine it…”

“It’s large, isn’t it…”

The lake spread out before their eyes; it might have been the size of Lake Biwa. Since waves were rolling along its shore, Georg was certain that if someone looked down at their feet while standing there, it would look just like the sea.

“Well, there should be several large fish here, and we should be able to use it as a source of drinking water.”

“Then, is this place fine?”

“Well, fortunately, looking at the huge, rocky mountain over there and its geology…”

He conducted a geological survey using earth magic.

“Inside a ten kilometer radius, there is iron, copper, tin, zinc, coal…and even gold and silver…I’ll have to confirm what kinds of gemstones there are later. It’s surely a mountain of treasure.”

It was an environment blessed with abundance. If the humans knew of this place, they would never give it up.

“Okay, let’s do this!”


The confident Georg and the supportive Ferris. If you excluded the events at the village, this was the first time that the domestic affairs cheat had been activated.

First, Georg uprooted the surrounding forest and separated the fruit trees from the rest, sheltering them in the air. He had cleared out an area of about 15 hectares, nearly three times the area of the Tokyo Dome. (AN:The amount of environmental destruction is ridiculous.) Once a large enough area was cleared, he began digging, leaving solid dirt at the bottom and bringing the softer soil to the surface. Then, it was the rocky mountain’s turn.

“Ugh…As expected, the magic power consumption is high.”

“Nii-san, do your best!”


The rock was removed from its foundation, and its form was altered. (AN: He used earth magic to alter the rock.) He then molded it into castle walls, perfectly enclosing the plot of land. Georg created iron gates out of the ore that he had found buried within the rocky mountain and embedded them three meters into the ground, lining all the sides except the side facing the lake. The gates were five meters tall, 30 centimeters thick, and very sturdy, since the ore had been perfectly refined and cured.

Georg also put detailed work into the walls. He had hollowed out the rocky crag to make something very similar to rampart towers. Although they had already possessed considerable strength, Georg cured them even further, before skillfully arranging them to imitate the walls of a Western castle. He constructed a stairway inside and, on the bare, tunnel-like walls, made arrow slits, which were windows used for attacking invaders. To further strengthen the defense of the castle gates, he gave them a double layered structure, allowing for more people to defend them.

In this way, using a construction method that had never been seen before in history, the strongest rampart towers were completed. They were approximately nine meters tall (AN: the peak is 12 meters tall) and six meters wide. It was an enormous rampart. The moat was dug about two meters away from the rampart (AN: the bottom surface is hardened). Georg then poured in water from the lake to fill it. The moat had a depth of four meters and the width of a small river at five meters.

Georg used fire magic to heat the dirt that had been excavated when he dug the moat, completely killing any weeds, seeds, insects, and the like inside of it. He then compressed and baked the dirt into white stone bricks, before laying them on the ground in a T-shape that connected the three gates. He planned for this to become the main street later on. He also used some of the bricks to make his residence on the lakeside. There was no furniture, so it was purely aesthetic, but he admired the little castle he had created.

The inside of the castle was divided into four parts. The southeastern side (AN: the lake is to the north) was converted into fields for agriculture, and the fruit trees were planted in that area. There were many trees that were left over, so he had cut the branches into fine pieces and mixed them with the soil around the exterior of the castle in order to create leaf compost. The large trunks were piled in one section of the castle. Although he called it a section, the entire southwestern area had almost been buried. However, with this amount of wood, they wouldn’t have trouble securing building materials or firewood.

With all of this done, the foundation for their base could finally be called complete. If it had been built by humans, it would have taken several thousand humans several months, and if they were unskilled, it could have taken them years. The fact that Georg could make it in less than an hour was, without a doubt, an incredible feat (AN: the location was good as well).

“Aah…as expected, it’s already impossible…it’s the first time I’ve overused my magic power.”

Georg collapsed inside of the empty castle as he muttered that.

“Thank you for your hard work, nii-san.”

Ferris caught him and rested his head on her lap.

“…Well, everything starts here, Ferris.”

“Yes…but, with nii-san here, it’ll be fine.”

“…Is that so?”


Georg grew tired and drifted off to sleep.

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  2. :’-) *sniff* Thank you for bringing this one back *sniff*
    Now… he only needs his future population to be careful of flying monsters xD In such a dangerous forest there has to be some dangerous flying monsters right? I’m guessing right now there are none because their instincts told them to run away from the danger(MC xD) but once he brings Kingdom A’s slaves and then leaves to get Kingdom B’s slaves… Kingdom A’s slaves will be attack won’t they? I wonder what his plan will be…
    Thank you so much yet again for bringing this back :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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  3. Woah, almost got a heart attack when I saw the new chapter’s Astarte’s Knight and Garudina. Well, it was worth it. The time we waited, the heart attack and other things. Weell, anyway, great job as always, and don’t let us wait too much this time.


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  5. The trees were uprooted, the rocks and chunks of earth were flying all over the place, the ground turned upside down, it was the scene as if the earth lost it’s gravity, as if the world is about to end.

    Looking at that Ferris the little girl say “Nii-san, do your best!”

    Such a good girl, everyone should have one in their house :,)


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  7. Welp, at least it’s not some magic like a certain novel..Where you only need to imagine and then pour magic power and then just wait and it will create the house on it’s own….

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    Hmmm~ i wonder if this is alright, if he just do everything , he will create a country complety dependent on him, while his people just lazy around doing nothing, he will do everything for them. They will become arrogant and will think that everything should just be done for them, he really wiil be nothing but a slave bound by his lust


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