LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P16

It’s Fine For You To Become What Ya Wanna Be | Part 16

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s just as I said.”

Rex couldn’t understand what she meant. Those who attempted to subjugate the Demon King had the resolve to die; they would have the courage to do so because it was a necessary resolve. Not knowing when they would die, and with the high death-risk involved in subjugating the Demon King, the Hero’s party currently did not fear death.

Even if they were told Kagami lacked this, they couldn’t understand it immediately.

“The fear of death, even if that villager doesn’t have it, we’ve had the resolve to die since a long time ago…is it something special?”

Takako released a sigh at Rex’s words and just told him, “You’ll understand when you see it,” after which they wordlessly ran towards the west gate.

After a while, Alice could see a giant wall and a man dressed in a surcoat.


Alice raised her voice and called out to Menou who, despite having arrived before them, just stood there without moving.

When they arrived, the previously shut west gate had been opened.

Before the open gate, Menou and several gatekeepers stood idly, not speaking at all. They all stared at something outside of the gate, looking baffled.

“Menou-chan, Kagami-chan is?”

Although Takako yelled that out to him, Menou didn’t reply at all.

He stared at a certain point like his eyes had been bound by something, and even though he couldn’t speak, he pointed to an area outside of the gate, as if he wanted to say something. When they looked at the location he was pointing at, everyone aside from Takako wore the same surprised expression as the gatekeepers and became speechless.

Outside of the west gate, a dry, vast land spread out in front of them. A few flowers were sprouting here and there, but most had died or vanished due to being dried up. Dead, broken trees and rugged rocks were rolling around, and the ground that was illuminated by the setting sun had soil as red as the barren wasteland of Atros.

Just as the gatekeepers had said, a group of Monsters that seemed to number at 10,000 had come to Salumeria. However, their advance had been stopped and they had been slightly scattered.


Alice couldn’t believe what was in front of her eyes…instead of the troop of Monsters that she should have been seeing, Kagami, who had the presence of a Devil, was releasing an overwhelming feeling, as if this troop wasn’t anything special at all.

It was the presence of a person who was showing hostility towards all of the Monsters that originally had the goal of attacking Salumeria. The moment this presence had appeared, all of the Monsters had instinctively concluded that “He is dangerous, and he is someone we must defeat here.”

A giant, one-eyed, green skinned Monster that had a form similar to a human’s, but boasted several times the height of one, walked up to Kagami. This Monster was a Level 168 Cyclops that was powerful enough to lift several boulders. Kagami firmly grabbed the Cyclops by one of its hands and waved it around like a weapon, blowing away a large amount of Monsters in the surroundings like they were confetti.

There was a human twirling around a Cyclops, which was said to be the best close combat Monster native to Atros Island and one that shouldn’t be challenged without a strategy, with one of his hands.

No matter how crazy this event was, those who saw this reality couldn’t form words to describe it.

It was something you could only understand if you saw it.

“Hey you!…It’s dangerous!”

The moment Rex yelled out, several monsters that appeared to be Level 126 Reptilians flew out from the troop of Monsters, and they shot a Heat Beam from their mouths directly at Kagami.

However, he avoided it at the very last moment. As a testament to how long he waited to dodge the attack, a scratch appeared on his cheek. Kagami smiled, not taking it to heart as he flung the Cyclops in his hands towards the flying Monsters.

The moment the Cyclops left his grip, Kagami was attacked all at once by the surrounding Monsters…but he had already vanished instantly from the spot.

Immediately after, completely blurred figures of Kagami appeared in front of the Monsters one by one, as if he was creating after images. When he thrusted out both of his hands, the confused Monsters were blown into the air, like the confetti from the parade, and turned into gold.

However, the Cyclops was quick to respond, and the moment the gold landed on the ground, it struck down at the upright Kagami with it’s massive, nearly boulder-sized hand.

The assault didn’t end with just that. The flying Monsters shot out Heat Beams towards the giant, boulder-like fist striking at Kagami, engulfing it in countless small explosions that melded together into a giant explosion.

The Cyclop’s fist was unable to endure the Heat Beams and was partially destroyed, while the rest of his body was engulfed in the explosion and curled up like smoke. Within the maelstrom, a calm, keen eyed and worn-out Kagami showed a fearless smile, unphased by the surprise attack, as blood flowed and splattered onto his forehead. Then, he once again ran towards the troop of Monsters.

“Hey…That guy.”

Everyone there could understand what the surprised Palna was trying to say whilst sweat poured down her forehead. He was certainly taking damage. And serious damage at that.
Yet…He faced the troop of Monsters without fear. The spectators couldn’t help but gasp at the madness.

“I told you, didn’t I? That child doesn’t fear death at all. No matter how much damage he receives, that child wouldn’t try to fight safely unless he’s near death. That child only thinks about whether he can do it or not. If he thinks…that he can do it, he won’t stop ‘til he dies, if not…he will immediately give up.”

The Hero’s party heard Takako speak but couldn’t believe their own eyes as they watched Kagami fighting until he wore himself out. Although it was gradual, Kagami’s wounds seemed to disappear as if he’d never sustained them to begin with.

Although the Hero’s party assumed incorrectly that he had taken no damage, Takako supplied “That’s Kagami-chan’s Skill,” and the Hero’s party once again looked at Kagami with amazement.

He received damage without yielding as if facing down death, he confronted the Monsters, and while he confronted them, his wounds would heal. Then he would fight again, receiving more wounds, and then…he laughs. He was like a genuine Devil.

Perhaps the reason Kagami had entrusted Alice to the Hero’s party was so that they would not see this side of him. This was very likely since the current Kagami clearly was not normal. His eyes were filled with killing intent, and he confronted the 10,000 Monsters while emitting a difficult to endure, spine chilling aura.

The moment everyone there saw this, they understood. This was the REAL Kagami. He had such an overwhelming presence that the Hero’s party understood he hadn’t handled them seriously before.

Equivalent to 10,000.

Endlessly relentless, despite accomplishing the impossible, Kagami on his own was more terrifying than the troop of 10,000 Monsters. They couldn’t help but fear him.

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  3. To the readers who compare MC to one punch man technically speaking the concept of strength is the same the only difference is One punch man MC surpass LV999 (and made him lose all his hair without knowing) lets just hope the MC in this story remain at Lv999 for his own good looks lol

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. The worst part is that he could be way stronger if it weren’t for the damn level cap o_O
    First time I read of someone using a Cyclops as a weapon to smash xD … Amazing skills :-D
    Thank you so much for the chapter:)

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  6. Kisato

    I am the coin of my sword
    Gold is my body and money is my blood
    I have killed over a thousand monsters
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    Yet, those hands will never hold anything
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  7. Villager ore o tataeru koe ya kassai nante hoshiku wa nai sa
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  8. “Those who attempted to subjugate the Demon King had the resolve to die”
    Right, but somehow the author wrote it like they were cowering now?

    So it is not an Auto-Revive… Auto-Heal… yea right. Eat mah auto-heal tot!
    purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~ purification~
    heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ heal~ so much heal~


    1. Mekronid

      They’re cowering from Kagumi, the Villager who makes the Demon King look like a fluffy bunny.

      If it is auto-revive then it would be pointless even if they lop his head off…


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