The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma – Chapter 23


Chapter 23 – Fina’s Perspective 3

Author’s note: It’s short.

We passed through the gate and left the town.
Speaking of which, I didn’t hear about our destination.
Did tiger wolves live in the forest nearby?
When I asked, Big sis Yuna said our destination was far away, so she’d take out something we could ride.
Take out?
I didn’t understand what she meant.
I was told to move away a little.
Big sis Yuna extended her bear hands outwards and two objects, one black and the other white, came out.
What’s that?
The large objects started moving.
They were bears.
They were really big.
I was scared.
They stood up and sidled over to Big sis Yuna’s side.
Yuna-oneechan seemed to be hugging them and stroking their heads.
Then, while I was looking at Big sis Yuna,

「Don’t worry. they’re my summons, so it’s safe. Come on Fina, you try touching them too」

She said.
I was scared, but I started to approach them slowly and touched one .
It was soft.
Somehow, the bears might actually be pretty cute.
It seems like the white one was called Hugging Bear and the black one was Swaying Bear.
It was decided that I would ride Hugging Bear.
I climbed on it’s back.
I could suddenly see from a lot higher up, so I got a bit scared.
But, it was stable and I didn’t seem to be slipping off.
At first we were walking, but as I got used to riding, our speed increased.
It was fun, and really fast.
The scenery flew by quickly.
It was the first time I’d come out this far.
We climbed the mountain.

Then, Big sis Yuna stopped.
It looked like we would be taking a break on a flat spot in the mountains.
Even though I was just riding the bear, I was tired.
I thanked Hugging Bear and climbed off.

After Big sis Yuna got off of Swaying Bear, she checked out our location.
Then she spread her arms out again and a house suddenly appeared in front of us.
I wonder what I should say here…
Once again, I went over what had just happened.
Big sis Yuna spread her arms.
After that, a house appeared.
As expected, I don’t understand.
Was it really that easy to take out a house?
Such a thing shouldn’t be possible.
Even a child like me knew that houses were supposed to be something made by carpenters.
Though, why was the house shaped like a bear?

While I was wondering that,

「For now, let’s go inside and rest.」

There was nothing else I could do but nod in agreement towards Big sis Yuna’s statement.
Inside the house, there were rooms that I had never seen before
I was told to take my shoes off at the entrance.
The floor was very pretty and clean.
Certainly, there was no way I could dirty the floor.
I took off my shoes and went into the room.
I sat in the chair that Big sis Yuna pointed at.
As I was looking around nervously, Big sis Yuna brought out some juice for me.
I was surprised since it was cold, but it was very delicious.

I asked about something that was bothering me.

「Is Big sis Yuna a noble from somewhere?」

「No, I’m not.」

「Then, a princess?」

「No princess would look like me, right? I’m just a normal adventurer.」

It seemed like both guesses were wrong.
Though, I didn’t think she was a normal adventurer.
An adventurer who could create and take out a house like this, summon two bears, and defeat strong monsters alone, all while dressed like a bear, wasn’t normal.

After my questions, we talked about today’s schedule while drinking fruit juice.
It seemed like Big sis Yuna would be heading out to search for the Tiger Wolves alone.
I received permission to look for medicinal herbs inside of these mountains.
I was also given the freedom to choose when to dismantle the monster corpses.
For now, I decided to look for medicinal herbs for a little while.
I was afraid of going by myself, but it seemed like Hugging Bear would be going with me.
In that case, I could relax?
If I can’t find anything after a while, then I’ll just work on dismantling. After all, that’s what I came here for.

Big sis Yuna headed out with Swaying Bear.
I also went out to look for herbs while riding Hugging Bear.
We walked through the mountains.
I hope we can find medicinal herbs.
The bear seemed to be happy while we were searching for herbs, for some reason.

「Hugging Bear, did you find any medicinal herbs?」

I didn’t expect a reply, but I asked anyway.
Hugging Bear turned its neck towards me and nodded.
Eh, it could actually understand me?
Hugging Bear advanced quickly.
Are you looking for them?
I was also looking for the herbs while riding Hugging Bear.
It was possible since they could be easily seen from a distance.
Which is why Hugging Bear sped up.
Over there!
Since Hugging Bear started running, we found the medicinal herbs quickly.
I got down from Hugging Bear and gathered the herbs.
If I took all of them, there wouldn’t be any growing here next time, so I only took half.
Even so, there was still a considerable amount left.
Was it because we were in the mountains, so nobody normally came here to pick them?
While I was gathering the herbs, a sound came from behind the grass.
When I looked towards the source of the sound, I saw a wolf.
I stepped back in surprise, but the wolf quickly ran away.
That’s right, I have Hugging Bear with me.
Did it run away because it saw Hugging Bear?

「Thank you, Hugging Bear.」

I’ll pat your head.
Un, it’s cute.
I put the herbs away in my bag, and started heading back.
It’s good that we found the herbs so quickly.
I can start working on dismantling the monster corpses when I get back.

Okay, let’s go back.
I got on Hugging Bear.
However, when I tried to head back, I noticed something.
I don’t know the way back.
I don’t know which direction is the right one.
I’m lost.
While I was thinking that, Hugging Bear started walking normally.
Does it know the the way back?

「Do you know where the house is?」

When I asked, it nodded.
The bear was smarter than me.

After a while, the Bear House came into view.
Good thing we didn’t get lost.
It was thanks to Hugging Bear.



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            1. I’m still waiting for that gender bent yuri-cest threesome, Yun. Also, don’t forget you still have Magi and that classmate whom’s name I can not remember.

              Thanks for the chapter Xant and Minions.


  1. koog008

    sigh.. i hate when authors do different perspectives to tell the same dam thing.. its pointless and wastes time.. just by adding a couple sentences you can do the same thing.. idiotic


    1. Lowlightt

      Actually the reason authors do this is because it helps ground the reader. When a reader is following one particular character they see the entire world through that characters eyes. By showing a scene again but from another characters eyes, it allows the reader to see the true difference of the perspectives of the unreliable narrator. Adding a few lines in the work explaining how strange somthing is ect, is distracting from a particular works narrative and is usually a big no no. For one this story is told in first person. So the author can’t show that the MC is beyond normal in detail as the MC doesn’t know the details. Which is why a second perspective is needed.

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  2. Getting help from MC sure is a bliss in any novels. Unless you’re given weapons or artifacts that will make people target you cause who knows how much those things are worth of..
    thanks for the chapter~~


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