LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P13

It’s Fine For You To Become What Ya Wanna Be | Part 13

“Krul-san! Are you ok!?”

After a while, a desperately worried Tina rushed forward. Despite Krul’s lack of injuries, Tina began to barrage Krul with Healing Magic as she approached, and Krul’s body was wrapped within a green light.

“Geez…Don’t be so rash. I thought my lifespan was being cut short when Krul-san faced that Monster!”

“Now that I think about it, with the exception of princess-sama, what did you guys do?”

“Eh? Wawawa…H-He appearedddd!”

Although Tina had become rigid for a moment while shielding Krul’s body behind her, after realizing that the man before her, who had spoken in a cool manner and saved Krul by defeating the monster, was Kagami, she just muttered, “Thank you very much for saving her!” as Krul casually emerged from the light.

“We were swallowed by the wave of people when they all started to run away. Only Kuu-chan was unaffected, since she immediately went to try and save them.”

Soon, Palna and Rex’s worn out figures appeared, walking towards them slowly as Palna muttered “Yareyare” in relief.

Having heard her, Kagami sympathised with an “I see,” and thought back to a similar situation.

“That Monster that flew into the sky earlier, although it looked like it vanished, was it because of you?”

As always, Rex asked Kagami with his frank hostility. Kagami nodded in response while looking like he wanted to talk about something.

“No matter how you look at it, surely that wasn’t an opponent that could be defeated in one attack. What kind of skill did you use to defeat it?”

“Hmm? I just used a simple Charge Blow, a Charge Blow. It’s a fundamental skill that even Villagers can use. You can use it too, right?”

“You’re just lying with a straight face. You’re unarmed, right? There’s no way you could’ve defeated it barehanded.”

“Well…even if I say it like that, except for Charge Blow, I only have one other Attack Skill, and if I use that skill, it would render my body useless. So, I have no other means besides Charge Blow.”

After Kagami said that, Rex moved his line of sight to Krul with a dumfounded expression. Then Krul said, “An orange-colored Aura appeared on his right arm,” and she told him the honest truth about the time Kagami used the Charge Blow.

Although the truth was surprising, Rex felt an indescribable discomfort.

He couldn’t believe that a Villager’s power was enough to defeat the Monster from earlier with only a charge attack, even if it was the Level 999 Kagami. Even if he didn’t know the accurate numerical value of the Monster’s skills necessary to analyze its level, surely the Monster from earlier was beyond Level 150. Even if he used a Charge Blow, the opponent didn’t appear weak enough to be defeated in one attack.

He couldn’t understand the man standing in front of them. How had he become that strong?
What had he discovered after reaching that Level? What kinds of Skills did he have?
Why…did he try to get stronger?

“I have…a lot of things I want to speak with you about.”

Rex looked at him with a complicated expression.

For once, Rex didn’t show hostility. Kagami looked at him in amazement, and with a “Hou,” he revealed an impressed smile.

Krul seemed like she had prepared herself. Behind her, like always, Tina appeared anxious. Palna didn’t look at them, feeling as if it couldn’t be helped, and the other three adventurers waited for Kagami to reply.

“Of course, but first, we should do something about this situation.”

After Kagami replied, he faced Alice who was pacing worriedly beside him as if she wanted to say something, and showed her a smile and saying, “See?”

As if baffled by Kagami’s sudden acknowledgement, Alice immediately nodded, smiling happily without saying anything.

“It doesn’t mean that you’re just an ally of Demons.”

Palna finally looked at him, she muttered that as she heard his declaration.

“Although I don’t know what there is to misunderstand, even if I’m not an ally of Demons, I’m not their enemy. Having said that, even if I’m not an ally of Humans, I’m not their enemy either. I’m neutral.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

Palna muttered while she looked the other way with a cold look, as if she had predicted that he would say those words. Kagami saw her and retorted with, “I’ll make you understand,” within his heart. Then he turned around towards Alice who had pulled the hem of his clothes earlier and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“When Kagami-san was fighting earlier, I heard screams in the other direction. I heard what sounded like a Monster’s cry. I think there are probably Monsters rampaging here and there.”

“Shall we hurry? Though I don’t think that the ones falling down with a bang would be Berserker Beasts, we should check to make sure. Well, I think the Adventurers of this town could handle it somehow…Hmm?”

They heard cries from far away, and just as Kagami turned in that direction, a man that appeared to be a heavily equipped gatekeeper came running in a hurry from one of the main street’s side roads.

The gatekeeper ran towards Kagami’s group as fast as he could after spotting them. He arrived in front of them looking pale, panting with a “zeehaa,” and squatted, his shoulders moving up and down.

“You guys are still in a place like this?…Flee…quickly! It’s already the end for this city!”

He cried that out desperately while breathing haggardly.

Naturally, Kagami wasn’t the only one disturbed by these words. Even Rex and Krul looked shaken.

“Hey, hey, even if you say Monsters are falling down onto the city, it’s not like they can’t be defeated, right? There are lots of Adventurers in this city after all.”

“The Monsters who invaded are already fighting with the other Adventurers! Although normally the Monsters should have been defeated by now…it’s not like that!”

Kagami’s expression stiffened as the sudden development was completely outside of his expectations. Feeling the unease in Kagami’s change of demeanor, Alice’s mood also became clouded.

The shoulders that had been moving up and down until now trembled as if remembering something bitter, and the gatekeeper spoke, opening his bloodshot eyes, slowly urging them on,

“The large crowd of Monsters inhabiting Atros Island…are heading towards Salumeria from the Demon King’s Castle! The number…is approximately 10,000…!”

Except for Kagami, everyone had their eyes wide open as if they couldn’t believe the gatekeeper’s words at all.

To make up for the many high Level Monsters in Atros Island, there weren’t many Spawn Blocks. Even if the Monsters from Atros Island were wiped out, it was standard for Adventurers to fight in parties to increase survivability.

There was no reason not to feel despair in the face of 10,000 such opponents rushing towards Salumeria.

Even with the several thousand Adventurers currently in the city, there appeared to be no chance of winning should they face the hoard of 10,000 Monsters.

“A notice of Salumeria’s end.”

Meanwhile, as if troubled with a lack of interest, Kagami muttered this.

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