Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician – Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – The Lord Of Shirn

As soon as the problem with Oslo was solved, we were called over to the Guild Office, who wanted to give us their official thanks.
Along with Grace, we passed through into the Guild’s inner room, where tea was served.

“Well, I am truly sorry for that. Though I had thought that they were relatively easy to read, since Oslo’s main intention was self-preservation, that subordinate is a guy who doesn’t really understand such things.”

Beline bowed before pouring black tea.
Although she was the Guild’s receptionist, it seems that she came to this town with a backer from a different branch.
That is to say, the backer was probably somebody like the Lord, someone related to the Guild, or someone related to that Guard Captain.

“It doesn’t really matter to me. Oslo looked like he had taken various countermeasures that weren’t too excessive.”

Forest Bird was probably in the middle of shopping inside the town, since procuring supply goods and weapons had been delayed.

“But, I want to weaken my connection with that House. It’ll save me trouble if you don’t ask about it too much.”

“Er, I thought that was what caused you trouble earlier?”

“No, it’s not necessarily the case that they know about it.”

I thought that there was no problem with them understanding a little bit due to me saying this.

Beline laughed and, with a smile, said,

“About the issue of us troubling you this time, of course it includes the reward money you will receive from us. If you have any other needs, we will answer it to the best of our abilities.”

Even though the other person was a child, even if they were from a noble family, Beline’s interactions were very polite. Rather, she was not of a low social status.
Since I was an illegitimate child, it probably would not become a problem even if they learned that Grace is a Dhampir.
Grace, is it? Let’s try asking about that kind woman’s means of self defense.

“Do you know about any skilled alchemists (TN: 錬金術師)? If there aren’t any in this town, ones in Termuilles are also fine.”

“An Alchemist, you say? Although I don’t understand why you want one, if you speak with that branch over there and introduce yourself, I think you will get what you want to know. I’ll write a letter of introduction.”

“That will save me.”

If a backer had sent her in order to solve the various problems that Oslo, the Lord, and the like had, then, as I thought, this woman was rather efficient.

“Beline-san. I’m sorry to interrupt you, since you are in the middle of taking care of customers, but could you give me a second?”

“What is it?”


The Guild’s personnel whispered the matter into Beline’s ears. Beline narrowed her eyes and spoke to me.

“…Theodore-san. Ashley Schirn, the Lord, is asking for you.”

When she saw me frown, Beline unintentionally gave a strained smile.

“This Lord is a little bit special. Although it seems certain that she’s hated Adventurers ever since her father’s generation, I only had to explain the situation in a single sentence for her to understand it easily.”

“But, Oslo had an important position, right? Honestly, I’m rather reluctant.”

“From my point of view, Oslo didn’t really want to give any prejudices, so that is all. However, if you look at it from a glance, I think he’ll give you his consent.”


If we accepted that the Lord was visiting, and that she was from the opposite party, was it impossible for us to not meet her?
Although whether the matter could be dealt with peacefully was dependent on the attitude of the other party, there was a feeling that it was an advantageous position to be able to converse with the Guild as a mediator.

If we could talk directly, it would be exactly what I wanted. Even if I had tried to go and see her before now, she would have likely refused me.

“If it’s fine with you, will you meet with her? I apologize to Theodore-san, but I truly hope that you can speak directly with Ashley-sama. Normally, even if you tried to meet with her, you would be turned away.”

“It’s fine, as long as it isn’t troublesome.”

“Of course. I do keep that in mind, since it was originally my job. If Theodore-san says that you want to establish a connection with Ashley-sama, that will be welcomed. The Adventurer’s Guild is searching far and wide for connections with talented people.

Although I was out-spoken, even if I admitted to being manipulated, I wondered if Beline was truly honest with her words.

Agreement, huh. Well, I agreed.
Ashely was around the same age as me, afterall.
Although it was said that she’s a Baroness, she was a girl with a slender figure and a fair complexion. She didn’t really get courted, and the paleness of her skin was abnormal. She might have a weak body. Since she’s young and has those traits from her parents, she probably has it tough.

Nevertheless, although it wasn’t a good reason to justify the lack of supervision…even if I were to say it was managed like that, I had no relations to this town and held no responsibilities, whether or not there was something wrong with Ashley.
That’s why, from the very beginning, no matter what type of person the Lord was, I thought that I wasn’t in any position to give her my complaints. Even if she was hostile to me, she had considered the direction of being unconcerned and wouldn’t interfere with us, so other than visiting her, it was unlikely to happen. Well then, I wonder what kind of business brought her here. I’ll decide how to deal with it after listening to her story.

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Ashley Lodias Schirn.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well. I am Theodore Gartner.”

After introducing herself, Ashley bowed to me.

“This time, it seems that we caused an inconvenience to your house. Allow me to apologize for that. I truly want to thank you for fighting the Killer Ants for us.”

This attitude…they knew that I had ties with the house of Count Gartner, so I couldn’t tell if it was originally cowardly or not. Either way, it was hard to distinguish it.
When Beline said she wanted to speak with Ashley, she probably meant that she wanted to mend her relationship with the Lord.

Furthermore, Beline would lose trust with the garrison if she tried that, and since the party responsible for the present confusion was absent, it was a golden opportunity. It was to deal with the aftermath of the incident of the severe outbreak of ants. The ones who had the knowledge to do this was the Adventurer’s Guild, and the ones to create jobs for the Adventurers were people like Beline and Ashley.
In that sense, the aftermath of the ant incident this time was probably not something I would need to take care of. I would only do so if I had to. Although it would be fine if they had a reason that made me agree to do it, it wasn’t very likely this time.

The life of the whole ecosystem included the sudden appearances of Monsters and the humans that exterminated them. This supply and demand was said to be the origin of the world.
Although this was inside of BFO, there had been a quest in which Goblins that often exterminated Grey Wolves had increased in number and caused trouble. Although it had been more laughable at that time, that was no longer the case. Even if the Killer Ants had been defeated, they were still Monsters. That was why I had chosen the inexhaustible Termuilles for my provisions.

“I will accept your apology.”

Just because they knew about the relations with my house didn’t necessarily mean that they would want to create a connection with nobles, and, in particular, the conditions hadn’t been brought out. Although there was a severe case where it would be forgiven unconditionally without needing to say anything, that was not the case this time. I asked Beline about various things.
Instead, I think I’ll try to lightly support Beline, which would imply that it would lighten the overall debt the two had with each other.

“But, I just happened to be there at that time. Although, since I am an illegitimate child of the Gartner house, rather than creating a relationship with me, wouldn’t it be better to mend your relationship with the guild?”

“Mend, you say?”

This…was, more or less, the expected answer.

“I have come here to interview Miss Beline many times.”

“…I didn’t know. Such a story hasn’t reached me even once.”

When I glanced at Grace, who was quietly waiting in the back, she confirmed it with just her eyes.
The point being that it was the same as when my story hadn’t been delivered to dad.
Rather than it being because Ashley was a Lord, it was probably a problem with the surrounding humans.

“Was the thing that Oslo did this time also the same?”

“It’s nothing to worry about, since I don’t know the affairs of this city. Excuse me, but who is Oslo a subordinate of?”

“He’s a retainer. From the generation of my father…”

Ashley’s expression was completely bitter as she said that.
Well, that too is trust? Even if it was a reason that had Oslo cross-legged as he sat with relief, he probably had connections to it.

“What’s with them in regards to the Adventurers?”


Ashley was set free by Beline’s gaze.

“Please speak without worrying about me. As I guessed, I think that the meaning you have is correct. There is also the responsibilities of the Guild’s management.”

“Y-Yes. That was in regards to the downfall of the thieves and those who were reduced to poverty and the like…Dad and Grandpa…pardon me, it was a person named Kennel, as well as Oslo. Everyone unanimously agreed on that.”

Certainly, there were those amongst those types of fellows, and there were also those who directed those types of eyes towards the Adventurers.
Perhaps, as far as real experience goes, they pulled the short end of the stick? If that was the case with the girl’s father, this person called Kennel probably also held the same values as him. So it was entrusted to Oslo…
Although there might have been no problems if that guy was decent about his job, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

If I surmised the things until now, I could think of them purely as precious resources. The first thing to say was that I was honestly surprised at the existence of Kennel.
At least, Oslo was not a monolith. In the first place, if two people of the same race were fighting, there was no need for Oslo to fear any detection.
Besides, it seemed that Ashley had firmly given him education. It would be enough as long as she saw how Oslo reacted earlier, and he also had good intuition. The possibility that he took practical training and education in order to assist Ashley was high.
Perhaps Kennel had focused on practical training and hadn’t been caught under Oslo’s surveillance?

“Is it possible to speak to this Kennel?”

It somehow seems like Beline had defined Kennel as her second goal. If Ashley was the center, then Kennel was probably the wall that surrounds her.
If Oslo’s failure were to be before his eyes, even if it reminded him of a stubborn, conservative, and excessive person, he would probably be unable to reconsider about various things.

“Kennel is absent right now. He is on business at the next city.”

It was important, and Ashley had become confused by this.

“That’s right, is it? Well then, Ashley-sama. As I, myself, am unworthy, would it be fine for you to explain the Guild’s intent today?”

The so-called Presentator, Ashley, nodded with a gentle look.

“I leave it to you.”

“Well, I will be careful to not simply provoke him. It is perfectly fine to mutually use each other and keep a fair distance.”

“Mu. Theodore-san, quite the welcome, isn’t it?”

Ashley gave an uneven smile at the exchange between Beline and me.

“But certainly, it’s as Theodore-san says. As for my opinion, it’s something that should be decided after thinking about it. I have never understood it to be just a rumor. As for me, I can’t say that it doesn’t point to devils. There won’t be a meaning to it after the traitor is replaced.”

“That certainly is so.”

It wasn’t possible to consider it if there was any difference in their values.

“Well, would you allow me to take up some of your time? I’ll ask you for the data that you’ve collected. Theodore-san, I’ll soon prepare a letter for you, as well as your reward.”

Beline left while smiling. It seemed that her mood was good, so their conversation had probably proceeded well.


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    1. gill

      yes this last few chapter really confusing
      from defeating ants then come it become duel with the guard then goes to the lord and now the traitor, i dont understand a single thing about the connection all of those.
      who the heck oslo, and now kennel and now another name again so confusing

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      Then the MC complains to the guild person/master(?), and while this is going on a request to meet the city lord comes (ashley), and the guild person pleads for him to accept and allow her to come (she seems to have been cut off from the city lord and is unable to communicate properly with her).

      He accepts and they talk in circles and he comes to conclusions (however correct they may end up being, I feel they are all unfounded because listening to small children learning to speak make more coherency than this conversation).

      What he does find out because it happened to be mentioned is that there is a 3rd person that works with the city lord (besides Oslo, and not counting guild person) who is currently out of town, and he wants to question him. Which is granted (I think) for some reason.

      That said, where this is going, my guess is the 3rd man is the one behind alienating the guild and causing the friction between the city guard and adventurers. Oslo is probably just his stooge, and since he was out of town, things got out of (his) hand and some communication has made it to the city lord.

      I think that’s it, and for the record I don’t think the city lord has anything against adventurers, I think that is a policy made by people beneath her without her knowledge.

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    1. I think it is because the Lord who is female is prejudice against the adventuer’s. Something she aquire from her father who also prejudice. Lordness was going to use her knights to subjucate the ants and did not want the adventurer’s involve. But the MC and a group of adventurer’s took the glory away from them. Which anger the knights and the fight with MC and them is what happen.


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    If it’s the former, then it’s the matter of your guys starting to take translating seriously. If it’s the latter, then one less WN to check.

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      1. Doskias

        I see, then it can’t be helped. If the issue is in translation, there’s a hope of improvement, but if it’s the original that’s the root of the problem, then… I don’t know, if it doesn’t get better in the following chapters, I’d say it might be worth considering if this WN is worth your time and effort.


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      Theo meets with Ashley whose the Lord. It’s just mainly speaking about their affairs of what happened so far.

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      1. Doskias

        Going on a tangent can be annoying to certain people as it makes description lack focus and feel dragged out at times, but the problem here is with coherency. What’s surprising is that this WN was readable at first, but lately I can’t help but wonder if it was written by someone who was totally wasted at that time: it’s like he knows what he wants to say, but all that comes out of his mouth is gibberish. I can still more or less decipher what’s going on, but it’s about as fun to read as it is for a sober person to keep drunkard a company.

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          1. IamMe

            The traitor is the person keeping the lord from communicating with the Guild, Kennel, who is currently out of town. Until this incident the Lord has not been able to talk to the Guild Master as Kennel has been able to block all of her attempts.

            Purposfully ignoring your Lords wishs and doing what you can to undermine their relationship with an important organization of the city would make you a traitor.

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    4. Oslo gets ass wooped.
    5. Theo and Beline (Guild master) visit Ashley (the Lord of the city) about the ant attacks (and Oslo)
    6. Theo shifts talks towards mending the relations between guild and city officials.

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