So We Did A Thing – Podcast

Keeping it real short, Soli and I are starting a podcast-style thing.

This will try to bring in translators and other people that work on series you most likely read every day, and ask them questions and just talk about things regarding translating and the like.

This is episode 1. Soli and I did a pre-ep preamble that I might upload later on, but it was just us being boring and talking.

You can find it here on our downloads page.

This episode has:
Myself, Solistia, Ran, Yuu-oniichan, kookiedreamer, Ishman (No link because he doesn’t have a site…)

If you have things you want to say or ask to translators, just comment and let me know. If there is someone in particular that you want on the podcast, we can try to make it happen.

Enjoy. It’s 3 hours long with about 40 minutes of actual Q&A scattered throughout it, the rest is just talking and rambling.


13 thoughts on “So We Did A Thing – Podcast

  1. Mach

    Won’t you be uploading it to soundcloud? (or the other media vastly more known for videos?). Since I quite enjoy podcasts (thank’s to Cooptional) I would be interested if there is going to be a shedule too (since its quite like the pilot, its understandable if it would take time to make proper times for everyone so even if its once a month its ok for me :) ).

    Also would like to ask if this is going to be a live podcast (maybe set it up somewhere on the webpage for easier access?) or prerecorded.

    And if we (leechers, readers, enthusiasts, perverts, etc.) would have any sort of interaction while it happens (maybe use webpage’s chat? just not chattango… Dear god no.).

    Last, I will listen to it as soon as I get home. So might add some more thoughts on this :).

    PS: If you have watched Cooptional… Who is the Crendor of this :P?


    1. >Won’t you be uploading it to soundcloud?

      I don’t want to pay for a soundcloud account.

      >I would be interested if there is going to be a shedule too

      Perhaps once every other week or so. If interest really gets up there maybe once a week.

      >Also would like to ask if this is going to be a live podcast

      Prerecorded for now. Might switch to live if it gets really popular.

      >any sort of interaction

      If prerecorded, no. If live, no. No. You guys can give us potential questions and suggestions for who you would like to hear from, but no live question crap.

      >Who is the Crendor of this

      U wot?


      1. Mach

        Thanks for your reply and thoughts about it. And its understandable with the reason of interactions (not many people are as understanding, or won’t even be trying to be humans).

        “>Who is the Crendor of this?”
        The conversation derailer, who you don’t know what he is think about :P.
        (search cooptional podcast crendor to watch him derailing a gamming/animu podcast)

        Also thanks for having interest in this kind of stuff and I hope you guys have fun in doing it. have a great day :)


        1. yuu0niichan

          It was really hard staying on track with the podcast hosts (Xant and Soli) being the crendors. No really, I’m pretty sure there were several life stories mixed in there, enough to write a chapter or four..


            1. yuu0niichan

              It wasn’t bad per see as far as entertainment goes, plus nobody probably wants to be a wet blanket? XD

              Though I’m listening to it, and you guys only really started getting out of hand once it became 4-5 people on the podcast.. that chocolate rant too… =_=


          1. Mach

            Welp, somebody caught the reference :P xD! If thats the case, try to just make a list of the things your gonna talk, to not derail too much :P?


  2. 苦笑? I raise you! 畜生!
    On the other not so important note, sure, podcasts, hurrah! Say hi to Ishman for me. If he asks who from, the person who smacks Flappy with a stick or the person who is a freeloader. Both might, maybe, possibly, unless he’s forgotten me over the year, work. Also a hi to Soli. Oh and while I’m at it, you too Xant.
    Saldy don’t know the others, so, if you just say hi to them in passing from a stranger, they’ll probably look at you weirdly, so I guess you maybe shouldn’t. Unless that’s a everyday occurrence, then go ahead, be look at weirdly some more please.


  3. raynius

    oh you guys actually made the podcast~ I love these kind of podcasts.

    I’ll take full credit for suggesting you guys to record your convos :>


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