LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P9

It’s Fine For You To Become What Ya Wanna Be | Part 9

Outside of the inn, the Kenta-Uros were devouring rose-shaped broccoli and Menou was waiting on standby, wearing the cloth, as he chewed his bread.

“We don’t know when the Demon King Army will come to attack again, so the west gate will probably be completely sealed off until the Demon King Army Subjugation Unit leaves.”

Takako let out a sigh of dissatisfaction as she said that, while holding a tea cup and sitting in her chair elegantly. Kagami and Alice were rolling about idly on their beds.

Kagami’s group had headed towards the west gate but they were unfortunately sent back by the gatekeepers who were there. They tried to persuade them many times, but the gatekeepers refused to open the gate for them, replying with a ‘Wait until tomorrow.’

Although they said it would normally be fine for them to briefly open and close the gate, it seemed that several Monsters were already surging forward. Even though there weren’t enough of them for it to be an invasion, opening the gate would cause damage, so they were sent back.

“Though I could end it by going out for a little bit and beating the crap out of all of them…”

“It’s impossible. No matter how strong Kagami-chan is, they can’t think of shouldering the risk of danger if the gate is opened. Either way, if you had the authority to make those guys change their decision, there probably wouldn’t be gatekeepers there.”

“Ueeh, my only choice is to do a ‘Super Dash’ as they open the gate tomorrow.”

Alice was unable to contain herself while listening to the two of them speak, so, in order to calm down her heart, she rolled around on top of her bed, imitating Kagami.

“Can’t calm down?”

Kagami asked when he saw her.

“Not really. But, I can’t help being worried…right?”

Kagami stared at Alice, who showed him a smile as she idly rolled around.

Although she certainly was restless, she was somehow relieved. While Kagami was idly stuck at the inn, she had somehow managed to understand the situation they were in without asking him. At least, Kagami wouldn’t take it easy as long as he hadn’t given up. This was proof for her trust, which would make Alice do her best. However, since she couldn’t calm down, she was idling about.

“You understand it well. When it can’t be helped, it’s fine to act after figuring out the best course of action. In this case, it’s fine to arrive a day later. Although I wanted to go quickly, considering that event…Since the Demon King Army Subjugation Unit is taking action as a group, they will need to take time to arrive there.”

He added ‘I don’t think that the situation will be greatly changed we delayed our departure by just one day’. Kagami then began to relax again and rolled around on his bed without restraint.

“Hey, Kagami-chan, since you’re a bad influence on Alice, please stop her shameless imitations.”

“No, no, this is an amazing resting action which will let you relax, including your heart and mind, right? It’s the Long-Awaited Plans Modification. No, is it as planned? It means that I’ll rest my body as much as possible, since it’s been decided that we’ll be resting for a day. I’d rather want to take a chance with this skill.”

“Jeez. If you’re bored, wouldn’t it be fine to walk around the city? They’re also holding a Parade, so why don’t the two of you go there? Anyhow, it doesn’t matter what you do until tomorrow.”

Takako brought the teacup back up to her mouth and let out a sigh, as if in a trance, as she said “Ara…this black tea is quite delicious.” Kagami made a grim face when he saw her.

“I see. Certainly, it seems easier to relax outside like this.”

Kagami, who received a bit of mental damage and didn’t want to take any more, accepted Takako’s proposal and stood up, getting off of the bed.

“Takako-chan won’t come?”

“I’ll pass on it. Menou appears to be cute when he’s alone, so as long as we have this black tea, there will be plenty of enjoyment here…The two of you seem like you will enjoy it. Kagami-chan also likes festivities, right?”

Kagami scratched his head as if embarrassed. Although he was complaining from the bottom of his heart, thinking ‘Even though I’m no longer at an age where I can really enjoy Parades’, as if he was being treated like a child, Takako had experience with handling people and knew that he was like a child, despite him being 27 years old, so he didn’t say anything.

“Yosh, shall we go?”

As Kagami said that, he pulled up Alice, who had been lying down on the bed, as if it were natural.

Although Alice looked at Kagami like she was in a daze, when she was aware that his actions were close to being intimate, she immediately grasped his hand and, with a ‘Yeah!’, smiled as she left the room together with him.

“A world where it’s possible to take the hand of a Demon…? It might not be a dream.”

Takako muttered in a low voice as she watched the two of them rush out of the inn and head towards the city’s main street from the bay windows. When Kagami had opened the door to her bar, which had nobody at its entrance, and said ‘Leave the escort of the Demons to me’ at Balman, she had thought that something was wrong. She now clearly understood the feelings of the man who had previously not wanted to cooperate with her and only had a hobby of collecting gold.

“Well, if he and the Monsters understood each other, it would be even more simpler than trying it with Demons.”

She said that with a smile as she picked up one of the whips that were placed on top of the table. After placing the teacup on top of the table, Takako also left the room, with the goal of securing food supplies for their newly added companions.


“Ice cream…Exactly what type of food is ice cream!?”

“Calm down, Alice-tan. If you want to eat some ice cream, you need to remember the correct way to eat it. You don’t want to become a genuine Pastry Terrorist like me, do you?”

“Pastry Terrorist…I want a second name too!”

After they left the inn, Kagami and Alice, who returned to the city’s street, tried to refresh themselves with a meal.

After listening to what Alice wanted to eat, since when they had eaten the black beef previously, Kagami had said that they could only eat it at a human town, they headed towards a restaurant. As they walked, Kagami taught her his favorite foods one by one.

“There is a way to eat ice cream by sinking your teeth into it with a ‘Paku’, but it’s said to be embarrassing, since it’s childish, so that’s no good. That is heresy. The true way to enjoy it is to savor the ice cream one lick at a time, with a ‘Peropero’. There’s a lot of adults who don’t understand this, you know? It’s useless for Alice to become that kind of an adult.”

“Enjoying it…by savoring it one lick at a time. Yeah, I understand, Kagami-san!”

“Well, that’s only after dinner, for dessert. The meal is usually spaghetti…”

The moment Kagami entered a store that had pictures of Pasta hanging from a sign, he stopped what he was saying with a ‘Wow~…’. His expression turned bitter, as if he had seen something that he didn’t want to see.

Kagami could see four people sitting at a table inside of the store, enjoying the aroma with a relaxed look. Rex was vigorously stuffing food down his throat, Krul and Tina were eating classy food, and Palna was raising a coffee cup that had been brought out to her mouth.

Shortly after, a healthy waitress lady called out to Kagami with a ‘Welcome~’. Sure enough, when Rex reacted to her voice and looked at the entrance for a moment, he realized that it was Kagami and spat out his pasta.

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      1. The Devourer

        ….so says the meatbun that refuses to be eaten, it’ll rot to death forever not to be eaten cause of its stubbornness. ….what kind of flavor does a talking meatbun have? Meaty flavor with a hint of ***** the world will never know…sigh

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        1. xias1

          The bun is really sweet and the meat is very tender. It´s perfectly delicious.
          Currently meatbun is recuperating cause I took a bite out of it a few days ago.
          I had ordered dinner back then and meatbun was passing by shouting “Meatbun delivery”. So I thought my dinner had arrived and took a bite.

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  3. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Alice is so cute and the meeting with the heroes was also quite funny. They better not start a fight. It would actually be funny if Kagami ends up teaching them how to eat ice cream too.
    For the record, I don’t know why, but I imagine Kagami as the Kagami from Kuroko No Basket, especially since their character kind of match. Heh, heh.


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