LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P8

It’s Fine For You To Become What Ya Wanna Be | Part 8

In the first place, Monsters weren’t required to put in effort to grow and get stronger like humans.
Monsters were at a high level the moment they were born. Although there weren’t many Spawn Block dungeons that spawned Monsters on Atros Island, the Monsters that were born there all had high levels.

Additionally, the number of these Monsters could be increased by any amount if the Demons became worried about an attack. Although there hadn’t been a need to increase the number of Monsters until now, if the Monsters were being treated as tools of an invasion, the Demons would doubtlessly mass produce Monsters.

If the invasions until now were just a diversion, there was a possibility that the Demons were holding back a large number of Monsters, in order to conduct a full-scale invasion on the nation of Hexal Doria as a whole. There was still the Demon King as well, who was said to have defeated 100 human Adventurers, who had all been under Level 100 and banded together in order to fight him.

If their goal was to defeat the Demon King, it was fine to venture into the Demon King’s Castle with a small number of humans who specialized in assassination, but that wouldn’t be possible if their opponent was the Demon King Army.

Although Kagami didn’t think that the Adventurers in Salumeria were weak, their chance of winning was low. If one thought about trying to oppose overwhelmingly strong warriors that couldn’t be killed, the number of Adventurers in Salumeria wasn’t enough.

“But, I wonder if there’s no other way but to go to that place we visited earlier? As long as the people in Salumeria don’t lose their will to fight, won’t they eventually go attack them?”

“This is my plan. First, after sneaking into the Demon King’s Castle, we will meet with the Demon King. After listening to his situation, we stop the Demon King Army by persuading them, then run away with all of the Demon guys. Flawless, I know.”

Takako let out a sigh and snorted at the shallowness of the plan that Kagami was so eager about.

“Listen…What would you do if the Demon King wants to attack humans? We will have to make up our minds at that point in time, right? It’s useless to live on while demons who want to try and eliminate humans remain.”

As Alice and Menou, who were inside of the carriage, listened to the conversation of the two who were walking outside of the carriage, their expressions grew clouded.

If that did happen, it would be necessary for Alice and Menou to consider what to do and prepare themselves. Although Menou didn’t have any plans on fighting in order to defeat the humans, unlike previously when he had been in the Demon King Army, he couldn’t think of ever becoming an enemy of Kagami and Takako. It wasn’t because their true abilities were high, but because, despite the short time they had spent together, he thought that Takako and Kagami were good people. After spending so much time with them, he knew that they did not hate Demons..

At that time, Alice, too, would have to give up on becoming friends with humans. However, whenever she thought of opposing Takako and Kagami, she felt a pain in her chest.

“I’ll also accept that fate at that time and prepare myself for the worst. However, only as the Third Army.”

Kagami’s remark made the two’s eyes spin.

“Third Army? What is that?”

“The Demon King Army, the Human Army, and the Coexistence Army with Demons and humans. I’ll enter it. People like Alice and Takako-chan are in it. Surely they will gather, to some extent. They will resist the others without fighting and compromise with them if possible.”

After listening to this, Alice smiled, as if she were relieved.

“Yes, yes~ I also want to enter that army!”

Alice cheerfully raised her hand and said that as she made her appearance from inside the carriage.

“Oh? Well, I planned that for you…is it fine? Even if you oppose your father?”

“Although I would hate to fight with my father…it’s fine. The present is different. Even though I had thought of trying it before, my father hadn’t built friendly relations with any humans. Since I’m now together with Kagami-san’s group, I want to try it.”

“Ku, such a cute girl. I’ll buy you some candy later, okay?”

Kagami gave her a thumbs up as a ‘good sign’ when he heard Alice, who was beaming with joy, say that.

Seeing the two of them, Takako muttered ‘If that’s so, I’ll also enter it for you’ as she smiled. Meanwhile, inside the carriage, Menou was distressed.

Despite having already decided on what to do, he had been thinking of distressful things like “It’s absolutely wrong to betray Demon King-sama, but if Alice-sama, who is the daughter of the Demon King, is there, this will be…!”

“If you apologized to humans by placing your head onto the ground, there would be no need for you to enter that Army, since you are friends with Takako, Menou.”

“Ah, I’ll have to pass on that. Please return to your post.”

“…Minus seven points.”

Kagami’s group entered Salumeria as they spoke about such things.

At that moment, they forgot that Alice was still talking and their mouths dropped open, due to their surprise at the overwhelming sight.

Contrary to the dreary outer walls, the dimensions inside the city were nothing like what they had seen until now. Seemingly new, well-kept houses were lined up in their view, and the scenery that spread out before them made it seem like it was a town of human nobles that had only ever been heard of in books about Demons.

The streets were wide, to the extent that they could clearly understand that the houses were spread out for several kilometers, and that every street was full of people. There were a large number of merchants running their own stalls, and there appeared to be Adventurers amongst them, although they seemed like regular commonfolk.

Although Alice had been impressed by the scenery in Balman, she was much more impressed by this.

It wasn’t just merchants who had their stalls open on the streets. There were also houses lined up here and there, letting out a nice aroma that made one’s stomach growl without thinking, and since there were lots of people going in and out of them, they could understand that the buildings that looked like houses were being managed in some way.

Despite the fact that there were so many people, it seemed like the spaciousness of this town hadn’t just been a tale, since they didn’t feel that it was narrow like Balman. Surely the Fort City Salumeria had used up all of the land that existed between Atros Island and the mainland of Hexal Doria.

A moat that was connected to the sea could be seen here and there within the city. Clear, pristine water was flowing inside of it, and a sense of freshness was drifting in the air.

“Your mouth is so wide open, and this is just a normal street. The main street, which is holding the parade, is wider, you know?”

“Amazing…It’s amazing, Kagami-san!”

Unfortunately, they weren’t free to leisurely stay in Salumeria, so Kagami’s group aimed for Salumeria’s west gate, which had the other exit and entrance. Alice, whose eyes had been shining, dropped her expression and became slightly regretful, as though it was unfortunate.

“Well, I told you not to make such a face. No matter what result it will become, after this is over, it’s fine for you to come again.”

Kagami lightly chopped her head, as if it was meant to calm her down, when he saw her expression and showed her a smile to make her feel relieved. The shy Alice immediately smiled back and said ‘Yeah!’ with a big voice as those feelings disappeared.

“Ugh, I’ve given up hope.”

After half an hour, Kagami’s group dawdled and idly wasted their time on top of their beds in one of the many inns inside Salumeria.

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  4. anon leecher

    Kagami: si what’s the problem maou-san?
    Demon king: what problem?
    Kagami: the war with humans
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    Nononono…. What’s wrong with this town’s name??? “Salumeria”???
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    “then run away with all of the Demon guys.”

    Huh? Unless Kagami plans to steal all the male demons, which I really doubt, there is something wrong with this translation.


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    “It’s useless to live on while demons who want to try and eliminate humans remain.”

    No, don’t commit suicide just because there are demons who want to try and eliminate humans! Oh wait, maybe it’s translated wrong.


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