Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician – Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – Lessons

Uhh, let’s try thinking about it from Oslo’s viewpoint, since I can’t really understand it right now.
After introducing himself, he hasn’t done anything…However, depending on what his lord is like, I might be imprisoned if I scrutinize his position while being jobless.
Although there would surely be a Jobless Course if there was proof, if there wasn’t, I would trade places with him and take Oslo’s achievements.
If that happened, he would have to be stingy about it, so it would probably be…in our favor?

“What the hell, it was lacking to begin with?”

“Aie, the Bar’s security was perfect.”

Aah, this is pointless. Since the Demon extermination wasn’t done properly, the abundance of 「Bait」caused an increase in the amount of Killer Ants.
Oslo was enraged at the sarcastic Beline.

“Don’t make fun of me, young lady! You said that most of these brats fought with that swarm of Killer Ants? That’s such a load of bullshit!”

Oslo was speaking as if he was on the premise that there was something suspicious being done here. Was that why he came to interfere?
If the Lord found out that a victory was taken away from him like this, perhaps the situation would become dangerous…? Probably. I would understand this desperation if they were to say that I had no excuses for being unemployed.

“In other words, you’re saying that it’s fine if I show you my true power, which was able to oppose the swarm of Killer Ants? Right now, I can even show you Tier Seven Magic, you know?”

“Tier Seven, you say!?”

If I used another Defense Shield, it would probably interfere with the road.
What would be good to use, I wonder? When I expanded a Magic Formation on my fingertips, before I could try to appeal to him by showing them an attack, Oslo widened his eyes, instantly became dumbstruck, and shook his head, trying to pull himself together.

“N-No! Even if you use that as an example, it won’t serve as proof that the swarm of ants surged out of that forest! You have to remain in this town for us, until my subordinates return!”

“So…what authority would that be based on?”

I asked him a question, disregarding whether or not he thought of me as a child, as he tilted his head.

“T-That is…naturally, as the Guard Captain!”

“It’s not the goodwill of the citizens?”


When I retorted, Oslo finally became silent, and Robin, who was beside me, seemed amazed.
Since the workers of the Guild dealt with their own internal affairs, I concluded that the Guild had come here to investigate whether they should give out the reward money or if there was any fraudulent activity.
If the soldiers and the Guard Captain wanted to get involved with the Guild, as long as it wasn’t a crime, they could come after receiving a report saying that there was something suspicious.

“By the way, in the case of Forest Bird, because they are well-known, even if they were to cause trouble, it would be easy to search for them as wanted criminals. In that situation, it would be the Guild’s responsibility, regardless of life or death, to capture them, wouldn’t it? Theodore Gartner-sama is the employer…it looks like the identity of this gentleman was well hidden. Though, even if it was impossible for them to stay, I don’t think that there is any need to worry about them escaping.”

…It seems Beline had completely realized that I was part of the Count’s family.
Since Forest Bird knows that I hate that family, I’m not supposed to talk about that house.
For Beline to have figured it out, it seems that I shouldn’t have given my name? Even if I guessed wrongly, it was expressed that I didn’t promise anything.
Whether or not Oslo was also wrong about this, after looking at Grace, who was taking notes on my equipment as well as that of those next to me, his complexion gradually worsened.

Exactly why was Oslo prolonging our departure from this place?
I thought that it was possible to show them that we were strong enough to fight the Ants by showing them a Magic Formation. That was why I used that as proof the instant they made a counterattack.
There was already no point in killing them or scaring them away to silence them. They had a purpose beyond the Guild trying to grasp the situation. His position had no influence, regardless of whether there were carcasses remaining in the forest.

…Ah. If we were proven innocent when their subordinates returned, maybe they would conspire and deceive me? Perhaps this whole ordeal with the ant’s extermination was an attempt to protect themselves?
If so, I think that reason is convincing, since they had come to make contact with me. However, since the Guild had eyes and they couldn’t drop their firm attitude, it had become an overbearing order for them.
If so, was their next plan to try to reconcile so they could soften their attitude?
Ever since I separated from Beline, it’s become a tasty situation.

“W-Well, sorry about that. It seems that there was a misunderstanding. I’ll understand the situation if all of us talk about it calmly. Why don’t we talk inside the stable? What? I won’t do anything bad. Hey, you.”

He said that in a low, coaxing voice, so that it wouldn’t reach Beline’s ears.
More precisely, it was easy to understand…they hated me, who could read their actions.
It’s probably thanks to being too familiar with those stupid brothers and Catherine.
Why do I have to cooperate with them in such a way? Even though I’m helplessly stranded, thanks to the Ant extermination.

Regarding the swarm of Killer Ants, it could have become a situation where one or two villages got destroyed if someone unskillful tried to handle it. If this had clearly occurred from the negligence of their duty, rather than becoming unemployed, it wouldn’t be strange for them to be imprisoned. Although it was fine, since it was prevented beforehand, if that situation had really occurred, they would have been punished, without a doubt.
Uhh, didn’t the Lord hate Adventurers? Wouldn’t this result cause him to lose face?
Oslo was definitely the one who had accused me by saying that we were unjustified and so on.
Although there were no plans to protect, if I had any, sparks would probably come flying, even if there were no problems with there being room for sympathy in regards to the situation they were in.

“Wouldn’t it a little better if I resigned myself and bowed to the Lord?”

“Bastard! Even though Oslo-dono bowed, what’s with that attitude!”

“O-Oi, you…!?”

Instead of the superior, it was his subordinate who couldn’t endure it anymore. The man who was next to Oslo came over to strike me. Oslo was surprised as he shouted.

I immediately activated Mana Circulation. As my physical power was enhanced, I used 『Waterwheel Throw 』. As I diverted the man’s fist, I seized his arm and stopped his body with my leg’s center of gravity, causing him to lose his balance.
The momentum caused him to cleanly rotate once, and since he would die if he was unskillful, I smacked his ass onto the ground. I concluded that his body couldn’t handle it since he had been struck dumbfounded while he was rotating.


It seems that he was caught by that centrifugal force. Without even being able to place a foot on the ground, the man who had landed hard on his ass fainted from the sharp pain.
Usually, when activating a martial art, one’s Stamina and Energy vanished, but in the case of Mana Circulation, Mana disappeared instead. Although this was one feature of a Battlemage, whether it was good to use Stamina or Mana depended on the situation, so I couldn’t really say if it was a merit or a demerit.

“You brat! Don’t resist!”

Another enemy pulled out a sword from his hip. Here too…? I mean, it had not been likely for this situation to result in fighting with weapons.
When I glanced at Oslo, wary of his reaction, I saw that he had become deathly pale and absent minded.


Grace took out a Magic Staff from inside of its wrapping and I held out my hand.

“Thank you, Grace.”

Grace stepped back after I thanked her and, in order to ascertain the sense of using it, I tried swinging it lightly.
I felt a light vibration from the wind being cut at both ends of the Staff. Though I have been saying that it was meant for beginner’s practice…Yeah. It’s not bad.
Although it would immediately break if a large amount of Mana passed through it, since I viewed it as a mere weapon, it was easy to handle its faults. This was the only thing the shopkeeper had understood about Toujutsu. Well then.


After seeing me hold the Staff as if it were a spear, the man hardened his resolve. It made him remember that I was a Magician. Although, magic could be used even if there weren’t any Magic Staves around.


Even if that’s the case, is it because of that?
He probably couldn’t even bear the pressure. Perhaps he thought about making the first move since he was in close range.
He rushed forward while wielding his sword and raised a loud voice. However, the distance to reach here was long. Taking advantage of it, I lightly kicked his jaw from below. He tumbled as I took out his footing and stepped on his chest. Since he was still brandishing his sword with a fist, I trampled him from above.


This time, he screamed as he dropped his sword and flipped onto the end of the road. In rapid succession, since I had my palm facing towards the man who had fallen from my technique, I expanded a Magic Formation from the tip of my Staff.

“Light Bind.”

Tier 5 Light Magic. A ring of light appeared and surrounded the man, almost as if it was tightly squeezing, before it solidified, binding his body. I couldn’t tell if he was part of the Guard Captain’s unit.

“Had enough yet?”

I gazed at Oslo, who had sweat running down his forehead and was shaking tremendously.
Who was the first one to lay hands on the other? This was the reason.
The first witness was Beline. The matter in question was whether or not she would become a mediator in the scandal that the Guard Captain had incurred. What had happened to the ants and such wasn’t significant enough to wait for another conclusion.

Oslo knelt in place.

“I-I, what should I do…?”

“So…Isn’t it fine if you apologize to the Lord?”

It didn’t necessarily mean that he was really making a fool of himself. I really think that he was diligent.
It was useless for him to back out of his responsibility over the deserters. It was checkmate.

“Fuh…haha. Why am I so unsightly.”

He shook his head while smiling rather…peculiarly, as if he was crushed. Then, he slowly locked eyes with me.
The impression of those eyes…was rather familiar, somehow. It reminded me of some things. Instead of the present me, it recalled the memories of Kagehisa.

He looked at Beline, then at Lucian and Monica.
He then directed his gaze towards Grace before grasping the sword on his waist.
My Magic Staff, which was grasped with a reverse grip, was touching Oslo’s neck and was in a condition where it could release magic at any point in time. Tinged with Mana, it emitted a pale light and a sound that seemed like a growl.
As Oslo smiled, he firmly grasped the hilt of his sword.

“Take your hand off of the sword.”

Exerting myself, I ordered him with a surge of emotions.
Actions that went any further than this wouldn’t be forgiven. I don’t intend to hesitate.
Or did I plan to take him as a hostage, even if he escaped?
His positional relationship with Beline was bad, and Lucian and Monica were Adventurers.
Perhaps he thought, ‘It’s Grace who can’t be seen as an essential member in close quarters combat’.
The easy way to let people die is to kill them. I thought about that one scratch on my right side, that time I was stabbed, and that heat of being revived. I still haven’t forgotten that heat.

Oslo looked up at me with eyes that were clearly frightened. When we met gazes, he narrowed his eyes, as if his mind that was standing at the outermost edge had spoken out to him, and distorted his expression with a smile.


Rather than giving up, was it a feeling of having your fangs broken? Oslo separated his hand from his hilt, fell onto his ass, and retreated backwards. After confirming this, I also put my Staff away.
As for whether the Lord would give their approval of this later on…I didn’t really have an interest in that. It’s their problem.
Rather, when Grace’s ring is working, I have to think of it as a means of self defense, or a tool. What’s the best thing to do?
After reflecting on it, I heard the sound of cracking wood from my Staff.
It seems that the degree of Mana that I poured into it was too much. Not even one hour has passed and one of them has already become useless, huh.


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      Breaking a magic staff each day won’t make the MC broke. Anyways, the author seems to be more or less ignoring the MC needing to have enough money. It was briefly mentioned in an earlier chapter that the MC would use money from his father’s wealthy noble house. Since the author didn’t write about the MC having actual hard currency, it must be assumed that he is using some sort of letter of credit or expense account. Regardless, he’s not needed to even visit local authorities to validate a letter of credit so that local merchants can use such a thing (otherwise counterfeiting and scams would be widespread), so the only real explanation is that the author simply intends for the MC to always automatically have enough money to do whatever he wants unless being short of funds advances the plot. But that’s expected of light novel characters ignoring many constraints as they rise to the top.


    1. I am reading it again and again but still it’s a super confusing chapter, especially where Oslo tries to resist…. I was really wondering how there was a stab wound and such but there wasn’t. Maybe he was implying the way how he died but it’s still confusing since he casually said that it’s only a scratch…@_@


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