LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P7

It’s Fine For You To Become What Ya Wanna Be | Part 7

Although they headed towards Salumeria, they took detours to steer clear of any cities along the way, since Menou’s magic power was leaking out, and kept him hidden inside the carriage. Contrary to their expectations, due the Kenta-Uros’ abnormal Stamina and Power, they arrived at Salumeria in five days, without any problems.

“It’s finally in sight…how nostalgic.”

Takako muttered as if she felt a deep emotion from something that happened long ago. Alice, who was riding on the carriage, also reacted, saying “Wow……!”, and appeared from inside the carriage after they finally arrived with a smile and high expectations of what was inside Salumeria.

Kagami, who had already been there many times, and Menou, who had seen it from the sky countless times, didn’t direct their expressionless gazes at Salumeria but at Takako. Afterall, the sight of her was more amazing than Salumeria.

By the time they arrived at Salumeria, Takako was no longer driving the carriage. Instead, she was riding on the back of the Kenta-Uros. The oddity of this sight could no longer be described with words.

“Still, it’s surprising that it was such a smooth journey. I thought there would been more trouble.”

Kagami muttered sleepily before they drew near the giant gate in front of them.

“Even if we encountered humans, they would have been deceived, and if Monsters appeared, Kagami-dono and Takako-dono would have defeated them in an instant.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be a hindrance to have the Demon King Army appear before us? Something like one of the Four Heavenly Kings appearing and saying 『We won’t allow you to go into the Demon King’s Castle!』That’s what happens in manga, isn’t it?”

“The Demon King’s Army has a different goal, so they won’t try to defeat us or have a reason to come here. However, the Hero’s party may attack us…By the way, Kagami-dono, what’s a manga?”

“I’ll tell you about it after we’re finished with what we’re doing.”

“Really? Kagami-Dono! Well…but, if the Demon King Army is really moving according to the Demon King’s will…Gunuu…What should I do?”

Kagami unwittingly smiled when he saw Menou’s distress while saying that.

“It’s fine to not worry about it right now. Just think about it when the time comes.”

At least, Menou was fine with learning about manga in the future. Even if he knew only that, it was enough for Kagami to be perfectly satisfied. At the same time, the shy Alice smiled as she looked at Menou and Kagami.

“Menou-chan, it’s about time to hide your face so please wear that cloth. Be careful to never show your face while we’re in the city.”

“A-Ah. Sorry Takako-dono.”

Receiving Takako’s pointer, Menou put on the cloth to hide his face inside the carriage.

At the very last moment, Menou faced Alice and muttered, “Don’t worry about it, have fun”, and Alice happily replied back with a “Yeah!”

“Let’s go inside~”

They approached one of the two gates located on the east and west side of Salumeria, which was surrounded by the giant wall. As they arrived at the East Gate, Takako called out one more time to confirm their entry into the city.

The East Gate was always open to everyone, even if a giant Dragon was passing by; in case a dangerous and suspicious person tried to pass through, the Fort City’s exclusive gatekeepers were stationed in front of the gate. Since they stood on the east side to stop any nearby monsters from entering, one could generally pass through without being stopped.

As for the Kenta-Uros, there were very few merchants who handled them, and since they were well known for not being dangerous, it was normal for them to not be stopped.

“Wait a minute. You…are suspicious, where did you come from?”

One of the gatekeepers looked at them, since there was a woman that looked like a muscular man riding on top of a Kenta-Uros that was pulling the carriage, and stopped them just as they tried to pass through.

Kagami, who had thought this would happen, got off the carriage as he sighed.

When Takako directed a look full of killing intent at the gatekeeper, despite not understanding that they were stopped, Kagami immediately forced his way in between them and intervened, since the two of them weren’t paying attention to him.

“We’re Adventurers who came from Balman with some goods. There’s nothing suspicious about us.”

After Kagami says this, he displays a portion of his Status Window, which showed that he was a human who hadn’t committed any crimes. He then began to move while snarling, as if he was considering something and the gatekeeper, who saw this, showed a look of distrust.

“…Hm? Strange. What’s inside the carriage? I can feel something like a Demon’s magic power?”

“Just my little sister and the Blue Devil horn we picked up along the way here. We obtained a large quantity of it. Since there wasn’t anything to store it in, it was placed out in the open.”

They had decided the method of dealing with this kind of development before they were stopped, and Alice appeared from within the carriage while holding a Blue Devil horn in one of her hands. It flickered in the gatekeeper’s eyes, as if it were being reflected.

“Little sister…? She appears to be quite young…Can she fight?”

“She doesn’t really fight. Originally, she was brought along because she said she wanted to go to Salumeria. She only joined us for sightseeing. Look, this city is one of the most bustling places in the country, right?”

Listening to Kagami, the gatekeeper gazed at Alice, who appeared from the carriage, with suspicion. But, after Alice showed him a smile for a while, he concluded that there was no harm and signaled them to continue along by moving his neck.

“Sorry for stopping you. If the purpose is sightseeing, then please go enjoy it. We’re now in the midst of grand festivities. Things like parades are happening everyday.”

Beside them was Takako, who began to move into the city as she instructed the Kenta-Uros, and as she tried to continue along, Kagami came to a halt as the Gatekeeper said that.

Kagami, who had originally visited Salumeria countless times, tilted his neck towards the Gatekeeper with confusion as he listened to the word ‘parade’, which stopped him.

“A parade? At a time like this?”

Even if Salumeria was the liveliest city within the country, it was strange to have festivities on the scale of a parade everyday, since they usually only happened two or three times a year.

Events like parades were used to try and liven things up throughout the whole city, although there was no need to put on that much of a performance and occupy the city’s main street, even if it was the anniversary of Salumeria’s founding day.

“It’s about what happened the other day. There were guys who spoke about the Demons of the Demon King Army beginning their invasion without any news at all, and although Salumeria had already been attacked several times…The whole battle was a complete victory! With the Demon King, as well as the Demon King Army, being seen as a trivial threat now, a large scale Demon King subjugation unit is being formed. The parade is a preparatory celebration to pray for good luck for those who are going out to fight.”

Hearing that, Kagami’s expression slightly stiffened.

“That…When will the Demon King Army Subjugation Unit depart?”

“Tomorrow. They were honoring the Warriors yesterday, and today those volunteering to fight decided to depart tomorrow morning. When they come back from subjugating the Demon King, there will be another parade. You won’t be bored if you stay in this city for a while, you know?”

As things had progressed significantly further than what he had thought, Kagami rushed to where Takako was, his back facing the Gatekeeper, as his expression became cloudy and restless. Even if the Demon King Subjugators headed towards Demon King’s Castle now, Kagami was convinced they would either be totally annihilated or, at the very best, return back half-empty.

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  4. i admire the author for making such a complicated plot…. im trying to find some way to believe that the demon army isnt putting a trap for the human race ugh does this proves the human race is going to extinction? kagami could fight for a kingdom to gain prestige to command armies at least this way he wont have to watch two sides kill each other for no reason.


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    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Could it be a coup? The sick demon king’s name was used to incite the humans. When the humans kill the demon king, the new demon king will use it to incite the demons to wage war on the humans.


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