Recruitment Round X: Mauled by the Bear.

Okay~ so our appeal for translators went kaput. Nobody wants to help with that side of things. I guess we’ll deal with that for now.

Moving onto the next thingamajig is we need another really active editor. One is enough, but two means faster speed (no duh amirite?).

We also require more proofers, as we ended up losing a couple to school and they don’t plan on returning any time soon.

Throw me an email, we’ll make it happen.

xanteven(@) in case you forgot.


10 thoughts on “Recruitment Round X: Mauled by the Bear.

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  2. Now see editing and proofing is something I can do. Unfortunately, my mind isn’t wired to learn other languages, or I would help with translation as well, but I know the English language like I know the back of my hand. If you are willing to trust and work with me I would definitely be interested in editing and proofreading anything given.
    Tried to send this in an email but your address was rejected.


    1. Leoneiros – actually has two translators in one – online dictionary

      There are also programs you could download but if you do stuff like that prepare to get a virus or two.


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