Status of the Bear

It’s not ending or anything, don’t worry.

After getting a totally out of left field email about Kuma, I had a chat with Shinsori. He unfortunately doesn’t have time to translate it anymore due to real life things, so he is withdrawing from providing us translations.

Regarding the email, it was from someone who wanted to help with translating Kuma. That person is now the sole translator for Kuma, and has joined my minions.

Welcome Yuu-oniichan to the team. Do it.

Life continues as normal. Well, as normal as it gets around here.


18 thoughts on “Status of the Bear

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  2. Rite

    Btw, it seems due to the comment section of silver death is being overwhelm with idea and real life duties that shinsori is unable to continue with the translation of kuma. Also, if you see the raw, we got a total of 200+ chapter, so still 180+ chapter to enjoy~~


  3. Nightmartree

    I guess things are just bear-able, i’m glad we didn’t have to bear under the strain of losing a translation…but you’ll have to see how your new minion bears the pressure, something about this post seems…beary beary off…I can’t bear not being able to tell what it is though :(

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