LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P5

It’s Fine For You To Become What Ya Wanna Be | Part 5

When she saw Kagami run, Takako immediately grabbed Alice and followed behind him.

“For him to run away is like saying that he admits it!”

“I’m only running away because you won’t listen to me! Let’s meet again.”

Kagami began to run towards the position that Rex had been hiding in as he sighed. They headed northeast of Balman, towards the Demon King’s Castle, which was located in Atros, one of the four countries.

“Kagami-dono, there is a carriage stopped ahead of here! Since we are heading towards the Demon King’s Castle, I secured it earlier, because I thought it would be necessary! Let’s go ride it.”

Menou yelled out to Kagami as he pushed his way towards him and pulled him along.

“A carriage…How did you secure it?”

“I seized it from one of the peddlers that were heading out of Balman.”

“Just as I was trying to convince the hero’s party that you aren’t a bad guy at all~. If I confirm the safety of the Demon King after going to his castle, it seems that I will have to hand you to the Hero’s party.”

“Whether I have one or two carriages, I’m still the guy who attacked the town. For me, the most important thing is to confirm the safety of the Demon King. Be at ease, I did not want to dishonor Kagami-dono, so I neither killed those peddlers nor deprived them of their goods. I only took their horse and their carriage.”

“Eh, but thanks to your actions, the Hero’s party found out about this place, didn’t they?”


Kagami proved that he had been aware of how he had conveniently been found out by the Hero’s party. Although he considered flinging Menou away for a moment, Kagami resisted the desire and ran towards the wagon.

Kagami made a bitter expression when he saw the wagon.

Although two horses were on standby next to the wagon, which was designed to carry things and had a tent over it, no matter how he looked at it, they weren’t horses at all. Their upper halves were part human. They were the Kenta-Uros.

“They should be thankful that you deprived them of such a thing.”

Kagami muttered while placing a hand on his head and groaning, seeming to hate it from the bottom of his heart.

“Even though they seemed fine, since those Monsters were being used, I released them. Of course, those horses acknowledge me and will let me ride them.”

As if to say that he was being praised, Menou was thrown inside of the carriage. Without needing to be reminded that they were in a situation where the Hero’s party was catching up to them from behind, Kagami also climbed into the carriage.

Behind them was Takako, who seemed happy as she caught up with them, and Alice, who had been carried by her and seemed to be bored to death. They also got into the carriage.

“Time to depart! Start running! If we head straight to the west from the forest, we will surely come out of it!”

Although Kagami climbed into the carriage and tried to remain expressionless as he said that, the two Kenta-Uros desperately fixed their eyes onto him and yelled.

“Human, we are a noble existence.”

“Ah, yes.”

“We said that it is only the Demon who is allowed to ride us. As if we will let you guys, who are inferior beings, be carried. It will be forever shameful. Get lost.”

The moment the Kenta-Uros said that, Takako made an appearance from inside the carriage, holding a whip. Kagami immediately moved over to Alice, and with a ‘Kids shouldn’t look at this!’, he covered her eyes with his hands.

The carriage began to move with a blistering speed. With a ‘Hohohohoh!’ from Takako, a yell of ‘nnaaaaaaah!’ resounded from the Kenta-Uros. When Menou saw this scene, he pondered on whether it was a good thing that he had ridden a Hell Crow.

By the time the Hero party got there, the carriage using the two Kenta-Uros had already dashed away. If their Level was high, it was natural for them to be quick at running away. There wasn’t any worry about the Hero party catching up if you thought about the distance the Kenta-Uros could travel with their inexhaustible stamina.

“Th-they ran away…!”

Tina muttered as she stopped and panted.

“C-Certainly…they said that they were heading towards the Demon King’s Castle. If that’s the case, they will surely stop by one of the towns along the way. Either way, their destination is the same. We will probably meet again somewhere.”

Krul, who had chased them in the same way, muttered as she also stopped and panted. Behind her, Rex was calmly leaning against a tree and Palna was standing next to him, gazing coldly at the carriage that was dashing away.

“Do you resent them?”

Rex, who realized what she was gazing at, also looked at the fleeing carriage and asked Palna.

“It doesn’t concern you. It’s something unrelated to you.”

Palna responded without looking into his eyes, and Rex muttered ‘I see’ back to her.

It didn’t mean that Rex personally held resentment towards the Demons. It was just hatred for Monsters. He just couldn’t recognize the existence that spawned them and called themselves Demons.

His reason was clear and simple. His parents had been killed by Monsters.

He deeply hated Monsters and he couldn’t forgive those who called themselves Demons for continuing to spawn them. He thought that his existence was a divine revelation. A revelation that allowed him to be born with the role of a Hero. He then continued to develop his powers to fulfill that revelation. He had often thought of a world without Monsters. However, Kagami had said that there were also Demons who hoped to reconcile and didn’t want to spawn more Monsters.

Although Demons were surely an existence that were meant to be killed in the same way as Monsters, he felt that it was wrong to kill Demons who wanted to reconcile. It was unavoidable, but that wouldn’t change the fact that it would be a simple slaughter.

The annihilation of Demons was absolutely essential in order to exterminate those hated Monsters. However, the facts that 『Other than Demon no longer spawning Monsters, nothing will change for Humans』 and 『Even until now they have never tried to attack and eliminate humans』 weighed heavily on Rex’s shoulders.

“It…can’t be helped, huh.”

Rex confronted the reality that he felt had somehow evaded him, and his disgust towards Kagami increased further. Even though Kagami hadn’t been given a revelation, he was strong, and this reality would always pit them against each other.

Even though Kagami hadn’t said that he was excellent compared to himself, who was a hero, Rex didn’t feel that it would be said.

Rather, he just had to feel as such to make it easy for him to attack, be it the Demon King Army or something evil. Monsters were hateful, yet Demons were…the Demon King.

“We’re going, Rex. Princess-sama is saying that we should go and prepare a means of travel, so we will return to the town.”

Krul and Tina had already gone back so Palna spoke to Rex, who was thinking about something seriously.

“…You shouldn’t worry about it.”

Palna turned around and began to walk ahead of him, returning to town.

“There is no need to worry.”

As she finished speaking, Palna continued to proceed to their original purpose.

The annihilation of Demons.

For Palna, who had her beloved person killed by Demons, things like Monsters made no difference to her.

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43 thoughts on “LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P5

  1. Nameless Reader

    tsk re shouldn’t call himself hero, it’s an insult to real hero, he is just a lackey
    heroes are guys who intrude into people home, take their valuable, kill everything in their way and take the princess……

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  2. DrnD'Aanerr

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Palna…I see hateful person getting character development.
    Nah, she gets to fall and become very annoying.


  3. / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ \
    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
       ( ( ・ω・)


    1. If it had been a bandit it would have been all bandits should die.

      If it had been a noble then all nobles should die. (If this was her belief you’d be cheering wouldn’t you?)

      If it had been a space cow demon from the moon then all space cow demons from the moon should die.

      There’s is no reason for her to come to the conclusion that all humans are evil when she had met good humans before. However bandits are bandits not humans. Nobles are nobles not humans.

      As far as she and most people know is that demons are evil being who kill people. Why does she believe that? Because only evil demons show up in front of humans and kill people. There is no reason to believe good demons exists when there’s no example to create that concept.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. axyraandas

      Something kinda like that happened in From the New World, near the end of the series. But that guy had the backing of sub-humans and was brainwashed into thinking he was a sub-human himself, so it falls apart there. Then again, how would a single person manage to exterminate an entire species on their own without special powers or absurd amounts of luck?


        1. axyraandas

          He had people supporting him though, nor did he do all of those acts himself. Sure, he was the one who got the snowball rolling and kept it growing, but it wouldn’t have worked without the stupid amount of “reclamations” by countries that barely did anything in WW1. His ascension was a team effort, although his militant actions were his own.


    1. Cookie was blind to anything that didn’t fit into his beliefs. In his mind he is justice. His fault is his belief in goodness being too single-minded on the side of forgive your opponents and today’s enemy may be tomorrow’s friend. Cookie is simply too idealistic and as such ignored the reality that didn’t follow his ideals.

      Rex on the other hand understands his beliefs may not be 100%. He understands that there might be demons who aren’t evil. It’s still doesn’t change the fact that demons naturally create monsters. Monster who attack people, monsters who killed his family. Then there’s the fact that demons who hate humans do exists and kill people. Rex isn’t blind to the faults in his beliefs but he can’t throw away his parent’s death on the world of basically a stranger. If there was a way to stop demons from creating monster I believe he would take it. He knows that the root of the problem is demons naturally spawning monsters, but he also knows that the only way to stop monsters from spawning is to kill the demons.


  4. kill “all” Demons because one demon killed your lover… makes sense Palna -_-
    Hey, better than race let’s go deeper Palna… the one that killed your lover had 2 arms… You should kill every existence in your world that has 2 arms without caring about logic right? :/

    Thanks for the chapter


    1. It’s no different if a bandit had killed her loved one and she wanted to kill all bandits. There’s is logic in her feelings considering the concept of good demons is an unknown to most humans.

      The good demons don’t come close to humans in order not to spawn monsters near them and put them in danger. The evil demons enjoy killing humans and spawning monsters to attack. Humans have only known evil demons so why should they believe good demons exist?

      There’s is nothing wrong with humans believing demons to be evil when you take into account the setting and information presented. Kagami is the exception to the rule because of things he has seen and learned that other people haven’t due to his power.

      The one not caring about logic is you.


      1. axyraandas

        …Um. No. I agree with cdalgorta here, in that Palna’s insistence that all demons are bad because one of them killed her parents is unreasonable and “illogical.” In the first place, one can easily imagine a demon who unwillingly spawns Monsters and kills them himself to prevent them from spreading, or secludes himself to the same effect, as the Demon King supposedly does. Humans may categorically believe demons to be evil, but that’s only because they believe the rumors and hearsay (or want to believe in it, since thinking someone’s orchestrating all the evil things is more comfy than thinking it was random and could happen whenever) or they’re using those rumors they don’t believe in to influence others. That doesn’t mean they all necessarily have to be evil, or that they can’t be “neutered” to more easily fit in with humans. Or maybe all humans could become super powerful to fit in, or all monsters could be weakened somehow. Regardless, the demons don’t all have to be evil, and they don’t all need to die. Quite a few people in that world would be uncomfortable with that, if the rumors are as widespread as they seem to be. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it doesn’t mean it’s illogical or impossible in that world.


        1. Except the hearsay and rumors are proven true by the demons who actually attack humans. Just look at Menou who attacked the adventurer town. It’s reinforcing the negative stereotype that’s been created. What proof is there that demons can be good or live together with humans? None.

          However there’s a lot of proof of demons and monsters killing humans. Palna’s loved one is just one of the victims. How many other people has she met that have had loved ones killed by demons. Rex himself had his parent’s killed by monsters and it’s common knowledge that demons spawn and can command monsters therefore linking monster deaths as demon death. Palna’s reasons may be personal but her assumptions that demons are evil isn’t wrong when you look at the evidence.

          The only way to neuter a demon to live with humans would be to stop them from becoming monster spawners and from the information we have been given they can’t control it. So as long as demons spawn monsters they can’t live with humans. Normal villagers are always going to be weak and are little kids suppose to become super powerful? How would they weaken monsters when even slimes can kill villagers?


          1. axyraandas

            Technically, that’s not proof, just evidence. To give an example, let’s say you meet a group of people who’ve only ever read about or heard descriptions of ravens, with only a few people in the group actually seeing a raven. They insist that all birds are black, and take all descriptions to the contrary (such as chickens or parrots) as absurd and impossible. In their experience, it would be impossible for any bird to not be black. But a bird that isn’t black can be imagined without causing an internal contradiction, and they do exist. There may not be any evidence in their environment to the contrary, but being a bird doesn’t necessarily mean it’s black. Likewise, being a demon doesn’t necessarily mean it’s evil.

            I agree with you about the problem with neutering the demons. With what little we currently know of them and their spawning tendencies, it’s foolish to suggest countermeasures. Just too many unknowns. The author is just sealing Alice away with a MacGuffin ribbon, which explains nothing either.

            Normal villagers may always be weak, but if magitech (like golems) and assembly lines are developed and spread, most weak monsters wouldn’t be a problem. I have no idea how monsters could be weakened, let alone systematically. I just put that out there as a possibility, kinda like the idea of personalized healthcare. They’re both really luxurious alternatives that would only be possible for societies with a lot of free time and resources, but they’re not impossible if the rate of weakening (in whatever form) is greater than the rate of spawning (which we know nothing about). Even better if monsters and/or their weaknesses don’t change over time, so a complete catalog can be made. So… I couldn’t answer your question definitively, but I can and have offered a plan for answering that question. I hope that satisfies you.


            1. The example of the ravens can be disproved by a different species. However the demons is a question of their nature not their appearance. If all ravens can fly then a raven that couldn’t fly would be the exception to the rule, not something that would damage the theory that all ravens can fly.

              So if the general idea that demons hate and kill humans, an idea that was born from actual observations, there is nothing wrong in their belief that demons are evil. If the ratio of evil demons to good demons is 100:1 then why should humans care about that 1 good demon when they are most likely to meet an evil demon? Why should they worry about finding out if that 1 demon is the good one? It doesn’t change anything.

              As far as the solutions they are nothing more than a fantasy plan that would be impossible to implement in anything but the perfect scenario where the technology and methods to do so could be created quickly or already be found. The plans you offered don’t solve anything. It’d be like me suggesting that solving world hunger could be solved with a Star Trek food replicator or overpopulation by colonizing other planets. They are solution but they are not viable ones. If the solution can’t be implemented then it’s as useless as having no solution.

              My opinion is based on information given such as good demons isolating themselves (which humans don’t know about), bad demons attacking people (which humans know), demons spawning monsters, and that demons can control monsters. The magitech, demon weakening, and spawn rate is something that we don’t know exists or haven’t been given any information about.

              If the Demon King had made constant efforts in creating an isolated county where demons could live and that other kingdoms recognized. If they had made it clear that they disliked spawning monsters and that they couldn’t control it and that they isolated themselves to stop hurting humans. If there was a monster extermination squad made of demons that was seen killing monsters and evil demons. There are various ways things demons could have done in order to protect not only themselves but avoid the human/demon hate but as far as we know they hadn’t done any of that or have given up on.

              In this situation Humans are the victims of the demon’s abilities. Humans shouldn’t have to change to a large extent in order to accommodate demons. The only thing humans would have to do would be to be welcoming and non hostile to demons. It’s the same as Muslims moving to western countries and expecting Sharia Law to be allowed. All the western country has to do is respect their culture but they don’t have to allow the Muslim culture to take precedence over the western countries laws. I didn’t want to bring in RL to this but it’s the best example I can think of which I hope isn’t taken as me calling non-extremist Muslims demons.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. axyraandas

                I was trying to make a parallel between demons being hostile to humans and feather colors (and how superficial both designations are), but I guess that’s something we disagree on fundamentally. If the claim was that all ravens can fly (emphasis on all), then any raven that can’t fly would be a walking contradiction. If the claim was that most ravens can fly, then it’d be perfectly fine, but it’s not.

                When you put it like that, I agree. It would be pretty annoying to find a handful of good demons among hundreds of them, and few would do so. I can’t say for certain that finding a good demon wouldn’t change things. One possibility would be working with that demon to develop anti-demon techniques, and another could be using it as a mole for covert ops. Any information, even the supposedly useless ones, is better than none.

                I know and agree that my “solutions” are far-fetched, but waging total war against the superior demons as suggested by these heroes is just as preposterous. Even so, they were still brought up and discussed. Since my plans won’t work without a lot of work, are there any better plans? Can mine be modified to be easier to achieve? Neither of these questions would exist without a plan to start with.

                I see, thank you for giving your sources. I’m more inclined to agree with you, although I can’t help my knee-jerk response to anything involving the words impossible, all, or never.

                Now those are great plans. If the Demons were more proactive in their non-militant agenda, then this story would be very different.

                I’ve never truly understood what makes one a victim or not, so I’ll reply with a Psyduck sound. I agree that humans just need to be welcoming here though, it’s an appropriate response if they’re being optimistic and such. As for the Muslim thing, no worries. Race and mass media has always been weird ever since they were formed, and they’ll continue to do so. Nearly every race has been stigmatized like that by now, probably.


                1. Truth and perception aren’t the same thing.

                  What is truth and what is perception may be different, but your perception becomes your personal truth, even if it’s wrong/lies/incorrect.

                  Also, humans aren’t inherently rational. It’s easily shown by how Theoretical Economics got shit on so hard by the realisation humans don’t do the most logical, rational thing when it comes to decision making.

                  Coupled with bad blood, no communication, all it would take is a demon backstabbing a human at some point and racial ties would be frayed to the point nothing short of a messiah will change the situation.

                  “Not all demons are bad” is countered by “in the past, a demon backstabbed/deceived us.”
                  “Not all demons are like that” is countered by “then where are the good ones?”
                  “XXX is an example of a good one” is countered by “XXX is just bidding his time/But other demons are still bad/He’s a misfit”

                  Now you’re stuck trying to disprove (1) – Impossible to disprove (2) – Impossible to disprove because some demons are always bad (3) – Leads back to no.2 and people also hate misfits and special people. Oh and, don’t forget, there’s always the personal attack “You’re a demon spy/You’ve been brainwashed by the demons” which is not a legit argument but makes disproving nearly impossible, because what good you say is attributed to your traitorous nature and what bad you say (about the demons) is attributed as truth.

                  Maybe the viewpoint is faulty, but that does not mean people will discard it, or even think it so. To even reflect on such things would be so out of ordinary on the level of philosophising. In a harsh world where people die easily it would be extremely unlikely to expect people to do as such. They just wonder why you’re wasting their time.

                  You could argue that if humans were more amicable with demons it would make everybody’s life easier. But history has shown people are afraid of anything different from them. We even enslave our own race for different skin tones, fight wars just because our houses are in different areas. A demon is much more different than a human physically, just trust issues would be enormous. And the results would not show immediately. Even if the long term result was positive, people aren’t willing to wait for that. To endure patiently the monster attacks while the alliance slowly makes the technology to better the populace, they would instead riot at why they have to let the people summoning the monsters live and make their lives harsher, instead of killing them.

                  Liked by 2 people

                  1. axyraandas

                    …You’re absolutely right, on all accounts. I misrecognized how salient the bad demons would be in the minds of the few who were affected by them. I also failed to see how personal attacks would be considered fair play, and how any “good” demons would just be classified as outliers without further research since they don’t have the time for it. Now that you’ve pointed those out for me along with that wonderful chain of counter-arguments, I can’t think of a way out besides insipid Superman-esque messiah stuff, unless the setting drastically changes due to some future event.


  5. I wonder if they(the heroes party) would change their mind or a change of heart if they knew Kagami’s history..
    Hmm, somehow I get the feeling that the author PURPOSELY gave the MC name Kagami, which means mirror. Welp, that’s deep.

    Thanks for the chapter~~

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  6. Victor

    His moronic and extremely out of place pacifism totally breaks the story. It’s impossible to get to where he is without killing or beating the shit out of something… not harming those trying to kill him is just stupid and no one else would do so in a world like theirs. Needless and pointless japanese like pacifistic behavior is practically the fourth wall here -__-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lowlightt

      Uh he does kill things. He kills MONSTERS. Which drop loot via the “system” thats in place in that world. He doesn’t however go out of his way to kill demons. Maybe because he knows quite a few of them on a personal level. He simply sees demons as humans and has a pretty standard modern outlook on the situation. Its implyed that he has killed demons in the past and possibly humans as well. So we arn’t quite sure what his motivations are at this moment.


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  9. …..if we went by the same logic as humans (for ex: Palna), humanity and demons are doomed…..Kagami’s dad was killed by a monster and his mother was killed by humans………..yep….both race are doomed…….LVL 999 Villager is now going to wipe out every single being in existence because of revenge…..


  10. bellcross13

    If i were kagami, i would say this to their faces just to see what would their reactions be. “what if i were to kill the human king right now? Can you stop me?” i’m getting pissed with these guys who don’t even want to listen to kagami. Or atleast try to think why did he became like that?


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