Generic Recruitment Title Goes Here

Title is intentional.

It’s that time again. That time most of us dislike.

Looking at some of our series, I realized it’s been a long while since we had any releases. This, obviously, is no fun.

We are in need of translators of the JP->ENG variety to help with 3 series:

• Astarte’s Knight
• Boundary Labyrinth
• Garudena

Ash has unfortunately been bogged down with just too much rl stuff, such as school. He’s unable to work on Garu and Ast all by himself. It can’t be helped, really. So instead of dropping these two series, we’re instead looking for new translators to join and work on em.

As for Boundary, G5 just wants help so he can put out both Boundary and 999v at a decent pace.

Any help for these would be greatly appreciated. Shoot me an email:

There is no test for this, but if you can’t tl you’ll find the door rather quickly.

In other news, I’m going to NYC at the end of February. Never been before, and hell I want to see it. I’ve been told it gets very cold though. Hm. Guess I’ll dress as though I was going skiing?


8 thoughts on “Generic Recruitment Title Goes Here

    1. pantser

      kuma is a hosted ln so they don’t work on it themselves but share the translation from a different group that is also why you go to a different site to read kuma
      but this also means that they have no say in when a new chapter gets released


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