LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P4

It’s Fine For You To Become What Ya Wanna Be | Part 4

The tense atmosphere lingered for a while. Nobody spoke and, even though it was only a few seconds, it felt like much more time had passed.

“So…the Demon who came to attack the town isn’t bad?”

Tina asked before she knew it, as sweat poured down from her forehead. She stared at Kagami from behind Krul’s back due to fright. After staying silent for several seconds, Kagami looked at her expressionlessly and said,

“About that, hasn’t he already said he was truly sorry?”

Kagami’s words instantly broke the previously tense atmosphere.

“Eh…If that’s so, then us catching that person isn’t right…”

Tina muttered an unexpected response because of her bewilderment.

“No, that’s wrong. What I wanted to say was in regards to all the Demons who aren’t bad. Listen to them first, princess-sama.”

“They have no ears to listen with! Either way, that Demon attacked Balman. This is an indisputable fact! It’s enough of a reason to catch him!”

Although she had thought for a moment that her desire for revenge was wrong, Krul immediately began to cast Magic. At the same time, Palna began to form a magic circle. The man in front of her was weakening her resolve. He was a dangerous existence who drew out a portion of herself. Krul confirmed that with this exchange.

“Hold up, hold up! Look, humans also attack Demon towns, right? This attack is the same thing! There is no justice and evil in war, right? What I believe in is justice!”

“Under the justice we believe in, it’s natural to capture a person from an enemy country who came to attack, right?”

“Certainly! Well, still, listen to me. Although it’s true that he attacked, the condition of the Demon King is strange, so I will be going to investigate him. Look, although the manner it was given in was too strange, it was in accordance to the King’s order, and he is in a position where he can only follow it, as a servant.”

Rex, Palna, and Krul grimaced at Kagami’s vague words that were said without hesitation.

“The condition of the Demon King is strange? Exactly how is he strange?”

“It’s strange to give out an order to attack a town, since the Demon King hopes to reconcile with humans. I decided to go to the Demon King’s castle to confirm whether or not it was truly an order from the Demon King to attack the town yesterday, because it was suspicious. Since it is also on your mind, you guys should follow me. That’s it.”

Kagami’s remarks seemed to be really foolish. Rex laughed loudly, Palna looked at him with pity, Tina made an uneven smile, and Krul burst out in laughter.

“Isn’t the strange one you? The Demon King hopes to reconcile with humans? There is no reason to tell such an idiotic story, right? The Demon King is humanity’s greatest enemy.”

Krul replied back while full of confidence, regardless of whether her conclusion was correct. Rex gave a scornful smile, as if he consented with her.

“On what basis did you decide that on?”

However, Kagami didn’t understand how she could show off such a confident expression.

“There are plenty of things to base it on. In the past, it was said that the Demon King was the one who created many Monsters all over the continent. Up until now…a countless number of people have been killed by monsters, and it also means that…the previous heroes knew that they would lose their life by challenging the Demon King, right?”

As he listened to their complaints, Kagami hung his head and sighed.

There was a countless number of times that he had cursed. However, everyone spoke back to him in unison and scorned Kagami, as if Rex was correct. They would, without being discouraged, turn their eyes away and not listen about the present reality, even if they were complaining about the present relationship between Demons and humans in this strange world.

“It’s not the Demon King’s will to create Monsters, and isn’t it normal for him to fight back against people who are aiming for his life? It doesn’t make any sense to not kill an opponent who is trying to kill you. Using that as a basis to claim that he doesn’t want to reconcile…don’t be a slave to prejudice.”


“Since I have met the Demon King before, I can say that there wasn’t any malice behind the Demon King’s daughter’s hopes for reconciliation. The Demon King surely has no desire, at all, to eliminate humans. So, I can’t think that the attack this time was due to the Demon King’s will. I will go and confirm this.”

At that time, Rex approached Kagami with resentment, somehow feeling pressured, and grasped Kagami’s chest as he struck it violently.

“Shut up!”

A loud voice rang out and echoed throughout their surroundings.

“You said that you have met the Demon King? You said that the Demon King hopes to reconcile? Don’t spout bullshit! What do you…base it off of? It’s more likely that you were fooled by those lowly Demons!”

Kagami didn’t understand what Rex was so impatient about and only directed his sight towards him, who had violently struck him on the chest.

“Has the Demon King ever come to attack the town before now?”

That was all Kagami muttered.

At that moment, various events from the past began to run through Rex’s mind. The history of how many times Demon towns were destroyed, the massacre of Demons, and the existence of the country’s people who he knew looked up to him. Yet, the Demon King had never come to attack them. As for why this is, even without saying anything to Kagami, Rex had always understood it from long ago.

“If the Demon King were aware of this, there would have already been a war long ago. Besides, did you not think that there was a problem with having the Demon King’s Castle in a remote region, without any dungeons, making it easily targeted by humans from an island country like Hexal Doria?”

“Ah, I had also thought that was always a problem. He would not know what to do if we came to attack him.”

Tina, who had remained hidden behind Krul’s back, timidly uttered that, as if she were vaguely aware of it.

“Probably since it was a place that could suppress the influence of Monsters to a minimum. Although, it’s a good place that makes it difficult for humans to attack, because of the difference in height elevation…uuoh!”

The moment this was said, a massive Flame blade suddenly split into two and flew at Kagami in a straight line. Kagami, who realized this at the last moment, held onto Rex’s body, who was still holding onto his chest, and jumped away with him, evading it.

“It’s better for you to ignore him. You are being stupid…the Demon King is the enemy. There is a possibility that this man is being manipulated by the Demons. Pull yourself together, you guys!”

With a passing glance at Palna, Rex separated from Kagami’s chest, as if his eyes had finally woken up. He kicked Kagami up into the air and landed back on the ground after rotating once before wielding his remaining sword in one of his hands.

Although, at a glance, Krul and Tina appeared to be slightly lost, Palna’s face trembled and she strongly clenched her Staff as her fighting spirit flared up.

After Kagami saw Rex, who dropped down from the sky by kicking him, he muttered ‘Well, yeah’, with a disappointed look. Even if they could understand it, it didn’t change the fact that people had been hurt. They could end up killing him, regardless of whether he is evil or an ally, because it was easy to see this person as an enemy.

As for trying to understand each other, they would simply respond by saying that the damage would continue to be taken since they would preserve a portion of that harm. Kagami had also understood this, which was why he had given up.

“Well, Alice-tan, the path you want really is difficult.”

As such, Kagami laughed. He was just by himself the previous time he was accused. On the other hand, this time he had tried to step up by being an ally of the Demons. Clearly, there wasn’t a reason to not expect something from this method of approach, which was different from before.

Now, he could confirm the severity of this path. Yet, he was able to laugh because he could measure the possibility of the path from Krul’s response. The response clearly differed from previously. He couldn’t feel any possibilities back then.

“Yosh, let’s run away! We can surely run away easily now!”

Therefore, Kagami thought that he would 【Support that goal with all his might】. First, he needed to head towards the existence that was becoming the number one obstacle. He grabbed Menou’s collar and began to run.

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59 thoughts on “LV999 Villager – Chapter 3 P4

  1. I can’t help but admire Kagami’s mentality throughout this entire BS scene with the hero(lol) party and their racism. If it was me I would be like “The royalty is a lost cause, time for some cleaning!” I mean, these guy’s wouldn’t be so easy to hate for all the right reasons if they just admitted that the demons are their de facto enemy because they spawn monsters, and not coming up with “They’re evil existences that must be exterminated! Anyone who thinks otherwise is being controlled by them!” ya know?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s a well-known & standard phenomenom between two groups of beings which have warred / hated one another for several generations. ‘The hate must go on , anyone who opposes it is either a traitor or brainwashed!’ If all of them had actually agreed with his arguments and come along, I would’ve been surprised, and think they would just follow to assassinate the demon king.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Didn’t he offer them the chance to do that anyway at the start? What I find funny is that they think they even have a chance of even injuring a level 999 villager who can only be truly injured by something around a level 500 dragon (I think that was what they said) when they’re not even level 100. He also has that rebirth ability for reaching level 100 or was it extreme regeneration?


          1. Kisato

            I just thought of that scene in SAO when Titan’s Hand tried to attack Kirito but he just stood there.

            I also remeber the abridged edition of “Good news! There’s no need to wonder where your god is, cause he’s right here! And he’s fresh out of mercy…”

            Liked by 2 people

        1. laharl8080

          well probably miss translator or the author make so because he forgot/ careless because of deadline,,,,

          or probalby the rare job 2x or more stornger than villager soo to put it the lv 90 hero = lv 180 to villager


    2. Prometheus

      Real life examples of such things:
      Shiite and Sunni. Generations of war, over a succession right that is centuries old.

      The actions of the few will always represent the whole. Because humans are prejudice creatures, and its easier to label someone as a enemy than to understand them. Ego-centrism is the definition of human behavior. Everything is viewed in a way that fits that particular person’s point of view, and that is also why it is hard to change, as people resist things that don’t conform to their point of view.

      You do it, I do it, we all do it. It was once, a useful evolutionary trait for humans (that is now largely useless in a modernized social world, where the dangers go beyond dangerous animals and poisonous food.)

      Its one of the things that humanity can probably do without.

      Let alone the same species, in this world, its 2 entirely different species.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Honestly this isn’t going to change simply because it’s a trait that while useless as you said is still in used not to mention it’s a mental/behavioral trait rather than a physical one. Plus it’s an adaptive trait. Race, religion, nationality, culture, job, hobbies, long hair, short hair, circumcised, uncircumcised, etc. There will always be something people can use to tie themselves to the people around them and anyone not in that group won’t be seen as favorable as the ones in it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. axyraandas

          I agree with the first part, about people looking for things that tie themselves to others. That is the basis of group identities, metaphors, etc. I must add to the second part though; people don’t necessarily make groups in order to make that group seem favorable. Some may make groups in order to denounce their group and promote something else, which plays on our tendency to sympathize within groups. The disinterested group-maker may make groups for utilitarian purposes, like cataloguing handicapped people together for accomodations. On a more abstract scale, all this group-making is just pattern recognition. What we do after recognizing (or not recognizing) such patterns is different from just looking for and finding that pattern.


          1. I’m not saying people make groups to make their group seem favorable. The favoritism is an affect of creating a group. It’s easier to like someone you have stuff in common with than a complete stranger.

            The pattern thing is true to some extent but at one point people start creating patterns themselves. Create a pattern and have people believe they belong to that pattern. It’s the very basis of cults. People join and adopt those beliefs simply because they want to fit in a pattern.

            The natural pattern is the loneliness they experience from not having somewhere to belong but the artificial pattern is the cult’s culture itself which was created to prey on those people. The beliefs, clothes, handshakes, etc. weren’t natural occurrences but created for those reasons.


            1. axyraandas

              “…[A]nd anyone not in that group won’t be seen as favorable as the ones in it.” I interpreted the last part of your previous comment as you restricting group formation to making one’s own group seem favorable. Thanks for explaining yourself, although I still stand by my observation that creating a group need not result in favoritism. It may be common, but it’s not a given. Also, you can’t spell culture without cult~


      1. Dramen

        wasn’t it that as much as demons(read:monsters) cause death and destruction in their wake humans also possess the same capacity for death and destruction for even lesser reasons and even willingly choose to do so than the “I can’t help it, it’s a natural process” explanation that demons have.

        Especially when his dad was killed by monsters and later on his mom is killed by human bandits.


    3. Celestial Flame

      I dunno about the princess, she seemed to see reason, but I would lay the smackdown on those attacking me while I talk.
      At least saying if you can’t even fight back with words, maybe what your doing is flawed.
      Also, I simply wouldn’t take people trying to kill me even if they had no ability to.

      Sadly, these people NEED to believe the demons are evil. If they admitted otherwise, they would paint themselves as evil (even if a justifyable evil)

      Liked by 2 people

    4. Wkwkwk~~ that waz hillarious… i think it will became funny when the hero was proved wrong~~ and bye bye human royalty, when kagami seriously want to eradicate you. You’re all will extinct


  2. / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ \
    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
       ( ( ・ω・)


  3. OP.MC

    This make me want to drop this series so bad…why not kick those bitches asses.
    Those heroes and the princess is a real pain so Kagami could at least if not kill, break a few bones or cut off a few limbs.
    I will give it a few more chapter and see how it goes…so disappointed.


    1. Kagami is supporting Alice path of reconciliation. Attacking both the Hero and the Princess is basically making enemy out of both of them. Even if they can’t hurt him they can be considered the representatives of humans. Violence isn’t the answers for everything.


    2. -_-

      I can understand why you wanna just kill/break a few bones of the hero party.
      But Kagami can’t really do that. Cos if he did anything to them (hero party), he’ll be giving them an excuse to retaliate (the very action Kagami wants to prevent).
      Kagami wants them to realize that he doesn’t mean any harm and neither the demon king.


      1. -_-

        A rear time where the mc actually uses his brains and balls to do things.
        I seldom see mc (in other novels) that uses his brains and having balls to actually do whatever they wanna do.


  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The “hero” hears but doesn’t listen, or more precisely don’t want to listen. When he sees that his companions were actually listening and thinking, he attacks Kagami.


  5. thanks for the update…..

    what i hate about humans are they think their race is the most superior, racist, and indiscriminate to other race, no difference between fantasy or reality. even though they have big brain in their head, they only using it to think about their own belief and petty pride, without learning about others.

    well, at least there are small portion that still can use their brain and heart.


    1. -_-

      It happens all the time in real life.
      One can even say that your own comment is pretty much a prejudice.
      No offense.
      I’m just saying one must be careful. Lest one becomes the thing you hate most.
      Think about how you yourself can be a better person and make somebody’s life better.


      1. Yup it’s both funny and sad seeing those type of comments. They talk about how they would be open minded but ignore that people are a product of their environment. Everyone has prejudice towards someone especially when the prejudice is a cultural or national thing. It doesn’t mean they want to wage war and destroy them but the prejudice exists. I’m Mexican and I hate narco culture (basically the drug cartels culture that has formed). I hate their music, their dress style, everything. One of my friends in high school was black and his prejudice was towards black ghetto girls. He despised everything from their names to how they talked to how they acted as if everything was a WorldStar video.

        The thing I hate the most is how some people talk as if they weren’t humans. As if they were above every single negative trait people have and only embodied the good. Honestly I don’t know if they are better or worse than the ones who believe that MC’s should just go around solving everything with violence.


  6. saihamaru kaneko

    what pissed me is that the hero party refused to think logically
    if they are powerful enough to be called hero party, they need to have good enough mentality to go along with that… else, they will be just a monster

    “with great power, comes great responsibility”
    – Uncle Ben, 2002


  7. anon leecher

    If it were me…..there would be bloodshed

    The weak obey the strong, so obey kagami and reconcile with the maou, if not than you get a one way ticket to hell ^_^”

    …that or maybe be a bit nicer and just rough up the hero team a bit and tell ’em to get lost and stop being nosy


    1. -_-

      Well… like I said earlier. Kagami wants to prevent UNNECESSARY violence.

      But I kinda agree with you. ;)

      In actuality, Kagami only have 2 options.
      1. keep running away from idiotic hero party
      2. completely wipe out ALL pro-unnecessary-violent idiots

      Option 1 works by education. A long and arduous process. Might not even work.
      Option 2 works by creating fear. Fear of opposing him lest they be destroy/kill by him.


      1. At least until Kagami dies of old age, is poisoned, stabbed in the back, etc then everything goes to shit. Fear and violence is useful to start a spark but not as fuel towards peace but only as fuel towards hatred towards the one feared.

        Everyone thinks the Machiavellian quote is “It is better to be feared than loved” except the real quote is “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.”

        Fear breeds hatred, loves breeds weakness, but both together create a balance. People love you too much to betray you to an enemy, but fear you too much to betray you themselves.


  8. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. humans, demons.. they’re all so prejudiced.. why cant they get along ? They’re all the same anyway~ they both eat meat, be a tsundere, make nice snacks,and did meatbun mention that they both eat meat too?
    All this prejudice makes meatbun hungry.. where’s that steak monster goes to.. come here bufallo-chan~ come out,come out where ever you are~ 😈


  9. radius

    can’t blame them. After all, the common story is demon is always bad guys and human is always good guys. If you suddenly being told that demon is not that bad and they want peace, there is no way you can accept that


    1. Also take into accounts that the hatred towards demons exists because demons create monster unintentionally. Demons create monsters > Monsters attack humans > Human hate demons who make monsters > Demons hate humans for being blamed for something they can’t control.

      Everything fuels itself and the fault lies with the demon’s ability. If the demons were exiled to a separate island/continent it might make peace but that would be the demons losing their freedom and it’s living nature to not want that. There’s honestly no way to create true reconciliation as long as the monster making ability remains in existence.


    1. That’s if you ignore the people who get killed by monsters who aren’t adventurers/fighters. Sure you can teach villagers how to kill slimes but a minotaur or even a goblin tribe could slaughter an unprotected village.


  10. niknasr

    The argument is really stupid.. Why in the first place he argue with them again? And why should his dialogue looks like he’s the one who being cornered by them? He should know this better than anyone in that place.. He should ignore them and continuing his journey, I hope he didn’t do this shit again in the future..


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  13. BlackLoveAngel

    I woulda just straight up killed ’em. All the arguing is getting annoying. Obviously these people dont have minds of their own. But I guess thats how humans are. Sometimes all you can do is watch them and shake your head at their ignorance and blatant disregarding of facts.


  14. Anibal

    The only and true villian here is god, even in real life he’s the villian, he keeps creating things that humans surely will hate and watch from above, eating popcorns and drinking monster


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