Suddenly – Things and Stuff

So, I had great plans for this Christmas.

I wanted to release a tons of things. This was completed.

I wanted to release an audiobook version of Black Knight 17. This was not completed.

Not from lack of trying, mind you. I threw in a ton of time editing the audio, I got a lot of people to help me out with the lines on really short notice (I decided on the 19th of December, 6 days before Christmas, to do it), seriously we put a lot of work into it.

Sadly, a couple of characters remain unvoiced, even today. This project may come to light later, but for now is shelved until I rope in two more female voices that are willing to utterly embarrass themselves with the amateur slapped togetherness that is the final product.

But I have good news! Solistia (HaruPARTY) and I did a recording session lasting over 2 hours. This session yielded many great conversations and moments I don’t think I could forget if I tried. I took out the best parts, put em into a playlist, and here you go you lovely followers. Enjoy.

There is definitely NSFW content in there. You have been warned.


18 thoughts on “Suddenly – Things and Stuff

  1. Them Laughs
    Flat Knight
    Let’s play a game :D
    That’s what she said
    Daft Punk
    Soli~ Pervy~
    Lolicon caught at customs
    Solistia Mein Fuhrer!
    Getting moist just thinking about it~ ;D
    Xant turning Kids game into pillage and porn
    “Please cum in”
    SFX rant
    Soli u lolicon/shotacon
    XantXSoli ship?
    Tounge action.
    Soli ur laught at them trumpets….
    Soli the shotacon

    My thoughts after listening about this:

    Uhh…. S-someone oughtta call the cops.

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    1. There’s a special place for these kind of people whether on earth or any other place that is actually existed, as such, Imma jump in without second thoughts.
      Anyway I digress, TRUMPET! I NEED! D:


  2. Ever since you were a little boy, you fell down the stairs with a quiet “shit” that escapes your mouth, you moist energetic shota. Tongue noises. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Goes off to wash hands lest I get aids.

    And there goes my new years resolution of trying to stay remotely sane. No regrets.

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  3. Azuri

    Got goosebumps even though i couldn’t understand most. Need to practice more…

    Who does the voicing of chie/black knight?

    Can’t wait for the actuell audiodrama x3


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