LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P8

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Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 8

“Umm, even though Kagami-san is Level 999, you still took damage from Takako-san?”

When she saw Kagami’s complexion worsening, Alice suddenly wondered about that. Although Kagami was obviously strong, being at Level 999, she didn’t know if there was enough of a gap compared to Takako, who had the talented Role of the Monk.

“Well, even if I am Level 999, since the Villager is the weakest amongst the Roles, the gap is about three times as much. Otherwise, I think it’s around 1.5 times? If a Villager wants to win against Takako-chan’s power, they need to be at least Level 372.”

Kagami, whose complexion had worsened from taking damage earlier, responded in a cool manner.

“But even so, Kagami’s strength is still overwhelmingly powerful, right? Was being hurt a joke?”

“No. My HP steadily dropped. Look, when you become Level 100, don’t you get an exclusive Race Skill? Takako-san’s skill is especially dangerous.”

Alice was puzzled when she heard this. Demons, who were unlike Humans, weren’t well acquainted with Levels, so Kagami began to explain the Level system step by step.

Upon reaching Level 100, an unknown, exclusive skill was assigned according to a person’s Role, Personality, Character, and their Fundamentals. Since the Skills were apparently determined by a person’s Role, people came to the conclusion that your Role was the primary factor for what was received.

The difference in ability between a Level 99 and a Level 100 Human is immense. When Rex was gathering his party, he had wanted them to be Level 100 because of this.

Furthermore, he knew an exclusive Race Skill was assigned every hundred levels gained. This is why the Level 253 Hero, who called himself ‘The Accomplisher’ is said to be a Legend.

The Demon King, who was stronger than Heroes, also had two exclusive Skills.

It’s the skill 【Penetrating Shock of Destruction】and to put it simply, it allowed one to ignore an opponent’s defense.

“Takako-chan releases an all-out attack, dealing her maximum amount of damage. It’s an abnormal skill.”

Wasn’t that a ghost-like attack, which ignored physical attributes? Kagami rose after he finished arranging the luggage.

“So what if it’s an abnormal skill? Doesn’t Kagami-chan have plenty of them?”

“Is that so? Kagami-san also has exclusive Skills…Huh? Isn’t it nine, since you’re level 999!?”

Alice was startled and opened her eyes widely as she thought about the amazing power of having nine Skills, having heard about Takako’s abnormal Skill.

“No, it’s at least ten Skills. When I became Level 999, it increased by one.”

“Eh? But didn’t you say earlier that one is obtained every 100 Levels?”

“It’s probably because there hasn’t been anyone who reached Level 999 until now. The limit is Level 999, since the exp bar disappears so you can’t get past it.”

Kagami muttered with an unhappy expression. Alice couldn’t comprehend his thoughts behind his expression. Perhaps he still desired more power? It didn’t appear to be that way. People who thought of finding more power after reaching Level 999 didn’t exist.

If that was the case, Alice had to wonder “Why does this person show that expression occasionally?” A slight pain appeared in Alice’s chest, since she couldn’t completely understand what Kagami was feeling.

“Doesn’t Alice think that having ten Skills is weird enough? Look, isn’t he already fine, even though he was kicked like that earlier?”

“Umm, what kind of Skills does Kagami-san have?”

“It doesn’t mean that I know everything about the skills that were given to me. One looks like an automatic recovery skill and is called 【Auto Revive】. See, even though I was kicked like that, I’m still alive and well.”

Alice and Takako glanced at Kagami, who looked towards the mirror as if he was set on it.

Even if he was Level 999, suitable hardships would normally be required to overlook the damage he had taken, and it would have been difficult. Kagami’s Skill 【Auto Revive】, which healed any amount of damage his opponents dealt, was definitely abnormal, but that was because he had reached Level 999.

It was thanks to this Skill he had obtained at Level 100 that Kagami had managed to become Level 999 at a young age.

“Wouldn’t these Skills make others jealous if they are revealed?”

“Isn’t it fine? It can’t be changed anyways. Please show me your Status Window occasionally. Why are you being stubborn and hiding it?”

“ ‘Cause it’s a secret rule.”

Kagami replied as he showed off his Status Window, which only displayed his Role and Level. Seeing this, Takako sighed.

“Whatever. Even though I’m concerned about it, since Kagami-chan is like that, perhaps there is something he doesn’t want us to know about. Alice-chan, let’s go to the bath.”


Alice saw Kagami’s displeased expression, as if he were slightly troubled, and stopped listening. When Kagami looked far off into the distance at times, he had a lonely look on his face, as if he were sad. What exactly did he know about going to that area? Alice left the room while worrying about it.

Even though Takako confirmed the bath selection before leaving the room, Alice didn’t realize it until it was too late. She couldn’t escape anymore.

Alice, who gave up halfway and prepared for the worst, splendidly passed through the streets of Balman under Takako’s guidance and headed towards the hot springs. The cheerful Takako was strangely scary.

“Ara? Why such a pale face? Hmph, it’s ok, ‘cause I’m letting you follow me.”

“Ah…no, that…yes. Thank you very much.”

“Or, I wonder if it can’t be helped but to feel sad at times, since Kagami-chan won’t show you his Status Window?”

Alice changed her seemingly sad expression.

Although she thought that the primary reason for his coldness was a tragedy that had occurred in his past, she was still unfamiliar with Kagami.

It was troubling for her to be called by her given name for the first time, as well as seeing humans worry about her.

“Even though he is usually blissfully ignorant, Kagami-chan makes a distressed face when it comes to his Status.”

“Does it have something to do with Kagami-san’s past?”

“Although his lifestyle of defeating Monsters and obtaining gold hasn’t changed at all, he started having that distressed expression when he became Level 999. When I met that child, he was about Level 930 and he had shown me his Status Window back then.”

She added “Since I, too, was a normal Bar Owner at that time, I had never shown off such Skills,” as she shook her head and pouted.

“…How did Kagami-san reach Level 999, exactly? Nobody could even reach the area of Level 300, and to go beyond Level 999 is…”

If Kagami knew how, anyone would wonder about it, and Alice was the first one to ask this question. She hadn’t been listening anyways, when Kagami was near.

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61 thoughts on “LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P8

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  2. Kagami probably sad at the fact he can’t become any stronger once he reach lvl. 999. He afraid hat one day when someone with a better job ere to know his method of leveling up, then there is no way he can win.


          1. I think he already needed to understand the system to reach lv999.
            Since apparently, you need to fight monsters stronger or equal to yourself to level up and nobody has ever reached lv300, he either understood something or he found the post-end-game dungeon…

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      1. Yeah!
        But although I said he is afraid, I think he is exaggerating his fear. I mean his status already higher that most Villager at same level, and his first exclusive skill is OP as hell.
        If he were to train his body properly than no one can beat him.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. braboobssiere

      i dont think its simple as that (even Alice can guess it, right?) but rather the last skill is the thing that trouble him (it can be anything. for example, class-up to god/buddha/enlighten/the world’s logic or structure change/one-button destroyed anything)

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    1. Villager Lv 10 Exclusive Skill: Equilibrium
      Status corrections due to [Class] are nullified. For the next 10 minutes, everyone within 100 meters of the caster are changed to Class [Villager].

      wut now bruh? wut now?

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      1. xen

        oh hey! maybe he was hoping for a specific skill, but after gaining 10 of them, none were what he wanted. like maybe the ability to demonize humans or humanize demons, or regain something he lost.


  3. DarkD

    Ugh, this is typical for a series I start reading. It drags out every little thing I’m curious about for as long as humanly possible. Then just as I catch up with the translations, the translator goes on break.

    Not a bad series though. Most authors screw this kind of story up my making some impossible to believe nonsense up about how the protagonist got their power. Or it’s completely cliche. This one is actually fairly clever and put some thought behind it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dramen

      there doesn’t need to be lvl 300+ monsters since he explained it doesn’t need to be higher lvl monsters to gain xp, but a higher level of difficulty such as imposing challenging handicaps or battling in a style that is disadvantaged by the enemy’s strengths.


  4. Slime bun

    What if, 10th skill is new game plus + ?

    Sounds good, but if it means you have to watch death of your parent again ? What if their death was inevitable , like some shitty plotline just for emotional moment ?


  5. Tetsuki

    But doesn’t it also mean that there are lvl 999 monsters? Or did I missunderstand, that you only get exp if the oppenent is at least your lvl.

    And doesn’t it mean that even a hero in the 200th could possibly defeat him … because of the big classdifference.

    I think he is sad that he can’t lvl anymore. He probably has reached the limit in the system. The only way to get stronger now would be to break out of the system.


    1. He had no need to fight lvl. 999 monster to level up like that.
      The level up system by any mean is the amount of fighting experience one had. If you kept fighting with advantage then obviously you will get less exp. But if you fight when you gave yourself disadvantage then you can get more exp.


  6. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    A bath scene, but with only a loli and a muscle bound masculine woman. If this is ever adapted into manga or anime I hope there will be lots of fog, especially around Takako, like cover her completely. First time I ever wanted a women’s bath scene to be censored.

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  7. xtremeloldude

    most likely there’s some truth he understood after becoming 999 which is (highly lilkely) connected to the skill he got at that level. Also i feel like auto revive will actually revive him if he died

    thanks for the chapter


  8. GonZ
    Race: meatbun
    Role: Leecher
    Level: 255

    [Meal Detector]
    when you attain enlightenment to use chapters as sustenance. the path to your meal is revealed
    Detect nearby Chapter & Meals and how to obtain them

    [auto refresher]
    when you reach the peak of F5’fu cultivation. rumor has it that, you retain your youth form
    refresh chapter and auto recover mental & physical fatigue

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  11. gggggggg

    “Alice was puzzled when she heard this. Demons, who were unlike Humans, weren’t well acquainted with Levels, so Kagami began to explain the Level system step by step.”

    Sounds as if Demons don’t have level.. i meant demons are as smart as humans


  12. so he already fought an enemy with lvl999? and what is that? or something like ~I’ll let you to kill me to reach lvl999 if you accepted my request to wear this not-so-suspicious knee-sock~ so that’s why he feel sad when remembering it :P


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