LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P14

Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 14

It was likely that the situation was different from what they had predicted. The Bloody Buffers had understood that their only purpose was to cause destruction and confusion, since it was a town of Adventurers.

Even if, by chance, a hero had come to stay in this town, the Hero’s usage of the Light Slash was limited to defeating one Hell Crow.

However, it was unexpected for the Bloody Buffers to be blown into the sky, especially by a single human.

Although the thrown Bloody Buffers had only hit the Hell Crows, the Demon was uncertain as to whether humans had also been hit and gradually became fearful.
(ED: He’s scared because he thinks that the humans don’t care about friendly fire.)

There was something unexpected within this town.

“Calm down a little.”

“Do you think I can be calm!? This plan is really crazy! Shit…By this, Demon King-sama’s dignity will be…!”

The voice behind him caused him to hang his head and lose his composure in anger.

After several seconds passed, he realized that there was a puzzling presence behind him, which had spoken with him as if it were natural. He did not know why it had come to talk to him, but there shouldn’t have been any being who could talk to him while he was in the air. He became pale and nervously glanced behind him.

“Who the hell are you…!?”

“What’s with that outdated speech? I’m just a villager who is passing by.”

The Demon was at a loss for words when he saw the bizarre scene of the presence in front of him calmly standing amongst the Hell Crows. The presence was casually enjoying the view that could be seen from this height. As if there would be a Villager in this situation. Villager?

“Villagers…should know the limits of their bodies!”

When the fearful Demon recognized the existence in front of him as a Villager, he impatiently pointed his palm at Kagami and released three shots of close range Blast Annihilation Magic. The blast of the fierce explosions and the sweltering heat attacked Kagami, but…

“Calm down.”

Only the upper portions of his clothing had been blown off. The person who had been hit by the magic repeated his earlier words, while staying composed.

Kagami had taken damage, without a doubt. His skin was burnt and blood was dripping from the wound inflicted by the explosion. However, the damage done was too low.

The Demon had planned his attack to show his true strength. Three blasts of his Blast Annihilation magic should have been enough to kill opponents who were around Level 80, or at least leave them on the brink of death. He shivered at Kagami’s composed look and thought, “That guy is…”

“How did you come here…? Answer me, human.”

“A gorilla-like person kicked me. You might think that it was useless to have landed on a Hell Crow by luck, but I got here by riding the other Hell Crows.”

Although the Demon couldn’t really understand what was being said, he realized that this human was the one who had flown by earlier.

“Who are you…perhaps you aren’t a Villager? Are you a Hero? Or maybe you’re a Sage?”

“Nope. I’m just a normal Villager.”

Kagami revealed his Status Window’s Level and Role, as usual. When the Demon saw the Level value of 999, he was speechless from surprise.

“I-Impossible! Surely such humans don’t exist!”

He made a remark a few seconds later, as if his heart had temporarily stopped beating.

“No, they do.”

Kagami became doubtful and made a troubled expression when he saw the fervent and narrow-minded Demon.

“You aren’t listening…if there are guys like you out there, then, by this, the position of the Demon King will be…!”

“Ah, calm down. I don’t have any desires at all to defeat the Demon King.”

“…? What do you mean?”

“I am friends with the Demon King’s daughter after all. The name is Kagami Kouji. It’s a pleasure.”

The Demon showed a mixture of confusion and surprise at Kagami’s words.

“I don’t really understand what you are saying.”

“Well, the meaning is that I am currently traveling with and taking care of the Demon King’s daughter.”

“…!? You’re saying that Alice-sama is in this town!?”

Although the Demon did not know if what Kagami said was true, he feared that he might have put the Demon King’s daughter in danger and his chest felt painful.

Before this operation began, the Demon had searched for Alice, because there had been an order from the Demon King to bring Alice back. He had headed towards the Demon Village where Alice was supposed to be living but could not find her, even though the Demon King Army had searched the surroundings in full force.

Therefore, regardless of the real intentions of this man, who claimed he was a friend of the Demon King, the chance of Alice being here was considerable. After all, there was no reason for a normal human to know that the Demon King had a daughter.

“Are you…an ally of Demons?”

Although it was very unlikely, the Demon at least tried to ask Kagami.

“I’m neither an ally nor an enemy. Though, I think that it’s inevitable that the Demon King will be killed.”

The Demon slightly regained his composure. Kagami’s expression brightened when he saw that the Demon understood some of what he was talking about.

“Finally, I’m saved because there is a guy who will actually speak with me. I’m a human so nobody would listen to me, just because I’m supposed to be an enemy.”

“If you mean that you didn’t come to defeat me, what are you planning to do? Did you come to tell me that you are holding Alice-sama hostage?!”

“I came to ask questions.”

When Kagami smiled, the Demon felt a chill and was unable to say anything. It wasn’t because of the height or the swift, cold wind caused by the Hell Crow’s flying speed. The Demon was attacked by an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and felt as if his hands and feet had been completely bound.

“This attack operation, was it an order from the Demon King?”

“It-…It was undeniably an order from the Demon King! Demon King-sama has finally begun to move in order to dispel the humiliation we have received from the humans until now! Humans must all be destroyed!”

“Although I said earlier that I’m neither an enemy nor an ally, if I am an enemy, isn’t it fine if I just decide to kill the Demon King?”

That was when the Demon finally understood what he had been sensing. The eyes of the man in front of him were bloodthirsty, as if indicating that the man was coming to hit him. As if the man would be willing to resort to such an unspeakable lie.

Perhaps noticing this, Kagami stopped smiling and became expressionless. Although Kagami’s words had not been a joke, the Demon concluded that he could confirm Kagami’s true intentions behind coming up to such a place.

“Bastard…you said earlier that you are friends with the Demon King. Is that…really true?”

“Aah, that. I exaggerated so I could calmly talk with you. Although our relationship isn’t good enough to be called friends…he is an old acquaintance. I was treated well, a long time ago.”

“You said that you were treated well?”

“Aah, the Demon King at the time wasn’t really a guy who was thinking of trying to destroy the humans. Rather…he was a philosophical person. That’s the reason that I came here.”

Kagami closed his eyes and let out a big sigh, as if remembering the olden days.

Then he slowly opened his eyes and drew nearer to the Demon. He opened his mouth while meeting the Demon’s gaze seriously.

“Is it really the Demon King who gave that order? Did the Demon King say it to you in person?”

The Demon was overwhelmed by Kagami’s seriousness. He wondered, “Why would this man worry about the Demon King giving such an order?”

“Alice said that the Demon King had collapsed because of an illness.”

“…Alice-sama did? Impossible. The Demon King is alive and well!”

“Alice has been running around alone for the Demon King. Since she’s like that, she wouldn’t think of the possibility that you guys are lying. While on the subject, I don’t think that she believes that the Demon King would destroy humans either.”

The Demon realized that Kagami’s bloodthirst earlier was not because Kagami had come to try to kill him.

He honestly believed that the Demon King wasn’t someone who would do such a thing, so he was confirming whether or not his trust had been betrayed. The fear the Demon had felt from Kagami’s earlier bloodthirst was slightly eased by this realization.

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