LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P13

Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 13

“There have been no attacks until now because of the Demon King’s will, right? But they came and attacked. Did something happen to the Demon King? Do you not think that there was some type of change with the Demon King?”

“That may be…but even if something did happen, it wouldn’t change the fact that the Demon King is an enemy. I do not know what changed, but it is undeniable that they came to attack.”

When he saw the look in Krul’s eyes, which were filled with conviction, he looked up towards the Hell Crows in the sky and then stared off into the distance while saying “Well, yeah.”

People’s opinions wouldn’t change so easily. Kagami knew this well. That was why he had given up on various things. He had just fought alone and continued to gather gold for his own purposes.

Since she couldn’t see things from Kagami’s perspective, she could never understand him. Kagami realized this from her desire to fight.

“…Well, yeah. The Demon King is certainly an enemy, for humans that is.”

Alice’s expression dimmed at these words. However, as if he wanted to comfort her, he put his hand on Alice and continued to speak.

“That’s why it’s fine if the Demon King defeats you guys, and it’s fine if he had plans to defeat you from the start. But, what would you do if the Demons who came to attack this time were unrelated to the Demon King?”

“The Demon Army that is attacking now…has no relations to the Demon King?”

Of course, it was a remark that indicated that Kagami had some kind of understanding of the connection between the Demon King and the Demon King Army that was attacking right now. At the same time, he had insisted that something was wrong.

It was a fact that it was the first time Humanity had been attacked by the Demons, even though the Demon King wasn’t there.

“They might be acting violently after borrowing the authority of the Demon King, but there are also Demons who hold a grudge against the Demon King and might be trying to lure Humanity to a quick defeat. It might just be a trap.”

“…And? After all that, what is it that you want to say?”

Palna was unable to stand Kagami’s pompous way of speaking any longer and she glared at him, as if angry, while letting out a sigh.

“Instead of defeating them, you should apprehend and interrogate them. Isn’t it more important to learn the truth than to show your strength? In any case, even if they are an enemy, let’s go listen to them to learn about their internal affairs. It looks like they are over there.”

“What will you do after listening to them? It’s not like they will stop being enemies. Besides, aren’t they in the sky? It’s impossible to catch them.”

“You would be able to figure out if it is a trap or something else that they’re plotting, right? You don’t have to defeat them just because they’re an enemy. Saying that it’s useless to catch them…don’t you realize that you are giving up?”

Palna felt sweat run down her cheek as she listened to Kagami’s words. She attempted to talk before deciding to listen to him. Kagami directed his sight to Takako and both of them nodded their heads.

“K-Kagami-san, what do you intend to do?”

“Something like this.”

Right after Alice asked her question, Kagami snapped his fingers as a signal. Takako vigorously kicked off of the ground, generating a tremor that felt like an earthquake, and jumped into the sky. Kagami also jumped into the sky, with enough speed to catch up to Takako, and left a crater in the ground, as if there had been an explosion.

“Takako-chan, I’ll leave it to you!”

“Please leave it to me. It’s a free human transport service with no guarantee of keeping one’s life…I’ll go? Go dieeeeee!

Before the approaching Kagami caught up and passed by her, Takako twisted and rotated her body and kicked Kagami up into the sky with all her might. Kagami flew as if he had been blown away by her feet.

Kagami had willfully named the skill,【Takako Bazooka】. It was a Jump Combination technique which allowed Takako to send someone into the sky.

It was a skill that he had requested Takako to use once in the past out of curiosity. He hadn’t thought of using it to make someone fly until now. Kagami had received damage beyond his expectations so the skill had been sealed, with the reason being “It is useless.”

However, it was the perfect skill for the current situation, where the enemy was in the sky. The pair had come to a mutual understanding just by meeting their gazes.

“Ah, well, this and that.”

Consequently, this skill had a weakness that couldn’t be understood with the few attempts Kagami and Takako had made.

“Didn’t know this makes someone pass through without hitting anything at all.”

If it wasn’t targeted properly, it became rather sad because the person would pass by without hitting anything. Takako noticed that, after kicking him upwards, Kagami was clearly flying towards the beautiful night sky that was filled with stars but empty of Hell Crows.

“Goodbye, Kagami-chan~”

Takako immediately gave up on Kagami’s life. Giving up, she closed her mouth with her hand as she fell back down towards the ground and teared up. It was as if she wanted to say something, even if it was irrelevant.


Sure enough, Kagami missed the flock of Hell Crows by a large amount and flew higher into the sky. It was as if life’s mysteries had come from the ground into the air, while raising his voice, and the Demon who was riding on one of the Hell Crows instinctively felt fear.

“W-…What is this town, exactly…? Is it really a human town? Not only do Bloody Buffers come flying, but humans as well…? Indiscriminate? Are they indiscriminate?”

The heart rates of the Demons that called themselves the Demon King Army rose to unprecedented levels.

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    1. IamMe

      No real need. It seems to be Earth, just in a world after demons were suddenly created out of nowhere. So references to old tech would be around, maybe from the games he plays.


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  3. subzole

    “W-…What is this town, exactly…? Is it really a human town? Not only do Bloody Buffers come flying, but humans as well…? Indiscriminate? Are they indiscriminate?”

    Oh this cracked me up XD

    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. Salomon

    Really.. what the meaning to reasoning those guys? I meant they are just one of many hero’s party.. They’re are close each other, he barely knows them.. it’s not as if he will reasoning each of them (hero) and yeah we knows already the end is “Hero aiming for coexistence”.. boring and author use just plagia after plagia.. –‘
    In chapter one, it said MC don’t want reveal his job because it’s troublesome but here it’s become “Hehe, i’m villager lvl999 !”, did author forget the “setting”?


  5. truepurple

    If he can throw huge monsters at the monster birds, why can’t he just jump up to the monster birds, surely that would be much easier.


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