LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P12

Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 12

After Kagami said this, Rex muttered “Yes?” with a puzzled expression. Almost all of the surrounding people reacted in a similar way. Meanwhile, Kagami directed his line of sight towards the Hell Crows that were still flying around in the air.

“For now, leave the disposal of the Hell Crows to me! Or rather, you should leave everything to me.”

“Hold up, hold up. Even though your power is really amazing, aren’t you helpless by yourself? Your opponents are flying in the sky.”

Palna folded her arms and responded to Kagami’s shout of “Leave the processing of the Drop Items to me too!” by pointing out the problem.

However, Kagami immediately lifted up the two Bloody Buffers he had been grabbing by their horns and threw them towards the flying Hell Crows with all his might.

“Ah! It was you!!”

Rex finally realized the true identity of the one who had sent the many Bloody Buffers flying towards the sky earlier, and he raised his voice while pointing at him.


Rex’s face distorted when he saw the Hell Crow torn up by the direct hit from the flying Bloody Buffer. The attack seemed to give the impression that Kagami was assuming that he was the only one putting in effort.

“Y-You…aren’t you a Villager? How do you have such power!?”

One of the Adventurers who didn’t see him as an abnormal presence called out to him.


Nearly everyone made a drawn expression, unsatisfied with Kagami’s statement, and wanted to say “What the hell is that guy talking about.” Only Rex glared at Kagami, clenching his teeth.

If it was just effort, he himself had also given it. Nevertheless, he could not agree with the strength of that Villager, compared to his. Effort? It couldn’t be a reason like that. He had put in effort many times. But was it still not enough? Was just training not enough, despite the power he had managed to obtain until now? It couldn’t be such a thing. How on earth had that guy obtained the power to make such accusations? It was impossible for him to lose like that. Such thoughts were swirling around in Rex’s mind.

“Even if you don’t show it, I understand your power. I’m not such an idiot that I can’t understand it, no matter how many times you show it to me. I say there isn’t a way for you to defeat those guys up in the air. Aren’t you helpless because a Villager can’t use magic?”

Kagami was amazed at what Palna said and answered, “Well, there are none.”

“Eh, Kagami-san can’t use magic!?”

Alice, who had been secretly nearby, looked surprised when she heard Palna.

“Ara, it was…you. Wasn’t she your little sister…Kagami-san?”

Palna reacted to the sudden voice, and everyone there looked towards Alice.

Most of those who looked at Alice had normal expressions. It was just the Hero’s party who had skeptical looks.

Alice saw this situation and her sight slightly shifted to the right, thinking that she had been found out.

“I’m saying that my sister calls me by my name, since a long time ago. It’s not like I wasn’t going to give my name. I am Kagami. Call me Bishoujo Kagami-chan~”

“…But you aren’t called that.”

Kagami followed up in a split second, but Palna’s suspicious gaze didn’t change. Kagami splendidly ignored her gaze and moved until he was in front of Alice.

“Good, were you safe? Did they call you a chibi (TN:pipsqueak, small fry etc)? It’s fine to call you a chibi until you’re one litre though?”(It’s a joke about her tits)

“I’m not a child! Rather, you’re unable to use magic, Kagami-san?”

“Just because I’m Level 999 doesn’t mean I’m omnipotent.”

Alice stared at Kagami as he replied with an uneasy look on his face, as if he was appealing to her. To think that she had never had a chance to talk about magic with him. She stared at Kagami with a sorrowful look.

For a moment, Alice thought that it couldn’t be helped, but now she really wanted to go to the toilet so she slightly directed her stare at the sky. Kagami assumed that Alice was thinking about what to say.

“Alright. It’s fine, so don’t worry about it. I’ll manage it, somehow.”

Alice loosened up after hearing those words, as if she felt relieved.

Krul lost her skeptical look when she saw this and slowly approached Alice. She hugged Alice while seeming to be slightly apologetic.

“I agree…it was scary, huh. I mean, you’re still so small. But it’s fine, we will surely annihilate the Demon King’s Army. That’s why, isn’t it fine to be at ease?”

Krul misunderstood that Alice had been frightened after seeing the Demon King’s Army and she gently smiled at Alice while reassuring her.

“Role, Princess. Skill, Misinterpretation.”

“…Did you say something?”

“…Isn’t it just your imagination?”

Krul faced Kagami, as if she wanted to ask him something, and, while looking as if she had seen a pitiful person, responded to him.

“Kagami-san…was it? I still haven’t introduced myself. I was born on the tenth month of the lunar calendar and I am called Krul ・Hexal Doria. Although Kagami-san’s power has been repeatedly acknowledged, I don’t think we can make the Demon King’s Army understand Humanity’s power if we don’t coordinate our power now. I’m thankful for your suggestions earlier…but please leave this place to us.”

“Why do you think that you can make them understand?”


She had been teeming with confidence that he would advocate her idea, so Kagami’s unexpected response surprised her. She was slightly bewildered, not knowing the intent of the question. After taking a deep breath, she stared at Kagami in a serious manner.

“The Demon King’s Army doesn’t know Humanity’s potential. Therefore, we have to attack and show them our power. Regardless of whether we attacked carelessly or not, it’s necessary to make them understand! We need to try and attack them again, without thinking about things like being careless!”

“Even though you thought about it until now, why haven’t you noticed it?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Why do you think that the Demon King’s Army doesn’t understand Humanity’s potential?”

In response to Kagami’s baffling question, Krul stopped and thought about it carefully. Although the question was unusual, it had a simple answer and she came up with it quickly.

“Because…the Demon King’s Army has never come to attack us?”

“That’s right! You understand well! Well done, well done!”

“P-Please don’t treat me like a child! What’s the point you’re trying to make?!”

Although she had said the answer to the question herself, Krul didn’t care about it and raised her voice while blushing in response to Kagami. When Kagami saw this, he thought from the bottom of his heart that her common sense was terrible and let out a slight sigh.

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57 thoughts on “LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P12

  1. Kinda funny how one person can be the representative of the entire race when they attack, just from words.

    “The Human Race now declares war on all demons. You Abominations shall be erased in the name of God and justice.”

    Somehow I can see a scene like that happening in the past.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. xias1

        Nope, one of the past heroes – maybe the first hero – with the church´s backup is the one who did so which resulted in this endless war between humans and demons.


      1. Light

        THANK YOU! This guy posts those images on basically every translation anyone does, and it is really annoying when you want to read peoples thoughts about the actual content


    1. Nyamsus

      Did you remember at earlier Series..
      he save a pair of son and father from a monster [he killed it with Snot]
      maybe he Snipe all of them with snot


      1. Nyamsus

        “I am the bullet of my booger
          Steel is my body and Badassery in my blood
          I have created over a thousand booger
          it isn’t Clean
          but not Dirty Either
          Have withstood countless pain to level up
          Yet still rake gold from those fodder
          So, as I pray, Unlimited BOOGER Works”

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    1. It doesn’t. We have all of Chapter 2 done. We just release at this pace so that we do not overtake the author who does a chapter once every 2-3 days or so. Sadly we’re still almost caught up…so uh…yeah.

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    1. k

      He’s still Lv999 though, so he’s definitively have experience in fighting those monster with his bare hand and still win. Not to mention the 10 unique skill…


  2. xtremeloldude

    hahaha, i love it when kagami fucks with people who lack common sense
    ‘we have to attack the demons so that they will start attacking us”

    thanks for the chapter


  3. Loco15

    I still don’t understand why translators don’t like to caught up to the raws. What is so wrong with it? Sure, you can’t guarantee a stable release schedule like that, but just as an author can have a bad day and not release for a while I’m pretty sure translators aren’t except from that either. Though if it is just to shut up leechers then I guess that works just fine….

    Also, I feel like snapping with the way all these parts end. IT’S FRUSTRATING DAMMIT. Oh man, how I wish whole chapters were released one at a time. Not your fault, really. I still love you guys (no homo). I might just wait a month or something for whole chapters….

    Thanks for the chapter part !


    1. If you get caught up with raws so many IFs happen. Would you rather want a steady release every 3 days or possibly wait for up to a week and then some to have a chapter be translated? Every 2-4 chapters release per week. I translate a few chapters when the week is over then do a steady release every 3 days. If you don’t like that then that’s you.


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  6. subzole

    “Even if you don’t show it, I understand your power. I’m not such an idiot that I can’t understand it, no matter how many times you show it to me. I say there isn’t a way for you to defeat those guys up in the air. Aren’t you helpless because a Villager can’t use magic?”

    Didn’t he just showed them that he can kill those birds easily even without magic by throwing the buffers at them? I don’t understand what is her (Palna) problem.

    Thanks for the chapter :)


  7. BlackLoveAngel

    “As always, it seems like they are having fun. As expected of Balman, cows are even falling from the sky.”……Really? Just. Really?


  8. Are?

    “For a moment, Alice thought that it couldn’t be helped, but now she really wanted to go to the toilet so she slightly directed her stare at the sky. ”



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