LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P11

Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 11

The town was wrapped in the strange sight of Bloody Buffers flying back up into the sky one by one. It looked like the cows had done their best to stand on the ground, but had been pulled back up by the force of God and flew into the sky. The scene later became famous in the town.

“Takako-san, the Bloody Buffers are flying into the sky, one after another…what’s happening?”

“Kagami-chan is probably the only one who could do such things. Even if I’m in my best condition, I don’t think I could reach those birds flying in the sky. Only he is able to fling them so high.”

Alice listened to this while staring at the Monster standing next to her with her mouth wide open. Takako, on the other hand, had an exhilarated look as she watched the Bloody Buffers and the Monster Birds falling one after another.

“But, as expected of Kagami-chan. It feels good to send them flying. It seems like he immediately understood what was happening. Let’s go, Alice-chan.”

Takako began to walk towards where the Bloody Buffers were flying into the sky. Alice nodded in agreement and chased after her.

When they checked the town’s state as they ran by, they saw that the townsfolk had already escaped from the confusing situation. Half of them were in a festive mood, while the other half was shouting in anger towards the Demons.

Those who were treating the event like a festival were drinking sake while watching the Bloody Buffers fly into the air. They also shouted and cheered as they watched the adventurers fight the Bloody Buffers that were rampaging nearby.

However, the town wasn’t undamaged and few were joyful about the Bloody Buffers. Some had suffered injuries, while others had their homes destroyed. They glared at the flocking Monster Birds with a desire for vengeance.

When she saw this, Alice’s expression became clouded. She had the feeling that she might be blamed for trying to cause a reconciliation between Demons and Humans.

Takako tried to cheer her up by saying “It’s not the first time this has happened”, and thought about the long road ahead of her. Although she had hoped that they would cooperate, it was clear that the people standing there would be opposed to the idea.

“Adventurers! Now is the time to stand up! As if we will fall to the hands of the Bloody Buffers! Let’s join forces, defeat all the Monsters, and let those who oppose us know of Humanity’s power!”


Adventurers aimed for the subjugation of the Demon King by defeating Monsters, and the party who stood in front of them, at the vanguard, had delivered a speech before the nearly-dead Bloody Buffers.

Rex pierced a Bloody Buffer with his sword. Krul stood beside him, wearing a serious look, and Tina hid behind them in embarrassment, while Palna yawned as if annoyed.

“Behold! There is no way other Roles could use this sword technique! The power of this technique does not just fling them!”

Rex pulled his sword out of the Bloody Buffer and let out a loud cry towards the heavens.

The Bloody Buffer changed into gold just as a flash of light poured onto Rex and the sky darkened with clouds.

The light that poured onto Rex spit out electricity, causing a small shockwave to hit its surroundings, and wrapped around the blade of Rex’s sword.

Then he positioned himself as if he had sheathed his blade and slowly began to move his sword.

「Holy Thunder ・Furious Beheading Wave!」(TN: 「聖雷・剛烈波斬!」)

Rex swung his sword towards the sky while calling out the Skill’s name, even though he didn’t need to say it. A powerful body of light flew out, as if detached from the sword, and traveled straight towards the Hell Crows with tremendous speed, forming of a blade of light.

The blade of light hit one of the Hell Crows, piercing it, and released an electric shock that was strong enough to burn it to a crisp.

The Hell Crow changed into gold coins and gems before the electric shock had finished discharging, so the gold coins and gems were zapped into dust.

“See that! Just from my strength alone, those formidable, flapping Monsters in the sky are irrelevant! It’s not enough to scare us if they are only attacking!”

Rex returned his sword to its sheath as sweat dripped down his forehead. Though it was natural for him to be strong, since he was a Hero, he was able to defeat a high level Monster in a single blow. Alice gave him a respectful look and gasped, “Amazing…as expected of a Hero.”

“A-are you fine, Hero-sama? It seems like your body received that lightning strike?”

Krul immediately ran over after seeing the weakened Rex stagger due to using his skill just now.

“…I’m fine, but…since I used a large portion of my power, I can only cast it twice. We won’t let the Demon King Army pose a threat to Humans, even if we don’t have power.”

Rex said with a fatigued look. Krul nodded in silence and gathered the attention of the surrounding Adventurers.

“Please hear me out, everyone. Surely, a Hero’s strength is tremendous, but it’s not infinite! Everyone’s cooperation is essential to show the power of humanity to the Demon King Army…Please lend us your power, in the name of the Hero!”

“Uooooh! Let’s do ittt!”

With Krul’s encouragement, the Adventurers’ morale was boosted and they raised their weapons one after another.

“Hero-sama…are you okay? I’ll treat you n-now!”

Meanwhile, Tina and Palna approached the exhausted Rex and Tina handed over a potion to heal his stamina. Palna looked surprised as she praised the greatness of his Holy Thunder ・Furious Beheading Wave.

“This flow is a bit bad.”

Takako muttered while sighing. Alice couldn’t understand what made the flow bad. She had considered the various risks of massing them together to take them out in one fell swoop, but it wasn’t really a situation that one could call ‘bad’. She looked at the Demons in the sky and tilted her head, unable to understand.

“Everyone, it’s important to coordinate your timing! Not only are the opponents flying in the sky, they are high Level Monsters. Unlike Hero-sama, I do not think we will defeat them in one blow.”

As Alice was pondering Takako’s words, Krul issued instructions to the gathered Adventurers. Along with Rex, they prepared to cast a skill that allowed long-range attacks. Those who could not help took out Bows and Crossbows, while those who could use magic began to chant.


Takako lost her troubled look and smiled while raising her voice, as if her chance had come.

Although Alice didn’t know what the tall Takako had seen, it didn’t seem to be related to the Adventurers in front of her.

“Now! All out attack!”

On Krul’s command, all of the Adventurer’s attacks shot out simultaneously.

“Takako-chan! I leave it to you!”

“Please leave it to me!”

Almost at the same time, a man’s voice echoed, calling Takako. In response, Takako jumped into the sky, causing an exploding sound to resound.

In the next moment, the scene came into her view. Two Bloody Buffers suddenly flew out next to each other and prevented most of the Adventurer’s attacks.

The two Bloody Buffers were pierced with arrows and crossbow bolts, protecting the flying Monsters. Takako, who had flown up into the air ahead of time, drop kicked the Bloody Buffers into the ground.

The Bloody Buffers that were drop kicked naturally died and their bodies changed into gold.

“Hey, hey…give me a break. Even though it took great pains to ensure four of them…don’t be unreasonable.”

What on earth had happened? Confused, most of the Adventurers there heard the voice and looked towards the direction that the Bloody Buffers had flown from.

There, a young villager-like man was loosely dragging two Bloody Buffers by their horns with one hand. It was Kagami.


Why was there a Villager dragging Bloody Buffers with one hand? It was too strange to be a joke. All of the gathered Adventurers looked surprised. However, the only one to say anything was the one who already knew and had conversed with this man, Krul.

Rex’s face distorted and he glared at the Villager with vengeance.


Kagami walked up to Krul and forcibly shoved the Bloody Buffers he had dragged along into the ground. Palna saw this and said, “It’s seriously planted in there,” with a dry smile.

“Why are you here…were the Bloody Buffers just now thrown by you? How on earth were these Bloody Buffers beaten?”

“So many questions. Is it normal to wonder if I am the only Villager in Balman? By the way, you don’t have to worry about these Bloody Buffers, because they’re unconscious.”

Kagami had a refreshed look, almost as if he had been plowing the fields. Krul glared at Kagami with discontent.

“What’s the meaning of this! Even though we took great pains to try and face the Demon King Army with our combined force…You’re in the way! Did you just want to show off your own power like that? Or are you actually in league with the Demons…that little sister, of course!”

“Dosukoi”(TN: a type of cheer used in sumo matches, doesn’t really have a meaning. Now you know :3)


Kagami had been thoughtlessly listening to Krul’s complaints, but he ran out of patience because it was taking too long. He released a light, powerless chop at Krul. Krul was naturally unable to respond to the chop and she raised a strange voice when it hit her.

“A-all of a sudden, what are you…? This is the first time in my life, since I was born, that I was hit by a gentleman!”

“It would be good to treat it as a valuable experience.”

When she saw Kagami showing no remorse, Krul glared at Kagami with a red face. He didn’t really understand if she was embarrassed, angry, or shy.

“Princess…although it’s a good idea to coordinate the timing of the attacks, you only get three points out of ten.”

Krul’s glare disappeared when she heard this and she looked bewildered instead.


“This is the town, right? It would be different if there was enough power to kill them in one blow, but isn’t it careless of you to attack them without that guarantee? Won’t it be dangerous if the weakened Monsters fall in a place with people in it? Hell Crows are Level 138, so they are dangerous even without flying. What were you trying to do?”


Krul diverted her glare away from Kagami, wearing a clouded expression. She hadn’t considered the damage that would occur while the nearby Adventurers tried to kill the Monsters that were brought down.

“Also, aren’t bows and crossbows unwise? If they were to miss, the arrows would rain down onto the city. Wouldn’t they cause serious wounds to whoever they hit? It would have been dangerous if Takako-chan wasn’t there.”

Kagami made eye contact with Takako, who gave a thumbs up as a ‘good sign’.

After he had explained it to that extent, everyone in the hero’s party, as well as Alice, understood the meaning behind Kagami’s earlier actions. It was to protect the humans that lived in the town.

“Well, it’s due to a lack of experience. You have to get more accustomed to fighting. However, I think your concept was good? After this, if you do your best, I think you will be able to instruct people more accurately. First of all, you should consider what should be the highest priority.”

Krul was keenly aware that she had been too obsessed with the Monsters and hadn’t really thought of anything else. She had wanted to try to bear the burden of defeating the Monsters alone, rather than wanting to be released from the responsibility. She felt an uncontrollable amount of gratitude towards Kagami.

“But, the Hero over there, you are useless. Zero points.”

Before she could relay this gratitude, Kagami pointed at Rex while releasing an unusual hatred, causing her to swallow her words.

Rex was naturally scared and bewildered by the finger pointing at his body.


“The power of your skill is wonderful. It’s as if that skill recognizes your greatness just from you learning it…but you made both the gold and drop items disappear. Just for that, I will never forgive you. It can’t be forgiven.”

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            1. Anon

              And I thank you for that, it was starting to get on my nerves. That aside, it would be an interesting mechanic (and something else to bitch about) in a RPG to kill the reward for overkilling the target, although that would also prevent farming (maybe?).


      1. We don’t know that the hero could have gotten experience remember the system works by having people defeat others *beings (monsters demons and humans)higher level to level up. Since the hero is only 80 the monster was 130 he should have gotten some experience. Though probably minimal.


        1. saihamaru kaneko

          according to kagami, you get EXP if the enemy is stronger than you no matter the level
          hero class should have higher status multiplier than normal class, so maybe he need to fight monsters twice his level to get exp?


          1. IamMe

            From what I understood, the system has 2 ways to gran exp.
            First way is by defeating enemies that are higher level then you.
            Second way is to defeat enemies that are a “challenge” to you.

            Under the first way the Hero would gain xp, while not under the second. Most of the xp that Kagami has gained since he hunted goblins has been from the second way.


            1. To clarify the second method, you can get exp even when you aren’t a lower level than the enemy as long as you’re fighting in a way that gives you a disadvantage. Ex: If there is a monster that is strong in close combat and a ranged role fights it with melee weapons and wins, they will get exp, even if they aren’t a lower level than the monster.


  1. mecharos

    What!? He can’t forgive the hero because of drop items and gold disappear? Didn’t he like very rich right now?
    anyway, Thank you for the Chapter!


  2. J.R.

    Nah, the important part of xp gain in this system isn’t the relative levels, its the relative strength, so the hero who is overwhelmingly powerful gets less xp than if some random villager beat the crow. logically if he hampered himself in someway (like with chains/poison/other limiters) he could get exp even from fighting level 1 goblins if he was weakened enough.


  3. k

    thank for the update

    See, this is why i said the hero will never surpassed him in term of experience. He forgot the one true manifesto of Hero: Never leave out (or burn) the loot.

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    I was kind of hoping he’d say they aren’t even the demon kings forces but important stuff of that nature are never pointed out in these types.


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  7. So he randomly walks around with a depressed look somethings to ramp up the drama, preaches at people he obviously doesn’t care about, and then also gets pissed at retarded things like the gold from someone else’s kill being destroyed? I’m disliking him more with every chapter I read.


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