Legend of Xingfeng

Hi, it’s Rancerqz here. I have agree to host my translated chapters here as well. For those who are interested after reading the first chapter. Do click here to read the second chapter. The synopsis  with the permission of the Flowerbridgetoo.


The first part is finished, and the second part is starting. Two worlds of immortals and demons, and the boundless universe. This decides the tone of the second part!

In the second part, winds rise, storms surge, enormous might, Immortal Cores, Spiritual Beasts, Holy Land of Cultivation, a realm of despair in the world…there is everything possible! Immortal Emperors, Demonic Gods… There are countless experts!


9 thoughts on “Legend of Xingfeng

  1. VioletGale

    I tried to read it, but I didn’t understand anything. I can’t remember their names. I don’t understand what “third lady”, “tribulation”, “dantian”, “Taiji”, or “Extrinsic” is. And for some reason when I hear info about dynasties, I keep thinking that it feels like history class and I zone out T_T


    1. the first few terms are more commonly used terms of chinese xianxia terms and third lady is like the third wife. You just have to bear with the info dump as the story should be starting to pick up


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