LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P9

Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 9

Even if she tried to listen, Kagami definitely would not tell her. Rather than being strangely deceptive, he’d just wear a troubled expression. Since she intuitively knew this, she didn’t dare ask.

“There aren’t any monsters that are beyond Level 500 in the world.”

Alice stopped and muttered in a small voice.

No matter how much one struggled, Alice was certain that it was impossible to reach that Level. She knew the existence of the strongest monster because Demons coexisted with Monsters. It was not likely for one to return alive if they met it, and it was impossible to flee if they got lost in its territory.

“Surely, one cannot go beyond Level 500. Yet…Kagami reached Level 999.”

“But he knew from the beginning that the strongest monsters are Level 500. Also, it’s fine to not worry about your father’s life being targeted by another Level 999 person, since another person like Kagami is unlikely to appear.”

Takako said to Alice, who was genuinely worried about the method of reaching Level 999, with a gentle smile.

“It’s probably impossible for anyone other than Kagami-chan.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because for him, every single life is important…I wonder if that makes him the most idiotic person alive?”

Takako began to laugh like a man and added “Hahaha, idiot.”

“Besides, isn’t that something you will eventually come to know from now on? Since we just met, if you feel that you truly wish to get along with us, it would be better to keep your curiosity reigned in.”

Alice slightly reflected on it and lowered her face with a shunned look.

When Takako saw this, she impulsively wanted to hug Alice. She had hugged cute things impulsively in public before, and since it still hadn’t caused a problem, she responded as such.

“Well, I’ll teach you a special method to becoming Level 999! The exp value is still obtained, even if you are at a higher Level. Kagami-chan verified this already.”

“Higher Level?”

“Even if you’re at a higher Level, if your opponent’s abilities are greater than yours, you will get exp. This isn’t normally the case, but since he has the weakest Role of Villager, he can gain exp.”

Alice couldn’t help but feel even more skeptical when she heard this. Since Villagers were weak, she knew that even if he was fighting a Level 500 Monster at Level 900, he would barely win.

Learning about the existence of Skills convinced Alice even more. The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t help but wonder about the existence that called himself Kagami.

“I, too, don’t know about that. But it’s fine. Whether it’s the past or the present, Kagami-chan is a friendly person who doesn’t change. That’s why, shouldn’t Alice-chan also be at ease?”

Alice, who had been gloomy about various things, brightened at Takako’s words.

She couldn’t ask too many questions, and even though they had just met, Kagami was friendly. Alice wanted to know more. It was fine if she started learning from now. There was no rush, and they would at least start traveling together.

“And since I’m here, Alice-chan should also feel more at ease.”

Alice began to overflow with various feelings when Takako said so.

“I…it’s not like I didn’t want to go to the hot springs anymore. I just began to think a little, that’s all.”

“It’s impossible for a girl to be so sweaty! Even if it’s Kagami-chan, I won’t forgive him!”

Takako’s giant body closed in on Alice and pointed at her as she said so. Alice’s heart paled in the face of such force, and she naturally laughed as if she had given up.

“Here we go!…To the hot springs!”

Takako forcibly grabbed Alice’s hand and pointed towards the direction of the hot springs. Immediately after, a giant, violet object fell down in that direction, making a loud “~Dozun”.


This height, perhaps it was four times as tall as Takako?

Since it had, by chance, fallen in the largest area in Balman’s town square when nobody was around, there wasn’t anyone under it. Otherwise, it would have pinned anyone underneath it.

Alice was convinced of this when she saw the ground’s paved stone that had been crushed from its fall and gasped.


The monster raised a spine-chilling growl and slowly began to move, emitting a yellow glint from its eyes. Its two front legs sank into the ground with a “~zun”. It then placed its two hind legs in the same manner and pulverized the ground, as if it was getting ready for a charge.

“You’re in the way.”

“Guru…..Ruo!? Buruooooooo!?”

However, the Bloody Buffer, which had come flying from the sky, immediately received a roundhouse kick to it’s body from Takako and was sent flying into the horizon at an amazing speed. It made a loud sound as it collided with the Square’s wall of bricks and disappeared, changing into Gold.

“Come, Alice-chan! Let’s go to the hot springs!”

“Oh, no, please wait a moment. Amazing, it’s my first time being bewildered like this.”

Takako, who didn’t appear to be sensitive to anything and immediately tried to go to the hot springs after slaying a Monster that fell from the sky with a sudden roundhouse kick, made Alice dizzy. When they surveyed their surroundings, they realized that there were more Bloody Buffers falling from the sky, one after another.

Why were they still calmly trying to go to the hot springs in such a situation? Alice was rather afraid of this.

“Ara. Quite a lot of them have fallen. Although it’s fine even if they fall on my shop.”

“Takako-san, now is not the time to be calm!”

In fact, the situation had turned into an uproar and screams rang throughout Balman.

Why had Bloody Buffers fallen from the sky? When Alice and Takako raised their heads to look for the cause, about ten giant, black-winged monster birds descended on the town.

“Did those monster birds bring those Bloody Buffers? Why, exactly?”

“Calm down, Alice-chan. Even though everyone is making a racket, it’s fine. This is an Adventurer’s Town, after all.”

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  4. popo

    “Because for him, every single life is important…I wonder if that makes him the most idiotic person alive?”

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