New Series GET: Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician

Project page is here.

G5 will be picking this one up during the wait time between 999v chapters.

If someone else is translating this already, let me know. I did a cursory search and found nothing.


24 thoughts on “New Series GET: Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician

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  2. Mufarasu

    What about your other projects? You’ve really only been translating lvl999 Villager for the last couple months. There’s 4 other projects that aren’t really being done, and now you’re picking up something else? I wish you’d concentrate your focus to maybe two, or three novels at the most.


    1. You should realize that xantbos has more than one translator. The other translators work on the other series where I’ve only been working on Lv999 Villager. So I’m picking this up as my second one to work on in the down time. I don’t want to take someone else’s work even if its Black Knight.


      1. Mufarasu

        I do realize this. You guys have five projects, six now, and you’re telling me none of you are collaborating with each other on other projects? I’m not trying to be rude, but that’s ridiculous. I thought the point of this site was to have a group of translators working together on some novels, and not having everyone working on their own project.


        1. Uhh, no it’s not? This site was created because 9 left us and we had to create our own. I’m pretty sure each translator still works on their respective series regardless. Besides there’s 4 of us translators and I recently joined them and Xant was fine with me picking up Lv 999 Villager as my first novel. Wouldn’t it be more of hassle if 2-3 translators work on one series rather than their own? chill out~

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          1. Mufarasu

            If rules pertaining to the character names, and author style were made in advance then, in my opinion, it would be easier to translate. I feel there’d be less pressure on the the TL’s as well if they worked together in this way, and it would allow you to maintain regular releases.

            The early days of the Konjiki no Wordmaster TL used this system quite well.
            I’ll also mention that just because you TL a chapter it doesn’t mean you need to release it straight away. If a chapter or two that was done by various translators was scheduled to be released every week then it could give space to those who need some breathing room or are busy in general without disrupting the release schedule too much.


            1. But then we have discrepancies in the tl method, words, meanings, etc. One person, one series, this works well for many translations. If you REALLY want something coming out on schedule, how about you learn to tl yourself? Maybe this will open your eyes to how much real life can interrupt things.


                1. Let’s put it this way, since you’re totally dense as a bag of bricks:

                  I run a model car shop. People love coming by and looking at all the neat cars we build, even if they’re still in the process of being built.

                  One of my model builders decides that this hobby is going to get him into shit with his actual job if he keeps dedicating time to it, so he tells me that he’s going to spend more time at work. Of course he asks that I leave his model untouched since he’s taken a real shine to it and wants to finish it himself. He’ll come in when he can to work on it.

                  Now, some people that come and look at these cars are all pissed off. “Why did he just walk away?” “Why is this not being worked on?” “Come on! Build and paint more of it!”. After explaining that the guy had to go to his real job, some understand and move on. But this one group of people, oh no, they decide that they DESERVE to see the product worked on because they’ve been watching since day 1. “Why aren’t other model builders finishing this? Why did they pick up their own projects?”. I explain about how the model builder wanted to finish that car since he liked it so much, and the other model builders respect that and would want the same treatment if something came up in their life. Plus, they don’t paint the same way, and they have different standards and methods. It’d be like a different end product.

                  But ooooh no. This is not good enough for the butthurt team. “WELL MAKE SOME STANDARDS!”. Sorry buddy, it’s a hobby.

                  >End comparison.

                  You are in the butthurt team, somehow feeling entitled to a series. Shut your fucking mouth, move on, and stop with your whining about this topic. You want to see something translated? Learn the language yourself.

                  If this comparison tale went over your head, I’m sorry, go back to class and pay attention to your english teacher.

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    2. Thanks for your input. The translators that are in charge of those series are still doing them as far as I know, they are just delayed with real life.

      I am not about to throw other translators at them until I know for sure they were dropped, or the current translators give me the ok to give the series to someone else.

      As much as I am the boss of the group, I still listen to my team. The translators want to keep their series? That’s fine. 3 months of nothing? Not fine. Be patient. I know it sucks, but a lot of my team is translating for fun, or because they like a series. I’m not about to step all over that because we have some of the audience that doesn’t know what waiting patiently is.


      1. Mufarasu

        First off I’ll say that I’m sorry if I came off as “entitled,” or “impatient.” That was not my intention. I’m merely trying to express my frustration about the fact that you are picking up another project when currently only one project of yours is being regularly released. When I say “you” I am referring to the site, and the individual TLs.

        Second, it appears I assumed incorrectly about the TL’s working together here, so I’ll apologize for that too. I guessed that maybe a TL would work on a chapter while another TL would work on another chapter of the same project. Looks like I was wrong, so sorry again.


  3. Darrell

    awsome translations but i wonder if i can ask if the wild last boss can be translated someone else started translating it but pulled it becaus a jerk was harasing the auther over thier translation??? thoe i do like the bear bear and lv 999 vilager


    1. Wild Last Boss isn’t being translated because we (aka Este, who first started translating it) did not get the okay from the author. And not that, like, the author didn’t specifically answer her, but that he literally said he didn’t want his series being translated at the moment.


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