LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P4

Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 4

“Umm….Well, I have a favor to ask.”

Alice acted as if she planned to stay hidden, only showing her face from behind a tree while muttering as if she was restless.

“In order to cure father’s illness…I want to go buy some medicine.”

“What medicine?”

“Somebody told me that there’s a rumor of the Quest Guild selling Spirit Protection medicine… I want to buy this.”

“That’s ten gold, do you have money?”

“T-Ten gold!?”

Alice, who had no more than 500 Silver, looked shocked when she heard that absurd price.

The Spirit Protection medicine was reasonably priced, considering it’s effects. It was a type of medicine that affected many symptoms, including cold, poison, curse, petrification, vitality, stamina, strength, aging, beautification, and even backaches.

Even if a small fraction of nobles use it, it doesn’t matter whether or not they use it once a year, it is still a precious item.

“It’s useless. I can’t see you holding it.”

“Umm… Well, the gold… please lend it to me.”

Although Alice said this guiltily, Kagami furrowed his brows with a look on his face that said “What the hell is she saying.”

“There aren’t villagers who would lend lots of gold to buy the medicine for the Demon King. There’s no obligation for me to go that far. It’s too bad the Demon King became sick. He’s bound to be defeated.”

Kagami declared while pointing his index finger at Alice, and Alice’s expression darkened.

Seeing her change, Kagami reflected on what he said because saying ‘the Demon King is bound to be defeated’ to his daughter was too much.

“It’s impossible for father to die….If he dies then all of the Demons would be at risk. This isn’t just our problem!”

Immediately after, Alice cried while she faced him with pleading eyes.

Seeing this situation, Kagami listened with a troubled expression.

“Now that Father is becoming a target of the Humans with his enormous magic power, although they haven’t tried to go look and kill other Demons besides him, if father passes away…..!”

“Ah-…Well, that is true.”

Even if Monsters are defeated, they won’t all disappear. Since Monsters only spawn through the casted magic of Demons, it’s not directly caused by the Demon King.

If the Demon King who conceals an abnormally huge amount of magic is defeated, perhaps next time humans might start to blame Demons who live in various regions for the cause of non-existent Monsters.

So long as the Demon King, who was said to be too powerful of an opponent, wasn’t killed, the other Demons could live without being targeted by humans, even if they didn’t want to help him.

And Demons who understand this aren’t many. Since the Demon King’s Castle is dangerous, putting their residence in a separate location is good proof of it.

“But… Without a doubt this is a problem that will occur sooner or later. The Demon King will die some day. He will be brought to an end some day.”

Kagami had understood this. He had left everything up to chance to his understanding. He had given up since it was something that was completely unavoidable.

A Demon’s life expectancy isn’t everlasting. They grow old and die the same as humans do.
The Demon King is no exception, and even though he is ‘the’ Demon King, he is only one of the several generations of Demon Kings.

Kagami knew this. And if there were no successors, the overwhelming existence that’s known as the Demon King would no longer be in this world.

“I… won’t give up. At the very least if he were to be opposed, if there is still a slight chance of hope, I want to cling to it.”

Looking at Alice clenching her teeth, Kagami felt faintly nostalgic.

For Alice, perhaps this possibility tied in with her father’s life. Kagami had started to somehow guess her real intention about wanting to walk down the path of coexistence.

”You, do you not detest humans?”

To confirm whether or not this was correct, Kagami asked such a question.

“Even if I resent them nothing will start. ‘Cos I’m in the same boat as you.”

Listening to these words, Kagami unintentionally slacked his cheeks, spat out his breath, and began to laugh.

“W-Why are you laughing!”

“No….Since you are capable of thinking that way, I remember that the Demon King also tried to aim for the path of coexistence.”

“The Demons don’t want to lose the Demon King because exposing him is dangerous,” a statement that doesn’t hold truth. Kagami was convinced as such while listening to Alice.

If the Demon King dies, the Demons will become targeted. Of course if Demons were assassinated without reason, it would probably lead to a war between humans and Demons. He doesn’t know how long this peace will continue for. No matter if one side continues till nobody is left, it will lead to war.

Although some of the Demons who were not being targeted no longer wished for war, it would probably begin the moment they lost the Demon King, who was said to be the Great Shield.

“But I think it’s impossible to improve the relationship between humans and Demons.”

Why did he think so? Because he had already thought about it once before.

Although he had thought about it, reality was cruel and he gave up.

He also thought about other methods, but it was clear that he had to give it up.

However the girl in front of him is not giving it up. Since he had given up once already, she is making an effort to try and make it a reality. And this Demon, had come by herself to such a place like this.

In fact, it’s more than Demons hating humans, they are killing humans. and likewise, humans are also killing Demons. It was to ensure the safety on each side.

After all, Alice is thinking that humans and Demons are the same. Since she is thinking about being able to co-exist, “we are in the same boat” comes to mind. Kagami had thought as much.

And he had guessed it correctly.

“Even if it’s impossible now, I might find a way someday, so I won’t give up.”

“Sure, I’ll try my best without giving it up. If it’s medicine you want I’ll buy it for you.”

That’s why Kagami, like himself, had considered supporting this girl until she gave up the possibility of humans and Demons joining hands someday. Because this way seems more interesting to him.

By some chance, he might be aware of something different. He believed in this possibility.

“I-is that fine? But the gold….”

With a sudden change of heart, as Alice suddenly brightened up, Kagami said so as if he were respectfully apologizing.

“Of course you will receive it? Didn’t you say to ‘lend it’ a little while ago? It will be returned right?”

“Y-Yeah! returning around 10 Gold is affordable, because there’s lots of gems inside the castle, it’s fine if I go get it.”

“Well since you will go get it, make it 15 Gold.”

“Eh! Isn’t that increased by 5 Gold?”

“It can’t be helped, otherwise it won’t be worth it. Even if it’s this I’m still giving you a big service aren’t I?”

Although Alice had been surprised by the extraordinary figure, it was in fact a big help to her.

It takes about 10 days to go to the Demon King’s Castle and return back to Balman town. And it’s normal for Kagami to earn about 5 Gold in that amount of time.

“It’s a safe option to escort you along the way to the Demon King’s Castle. C’mon, it’s cheap.”

“Uu…… though father might get mad at me later, it’s fine. Since the gems were left in storage I think it’s fine.”

“Yosh, now that it’s been decided first we need to go to Balman city to buy the medicine, look, hurry it up Alice.”

After Kagami finished saying so, he continued walking towards Balman.

After she had her name called abruptly, Alice, who was staring blankly, immediately smiled as if she were trembling with joy.

“Yeah! Please take care of me, Kagami-san!”

At least Demons, although it’s a fact they were called with names by humans, a girl named Alice was the first one who was inspired with hope of that possibility.

Previously, an existence that was said to be a Monster took his father’s life, and the 7 year old Kagami at that time bore a grudge against Demons who produce these existences, and hated them for it. From the bottom of his heart he had thought about wanting to kill all of them.

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