LV999 Villager – Chapter 2 P3

Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 3

“For the Demon King to have fallen ill…I mean, is he that weak, that Pops?”

“‘That Pops’…you know my father?”

“Wouldn’t everyone know the Demon King? I met him in the past, though it’s not like I care about that sort of thing anymore.”

“N-Not in the least! I have never heard of a human returning alive after meeting my father!”

Kagami couldn’t tell whether she didn’t want to recognize such a person or she was just happy that he had stayed there. She closed in on him, as if she was examining him, while her eyes sparkled happily.

“From the beginning, I hadn’t gone to kill that Pops. I just went to go meet him…like nine years ago? Which reminds me, how old are you? 10 years? Rather, what’s your name?”

“I’m 13, how rude! My name is Alice, Alice Balnesio. What about you?”

“I am Kagami Kouji, 23 years old. Which means…when I went to the Demon King’s Castle, you were there, right?”

Alice shook her head in answer to Kagami’s words.

“Since the Demon King’s Castle was dangerous, I lived in a village away from the Demon King’s Castle…That’s probably why we have never met.”

“Hmm…your Mother?”

“Not here. She passed away when I was born. I lived together with my relative’s aunt.”

Kagami lightly apologized with “My condolences.” It was likely that he was convinced. Since the Demon King was always targeted by humans, it would be dangerous for him to live with other Demons.

“And? Why are you and the Demon King looking for a human like me? Though you’ve already said it, is it because I’ve met with the Demon King once before?”

“I first began to search for a human like Kagami one year ago, but around the same time that my search began, my father fell ill…I didn’t have time for him.”

“At the time that he met me, I didn’t really think about it. It would seem I’m the person you’re looking for…and?”

“I want to walk down the path of coexistence with humans.”

After letting out a big sigh, Kagami started to walk again.

“It’s impossible. Give up.”

He declared just like that, as if to treat her coldly.


“If it’s this person, I’m sure he will comply.” Alice had thought this, so she shouted towards the leaving Kagami with a slightly annoyed look.

“In terms of us getting temporarily married, so fuckin’ what. I would immediately be called a traitor by the Humans. It’s useless as long as you guys have those horns.”

“But! Apart from spawning Monsters…we won’t change anything!”

“That’s the biggest problem.”

Humans hated Monsters. Demons produced Monsters. Even if Demons didn’t do anything, Monsters would attack humans. If that happened, there would be a chain reaction that would make humans hate Demons.

Even if Demons lived far away from Dungeons, there was a respawn point to produce Monsters. Magic emanated from the horns lingered in the air, and even though most of it dissipated naturally, the remains would get absorbed by the respawn point and a Monster would be produced.

“In the beginning, I too had thought that Demons were an existence that had to be defeated without reservation. Even if you understand that you won’t do anything to Humans, it won’t change anything. Humans will still say that ‘They must be defeated.’”

“Is it because…Monsters are produced?”

“Yes. Aren’t there a lot of humans who think that besides me? There are also people who will continue to say that they will beat Demons to death, even after understanding it.”

Alice sat down, losing power after listening to Kagami. It was unexpected. She had thought that if there was a place where Demons and Humans could coexist happily…the life of Demons would no longer be targeted.

When Kagami saw Alice like this, he returned to her side while letting out a sigh, as if he was unable to bear it any more.

“Well, the Demon King might be thinking of some other methods. First, aren’t there any relatives that can start to figure it out somehow?”

“Relatives? What do you mean by that?”

“It’s about whether or not all of the Demons think about wanting to get along with humans. What about that?”

When she heard Kagami’s words and saw that he had noticed something, Alice looked regretful and bit her lips.

“Right? Due to the history of the long breakdown between humans and Demons, they both hate each other to the extent of wanting to kill. You and the Demon King are rare. Both sides hate each other. If you say things like wanting to coexist with humans, wouldn’t the Demons also treat you as a traitor?”

“Then why doesn’t Kagami look like he’s trying to kill Demons?”

When Alice asked her question, Kagami looked as if he had thought of something and immediately turned around, forcing a moan. “Well—,”

“‘Cause I’m an idiot…”

That was the only thing he muttered. When Alice saw his back, surrounded by an atmosphere of sadness, she didn’t want to question him any further.

Although I don’t understand it well, perhaps this is the belief he holds. It doesn’t matter if Demons get killed, but he won’t kill them. If one looks like they are dying in front of him, he will protect them. The more she thought, the more ambiguous the existence who called himself Kagami became. Alice began to feel slightly attracted to him.

“And? How long will you continue to follow me? We will be arriving at the town soon.”

After about 50 minutes, Kagami, who had declared himself as an idiot, arrived at the hills that overlooked the huge town of Balman. On the way, Alice had also arrived sneakily, as if he had brought her along.

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    1. deadlybell

      the horn grows out of their skulls im sure i dont need to say how much that would hurt if not be fatal to them, also in most stories the horn holds their magical energy so cutting it off would either kill them or make them stupidly weak


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    thanks for the chapter!
    demon girl can’t say anything when mc stated the facts
    did she really think this through when she started the journey?


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    Oh, now you feel slightly attracted to him? And this is after you propose marriage… What sort of sad non-romantic world do you live in, loli-kun…


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