LV999 Villager Chapter 2 P2

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Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 2

“Wow…it’s so cold outside. I want to go back quickly so I can have dinner and sleep.”

Kagami had left the Ancient Cave at a brisk pace, as if he was halfheartedly fleeing from the Hero’s party. He was happy to see that the moon had come out and it had become dark outside.

“The night has a subtle chill. I wonder if I should have planned to go back before it got dark. All right! Let’s go home.”

Kagami placed the Quest form that had 30 Monsters Slain written on it into his bag as he spoke to himself, and began to walk towards Balman City while humming a tune.

“W-wait a moment! Are you trying to leave m-me behind so blatantly?”

The horned girl grasped the hem of Kagami’s clothes in a panic.

Kagami gripped the hem of his clothes and, after glancing at the beautiful red-headed girl, resumed walking without much hesitation.

“Wait! Wait! Why aren’t you stopping for me?!”

“Well, it’s because I’m not a lolicon. I’m not someone who would love a girl who is young enough to be my daughter. I love sexy and busty older women.”

The girl, stunned, let out an “Eeeh”, while Kagami felt embarrassed from describing his own tastes.

“That’s your problem! Why did you save me? I’m a Demon…don’t you know?”

“Because it seemed like you were going to be killed.”

The girl couldn’t hide her surprise at Kagami’s natural assertion. Surely there wasn’t such a human. Neither Demons nor Humans would believe that someone like that existed.

Still, the existence in front of her was out of the ordinary. He was not only a Villager, but also at Level 999.

“I only saved you. I don’t know what you will do from here. It’s fine if you act freely, since you came to the Ancient Cave by yourself. You’re a Demon so you won’t even need an escort, will you?”

“W-Wait! I have things I want to ask.”

The girl looked desperate, so Kagami stopped walking and listened.

“Earlier, you said that you don’t have any plans to defeat the Demon King. Is that true?”

The girl said while looking up fearfully at Kagami, as if she were a small puppy being scolded.

“I don’t. It doesn’t matter who defeats the Demon King.”

“The Demon King won’t get defeated but…you say that it doesn’t matter. Then, why did you save me, who is also a Demon? I don’t understand the meaning of your actions.”

“Wouldn’t you understand that best, since you’re a Demon?”

The moment she heard these words, she began to suspect that the man in front of her was the existence that she and her father had been seeking for many years.

Maybe, just maybe, Humans and Demons were equal beings in his eyes. This man…knew. He was aware of it. This is what the girl began to think.

She was almost correct. Apart from Kagami, the Demon King was the only other one who knew that the Demons were more than monster spawners. However, it was also true that they were harming humans.

Fundamentally, the purpose of their existence was to be an enemy of humans. Thus, there was no reason to complain even if someone tried to defeat the Demon King.

This was just how things were.

“I’ll change the question. Why didn’t you try to kill me?”

“Isn’t it because you haven’t particularly done anything to me?”

“Aren’t I a Demon? An existence solely meant to spawn Monsters…an enemy of humans.”

“It can’t be helped that you do such a thing, right? You can’t be a cockroach, since you can communicate like humans. Besides, aren’t you guys the only ones who can spawn Monsters? That is rather convenient.”

When she heard those words, the girl was convinced. This man was the existence that she and her father had been searching for.

As soon as she confirmed this, she walked up to the man in front of her, who was yawning as if annoyed, and bumped into him with all the strength of someone who was serious and determined.

“I-I want you to marry me!”

“Yea, maybe after a million years.”

“Sh-…shut up. At most, in 5 years. I’ll become glamorous, just like you want!”

She felt tense, as if her heart had ruptured, and she told him as if she was prepared to die. Kagami, far from being fazed, returned a seemingly carefree answer.

“Are you an idiot? It is not necessarily okay for a Demon brat to say that she will become a glamorous woman and propose out of the blue in this world, where Demons and Humans are mortal enemies, not to mention that not even ten minutes have passed since we first met. It’s like a scene out of a manga. Is this something that you want?”

“N-No! I have a proper reason for it! I have been searching for a human like you!”

“Don’t lie to me! It’s obvious that we’ve just met, right!? You even followed me to ask something, even though I had planned to separate immediately. Besides, what were you planning to do with the Holy Sword inside the cave?”

The girl hesitated, but she trusted the Villager’s declaration that he had no intention of defeating the Demon King despite being Level 999, and she opened her mouth after making eye contact with him.

“My father is sick…and I heard rumors about new Heroes going on a journey to try to get the Legendary Holy Sword. If the Heroes appeared with it, I think even my father…would probably be killed, so that’s why…I came to destroy the Holy Sword before they could take it.”

“That’s a fully loaded, amazing joke right there. How did you know about the location of the Holy Sword?”

“It was written inside an ancient book in the archives.”

The girl said, while gesturing to try to convince him that she had searched desperately.

“…Archives? I mean, you did say your father is sick…If there wasn’t a Holy Sword that the Heroes could use, wouldn’t he still win even if it’s a mild illness?”

“No, it’s a serious one. Dad says he can only use 50% of his power.”

“Can’t he win using 50%? Isn’t it fair to treat the Heroes as nothing more than a waste of paper? Who is your father?”

“Umm…he is someone that’s called demonic…that is, the Demon King.”


He felt contempt for her. Even though she thought that he might become hostile, the girl answered while squirming her body around, as if she was having a hard time speaking.

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81 thoughts on “LV999 Villager Chapter 2 P2

      1. A hilarious story about a seemingly weak but actually OP protagonist, with a plot I haven’t seen before. Surprise Ohanashimi didn’t pick this one up.
        Then again, this is the same group TL’ing the x4 Bear novel, soo…


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    1. she’s a little girl worrying about her daddy so…besides isn’t the holy sword like a cheat weapon? doesn’t matter if hero is piss-ass weak if he has the sword…tho how was he was going to get the sword out of the stone…srly hoping just having the hero job doesn’t = free holy sword.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. possibly, tho if you could beat the demon king with the holy sword and enough levels, why hasn’t anyone done so yet? either the demon king is uber op (even if weakened) or all the strong people realized that killing the demon lord may be a bad idea. I’m in favor of the first. The Hero job isn’t one of a kind. There are plenty of Heroes running around and this seems to have been going on for a while (at least long enough for a whole economy and way of life to develop centered around monsters), and yet none of them have managed to kill him yet

          Liked by 1 person

  2. deadlybell

    BWAHAHAHA that would be the ultimate troll move on fate’s part the weakest role that everyone looked down on joining the demons side making humans shit out of luck XD

    Liked by 2 people

  3. So, let me get this straight. Two females just proposed to the same person within the same day, within ’10’ minutes even. Both of the females are princesses and they both belong to the top power of the other race, and they both try to recruit him (or at least the princess of humans did, not sure about the princess of demons). Poor MC, try’s to live a carefree, easy going life, but instead is now Caught in a triangle (live, war, prophecy). Not sure, but goodbye carefree lifestyle.

    Liked by 6 people

  4. Traaaaaa

    Why does Kagami feel contempt for her?… Am I missing something? I don’t think he would feel that because she’s the Demnon King’s daughter since he doesn’t care about those stuff (or so it is written)… I don’t think he would think that because she’s pestering him too much, since he’s responding to her properly, and wouldn’t it have been mentioned earlier if it was because of that, like while she’s still pestering and asking him things?… Or am I readin too much into this? Is it just word choice mistake in the translation? If it is, which word did you mean? Or am I actually missing something here :S
    Well, thanks for the chapter anyhow! XD


  5. Vincent

    World doesn’t really make sense if you think about it. At least as it’s been explained so far. The Villager is a weaker class. Unless there’s plenty of monsters that are just as weak as the Villager class then the higher his level becomes the bigger the gap between him and monsters get. In other words he should be getting wrecked fighting monsters around the same level as him. Especially at higher levels unless he has some cheat power which is highly possible.

    On another note since the strongest human in history was only level 200 something then where are all these level 300-999 monsters that he used to level up and why haven’t they wiped out all of human civilization?

    If monsters drop money based on how strong they are then isn’t doing quest completely worthless to gain money? If a low level slime drops 80 copper, and a level 70+ blue devil drops 30 silver then how much does a level 500 monster drop? Shouldn’t hunting those have dropped enormous amounts of money? I guess they could be located all the way out in the wilderness where he doesn’t feel like walking. Still seems like a waste of his time spending all day earning chump change though.


    1. Yeah… It has got to be that he killed some godly creature to level up to 999… It took him a month to get to lvl3 killing slims – how long would it take to level from lvl3-100?

      And lvl100 is childs play when it comes to exp needed for 999… Where would he even find suitable levels to lvl up at an even pace? A lvl7 goblin can instakill a lvl4 Villager… It’s not reasonable to think he could kill monsters much higher than himself.

      Ergo, he must have lucked into killing 1 supreme monster at some point to make him instantly go from wherever to 999


  6. VongolaKing

    The girl said, while gesturing to try to convince him that she had searched desperately.
    This is what I’m thinking.

    (hope I got the image right)


  7. just drop the heroes into a damn pitfall, even if they had a holy sword and a decent lvl. They’re really freaking stupid, not to mention the fact that the ‘hero’ would just waltz in there.
    a single tripwire, in the right location and BOOm, done.

    thanks for the chapter


    1. Our translator said he will tl up to par this weekend, meaning we will keep up the one every 3 day pace.

      Check the raw if you want an exact count, we have the link on our progress page.


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  10. M

    > あ、それと僕っ娘もそんなに好きじゃない

    Rather than this:

    > I’m not someone who would love a girl who is young enough to be my daughter

    Isn’t it actually this?

    > Oh, that and I don’t have a thing for bokukko (girls who refer to themselves as ‘boku’)


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