LV999 Villager Chapter 2 P1

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Such Things, What Value Do They Have? – Part 1

When Kagami first defeated a Green Slime at the age of 2, he wondered one thing.

“I wonder why these things contain gold?”

However, this doubt that Kagami held instantly vanished. In this world, it was common sense. A natural phenomenon.

No, if anything, he might have thought that way because he was two years old.

With the existence of common magic spells, Kagami’s doubt vanished before he had even realized it.

Ever since then, Kagami continued to defeat Green Slimes. He made sure to always fight them individually, throwing stones at them, digging pit traps, and occasionally sending them flying, while trying not to get poisoned. He steadily gained experience through stone throwing.

However, there was a limit to the experience he could gain from Green Slimes. Kagami defeated Green Slimes everyday and reached Level 3 in a month.

His next target was a monster that lived near the Green Slimes and the village in great numbers, the Moss Goblins.

It had a boar-like appearance and a body covered in green skin, which increased its eerie appearance. It was a malicious monster that would charge and bite its targets. Kagami had been hesitant to strike a blow against it, but, after becoming Level 3, his body felt lighter than ever and his powerup gave him the confidence to challenge it.

From his point of view, it was easy to defeat them. He defeated all the nearby Green Slimes, but the main objective was to see if he could defeat Moss Goblins. He would die from a single bite, and if they had acted as a group, they would have charged him separately and he would have probably died.

However, he fought them one at a time so that he didn’t have to risk such a situation. He avoided their charge, kicked them from behind, and threw stones at them, easily defeating them.

About a year after he started killing Moss Goblins, Kagami reached Level 4. However, he was only Level 4, because Moss Goblins were Level 4 and he could not get any higher, no matter how many more he defeated.

When Kagami thought about what his next step forward would be, he realized that he would need to defeat Monsters that were at least one Level higher. When taking into account the weak Monsters around the village, the next Monsters were Level 7 Goblins.

Maybe, with the adult’s advice, it would not be so dangerous to fight Level 7 Goblins immediately? Kagami had always thought that way and he decided to fight with the Goblins, since he would be unable to raise his level for a long time if he did not.

He had fought and defeated Moss Goblins without getting hurt for a year, so surely he would be able to manage Goblins as well. Kagami approached the Goblins like a hawk and attacked them before understanding why the adult Villagers tried not to fight these Monsters.

The answer was very simple; the risk of death was too high.

The green monsters had a figure similar to humans and would bite with their large mouths if they approached you, just like the Moss Goblins. Kagami would definitely die if he did not use good tactics.

He kept his distance and launched attacks from far away, but because they were armored, they took no damage at all. Despite this, long ranged attacks were beyond them…until they began to imitate the rock throwing.

The stones that the Goblins threw disappeared from his view, and one hit and injured Kagami’s right shoulder.

If the trajectory had been slightly shifted and the rock had hit his head, Kagami would have been killed instantly.

Since he had luckily avoided attacks from Green Slimes and Moss Goblins, this was the first time he truly understood that if he was hit with a single blow, he would have died immediately.

How unfortunate was the existence that was called a Villager? He ran for his life, towards the village, and after seeing the Level 10 Warrior who was staying as a guest defeat the Goblins, Kagami completely understood.

Kagami, who witnessed this overwhelming difference of Status, once again remembered a feeling that he had long since forgotten.

“What exactly…are Roles?”

He questioned the common sense behind the natural things and existences in this world.

Kagami was struck by an unspeakable, inexplicable sensation. However, he could not find the answer. Roles were given to people at their birth, and despite the efforts of the many people who tried to find an answer, there was no answer for them to find.
Instead of recognizing this doubt as a wall, Kagami just ignored it.

However, he did not give up. Since a Level 10 Warrior could defeat them, if he could fight with the power of a Level 10 Warrior, even if he was a Villager, he would be able to defeat Goblins.

Normally, when one realized this fact, it was expected for them to give up, but Kagami did not. He did not want to admit it. If he was born as a Villager, he would continue to live as a Villager.

The risk of death was abnormally high, but Kagami didn’t plan to be burdened with a risk of death. Therefore, he would not take revenge when he became stronger than he was now.

However, even if he thought about wanting to become strong, he could only raise his Status through meager muscle training, such as doing push ups. If he really wanted to become strong, there was no other option but to raise his Level.

If he wanted to raise his Level, there was no other way other than defeating Goblins.

He could not see a way through his dilemma. Even if he struggled and tried to defeat Goblins, he could not do it by himself.

He couldn’t request the cooperation of the other Villagers, since they obviously would not want to die. Also, there was no reason for Kagami, who was still a child, to go out and exterminate Monsters. It was useless to try and hire a Warrior to help him Level Up because he was a child and had no gold. Those were the reasons for his dilemma.

Thus, he was unable to find a way out of his helpless reality, no matter how much he tried. This was the situation when Kagami turned 7 years old.

When he had just turned 7, Kagami was still at Level 4. Although his Status had grown slightly, there wasn’t a significant change.

At 7 years old, he hired a Warrior that was staying in the village and headed towards the Imperial City on a carriage, in order to deliver clothes that had been made at his parent’s tailor shop.

They were attacked by Monsters and Kagami’s father, who was right in front of him, was killed, drenched in his own blood.

The tale of the existence that called himself Kouji Kagami began that day.

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    1. Andrewsir

      Maybe you Read the translation of rebirth online word, he made a typo writing 2 year old and not 20 year old in the prologue when he met that father and son


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  2. Uncle John Stamos

    I wonder what would happen if the warrior and the monster both get injured to near death but the kid deals the final blow to the warrior and the monster.


  3. Hmm, looks like the author is giving a nice combination of comedy and drama. I’m liking it. Honestly if I were born as a weak villager with everyone else around me holding an OP role, I’d start questioning the “system” as well.

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  4. gloom

    why suddenly there’s this flashback ? i thought the scenario was he was transported to his game world where he play as villager roles. i read the prologue again and it was.


    1. Biero

      Do you find the existence of slimes suspicious?

      What’s suspicious is not that the 2 year old tried to ‘play’ around and kill the slimes, but that he succeeded at it IMO.


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