LV999 Villager – Chapter 1 P8

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The Sprouting Grass Which Declares That “We Are A Party Of Heroes!” Part 8

It was impossible. That number had never been seen before.

Levels rose by one after a person managed to gain 1000 exp.

Fundamentally, the experience for raising a person’s level was gained when that person grew physically and mentally, whether they did special training or just defeated Monsters.

You could quickly gain experience by defeating Monsters, but there was a limit to the amount that you could receive . For example, you could only gain exp from Green Slimes until you hit Level 3, because Green Slimes were Level 3.

Anyone was able to see a Monster’s Level by using 【Spectacle】, a lens-like item that was sold by the Quest Guild.

In order to get exp to raise your Level, you had to defeat Monsters that were at an equal or higher Level.

Your Level wouldn’t rise even if you constantly defeated weak enemies. Also, exp wouldn’t be received if you beat an enemy equal to your Level with someone else’s help.

Just as the name “exp” indicated, it was only a measure of one’s experience. When one was in a party, only the members who contributed to defeating an enemy would obtain a significant amount of exp.

Even though it was possible for Level 1’s to get exp from subjugating Blue Devils while in a Level 70 party, there wasn’t much of a difference from the exp they would gain when defeating Green Slimes on their own.

That was because the exp would only get evenly distributed for the Level 70s in a Level 70 party. Lower leveled members would get much less exp, even if the party fought enemies that were overwhelmingly stronger.

Furthermore, exp was not obtained unless one contributed to the battle.

Although the support class, Monk, could easily obtain exp by supporting their allies, others had to take enemy attacks or damage the enemy to get exp.

Therefore, there weren’t many low Level Adventurers who would take the risk of death and form a party with a high Level Adventurer. There also weren’t many high Level adventurers who would take and willingly share exp with a person that would only be a burden.

There were convoys whose primary purpose was to gather gold and Drop Items without interference. Although some people would level up from saving others from death, most of the members were aiming to get rich from participating.

Regardless of whether one usually formed a party with people at the same Level, it was normal for a Hero-like party to level others in order to complete a special objective.

Also, the Villager was a weak Role. When a Level 3 Warrior and a Level 3 Villager fought, the Warrior would win.

Even when a Level 30 Villager fought a Level 10 Warrior, the Warrior would win. The Villager was weak enough that no one would recruit them, and even if they raised their Level they would be useless.

It was commonly said that Villagers who managed to get gold would save it and then pay someone to Level them because of their weakness. This caused most Villagers to accept that only other Roles could get to higher Levels.

However, the strongest Villager Rex had ever seen before had only been Level 30. Even if they raised their level, Villagers were worthless in a fight.

Although they were equivalent to Level 30 monsters, there was no point in forcing a Villager with weak abilities to fight when there were many other Roles that were far stronger.

Still, the Villager in front of him had a Level value of 999.


Rex voiced everyone’s opinion of Kagami while trembling.

Reaching that Level was something that was impossible. Even the Legendary Hero, who had barely managed to reach the Demon King and was once referred to as the Strongest Arriver in History, had only been Level 253.

Yet the man in front of him, who was not only of a similar age but…a Villager, the Role most likely to die, was a higher Level than that Legendary Hero.

It was impossible even if the world had turned upside down.

“How on earth did you do it? What did you do to reach that Level!? And as a Villager! How? Answer…Answer me!”

Rex had completely forgotten about the other matters, including the Holy Sword. Ever since he was five years old, he had been special, and he had thought that he would be the culmination of everyone’s hopes and expectations.

It was a mission that only he could complete. It was impossible for anyone else to do it, so he struggled to become stronger and always fought. However, the man in front of him had revealed a number so high that even he hadn’t been able to reach it, despite his own efforts.

What was it that he couldn’t forgive? Rex could not forgive the reality that a Villager, the most difficult Role to level, had climbed to Level 999 instead of himself, who was given the Role of the Hero.

Instead of being at a disadvantage, he was stronger than Rex. An existence that was much stronger than him would be the pinnacle of the human race, and Rex was unable to accept it.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve been fighting Monsters everyday?”

Kagami replied while yawning, as if the reason was inconsequential. Kagami’s actions irritated Rex, due to his pride.

“If it’s just that, I’ve also done the same thing! Even though you seem to be telling the truth, that number is…impossible.”

“If might be the same if you were just defeating regular Monsters.”

“Just by defeating regular Monsters? Don’t fuck with me! I’ve beaten more Monsters than anyone else and even did special independent training…!”

“Shut it, you damn annoyance! Do things like how I raised my Level or what I’ve done until now even matter? This is reality! No more talking!”

Kagami realized that he couldn’t take his statements back or keep talking even if he had to return to a regular life, so he roared at the Hero and decided to leave.

“Hey, let’s go, little sister.”

“Eh? Eh…ah, yeah.”

The girls in Rex’s party also had many things that they wanted to ask. However, they were unsure if it would be alright for them to say anything and could only watched as Kagami began to leave while pulling the Demon girl’s hand.

“Wait…If you have so much talent, what are you doing? What is your goal in life? If it’s you…I’m sure that you could defeat the Demon King!”

However, for the Hero, this was something that involved his pride and he had to ask for an answer.

“Eh? I’m just living normally and saving up gold…Since the Demon King and things like that don’t matter much to me, I’ll leave it up to the Hero-samas. The present Demon King isn’t really bothering me anyways.”

Kagami answered as if he was rejecting the Hero’s goal in life. For Kagami, the Demon King was beneficial existence that spawned Monsters so that he could make money.

There also wasn’t a good reason for Kagami to subjugate the Demon King. Even if Monsters were a danger to humans, as long as the situation didn’t change, Kagami did not care.
Essentially, 【It doesn’t matter to him, whether he gets defeated or he defeats them.】

“…S-such reasoning!”

Despair, anger, scorn, a sense of defeat, and various other emotions welled up inside of Rex. As strong as he was, he couldn’t do anything against Kagami.

He also had nothing he could say. He had claimed that the reason for his strength was that a Hero’s existence was needed to fight the Demon King, but a Villager had appeared and made him look foolish.

Kagami had stolen the words “Pride is human nature” from Rex.

As Kagami passed Rex, he whispered at a low volume, only loud enough for Rex to be able to hear him:

“You still don’t know this world’s System.”

Rex didn’t understand the meaning of these words. He looked at Kagami, trying to figure out his intentions…and became speechless.

Kagami was wearing a sorrowful expression, as if he was in despair from knowing everything…even though he had claimed to be uninterested. What did he know, and what had made him make such a face?
What did he know to be able to reach his Level?

Rex stopped listening because he was too afraid to know.

“By the way…although the Royal Family is the owner of the Holy Sword…”

Krul asked the question that she considered most important as Kagami tried to leave the room. He stopped and bowed at a 90 degree angle.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean to do that.”

Kagami, who had thought about leaving if things went well, instantly apologized.

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    1. Wa

      Nah, it’s just that the author himself had no bloody idea how his MC reached lvl999, so he tried as hard as possible to stay away from the topic all the while brushing it away.

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  1. gm_rusaku

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  2. Let’s see… next chapter should be the Demon’s (Maou?) reaction.
    Seeing Kagami’s shift in tone really made me interested in the story now, definitely a series I read As Soon As It Releases (ASAIR)


  3. k

    Thank for the update

    If you can only level through beating someone higher or have special training. Then either he train himself all his entire life, or he actually managed to find and beat millions of Lv999 monster.

    It also mean his life was pretty

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    1. Grimlaw

      Why should he beat millions of Lv 999 Monsters? It’s only 1k Exp per Lv, so even if they give just 1 Exp per kill he just needs 1k to go from 998 to 999.

      The “current” Demon Lord doesn’t bother him, seems like he already beat the previous one. :D


  4. Noodles

    Remind me of Onion Knight in FF series. Weakest class, but can equip everything without limitation. Once reach high enough level, can equipped full legendary gears and rekt stuff like no tomorrow. Villager = Onion Knight

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  5. crazyboy1200

    wasn’t he born a lvl 999?

    lol, i bet he somehow encountered a rare beast or something and it was terribly injured and he somehow killed it….probably done by his booger….

    Self-made Synopsis:

    A booger can destroy a mountain….
    A sneeze can cause a terrifyingly large tornado….
    With a wave of a hand, the storms will brew and thunder will strike…..
    With a step, he can crush the world…..
    And that step, he takes, is like a towering figure, that descends on all….
    He is…..a level 999 villager!


  6. Leoneiros

    Thanks for the chapter.

    So is a Hero stronger than a normal Warrior? So if a Warrior is more than 3x stronger than a Villager and we assume a Hero is slightly stronger than a normal Warrior….Should we say a Hero is 4x stronger than a Villager? That means, at a bare minimum, the Legendary Hero would be equal to a lvl 1012 Villager (253 x 4 = 1012). That means the Legendary Hero was stronger than the MC??? I don’t like the ratio that was put in there…leaves too many questions.


    1. you’ve got to realise that strenght gained by levels is by an exponential degree.
      if you’re playing a game and you fight a lvl 20 monster at lvl 10 you’re fine, but fighting a lvl 200 at lvl 190 isn’t safe.
      or if you really want to see a difference: a lvl1 could win against a lvl10 monster, but a lvl 10 would get the living shit beat out of him by a lvl 100

      thanks for the chapter


    2. bakaleaf

      No you can’t use math like that in games
      Level determine stat and each class has different build
      Think of it like this, Hero class has High stat on offense like str or something
      But Villagers class has balance stats
      Then here comes the Level growth
      Since villagers class has no main stat then they get all stat balance with no priorities
      So Imagine a Level 999 Villager class well have a max stat balance build which is equivalent to any class.
      When he say Warrior is x3 stonger than villager if we base it to stat then a warrior well have 90 str agi and the rest is 20 or below while the villagers has 30 to all stats. its not that the villagers are weak but compare to a class with specific attack type then they are really weak.


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