LV999 Villager – Chapter 1 P7

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The Sprouting Grass Which Declares That “We Are A Party Of Heroes!” Part 7

Kagami looked like he didn’t care that he had lost the argument as he told the obvious lie to the Hero’s party with a bragging face, brimming with confidence. Krul cutely let out an unintentional laugh. If he was this desperate, it didn’t matter whether the girl was a Demon or not.

“Fufu..Ahahaha! I understand. Let’s leave the topic of the horn alone. Even though there might be a different reason, I won’t ask about it any more.”

Kagami snickered to himself when he heard Krul’s words.

With a heave-ho heave-ho, a mysterious festival attended by many Kagamis started in his mind while crying in his heart, “This is the Power of my excuses!!!!!” (Xant: He uses weird words…imagine opening a stage curtain.)

“However, the Holy Sword is a different matter.”

Rex suddenly shouted seriously, immediately bringing Kagami back to reality.

Rex tolerated Krul’s selfish remark, and after he put the issue of the Villager’s abnormal abilities aside, the only thing remaining was the objective that he had come to this dungeon to fulfill.

“What has your sister been doing here, in this room?”

The girl did not answer the question that Rex threw at her.

What was the girl’s purpose in coming to this room? She definitely wouldn’t talk about her own reasons, and even if she did, it was possible that she wouldn’t be able to direct them to the location of the Holy Sword. She wouldn’t even try to answer them.

The Holy Sword had already been missing when the girl arrived at this room.

Such a thing would normally have to be on the pedestal…Since the Hero’s party appeared but didn’t have the sword, there was nothing to explain its disappearance.

Kagami realized that the girl’s objective had definitely been to destroy the Holy Sword, but he didn’t voice his thoughts.

“I said that my sister got lost and ended up here by chance.”

“This isn’t a place that you can find by accident! Even if it happened, there’s no way that the Holy Sword would disappear at the same time!”

“But it did happen didn’t it? Or rather, who cares if the Holy Sword has disappeared?”

“I…I am the Hero! The Chosen Human! The only one who is allowed to wield the Holy Sword!”

“Eh…sorry. If you’re talking about the sword that was stuck in here, I already found it…and brought it back to town quite a while ago.”

Kagami unintentionally apologized to Rex, who was desperately shouting “I’m a Hero!”.

Everyone there turned and stared at Kagami when they heard his calm words.

Even though they had many things they wanted to ask, no words came out. Even the Demon girl was at a loss for words when she heard remarks that should never have come from a normal Villager.

“You said…the Holy Sword, that was the Royal Family’s heirloom, was brought back?”

Rex asked Kagami, trembling with fear.

“Eh!? The Royal Family?…It was THAT Royal Family? Crap! I took it back and sold it to merchants as fast as I could! It’s probably being sold for a high price at a store right now.”


Rex distantly heard those words and forgot to close his mouth.

Meanwhile, Kagami had remembered that he had sold the sword that used to be here for a high price and thought: “So, it was a sword that was passed down within the Royal Family!”, convincing himself.

“Don’t lie to me! Only those who have the Role of Hero are permitted to wield that Holy Sword, so it must have been sealed by an Ancient Sage’s magic! It would be impossible for you to carry it!”

“Ah…certainly, it was a bit heavy. I think it was about 800 Kilos. Still, I managed to hold it normally? I also pulled it out of the pedestal.”

The atmosphere froze as each member of the party wondered how a human that could mention a weight of 800 Kilos could exist.

“That story…is such bullshit! You Villager…there isn’t any reason for you to be able to hold it, is there!”

“It was certainly heavy. If I used it, it would have been the way I used a normal sword. Even if it’s probably too heavy to use, if I managed to pull it out, wouldn’t it be possible for me to wield it? If you had tried, maybe you would have been able to pull it out as well.”

“What kind of idiotic shit are you…”

“No no, hey now.”

Kagami looked at Rex, who didn’t believe anything he said, and judged that it would be faster for him to show them directly. He slightly lowered his waist and firmly grabbed the edge of the pedestal, looking like he was going to attempt to lift the pedestal with all of his strength.

Tina, Palna, Krul, and the female Demon all thought that it was absolutely impossible.

However, Rex, remembering the absurd way the Blue Devil’s Horn had been thrust into the pedestal earlier, broke out in a cold sweat as he thought that it might be possible.

A few seconds after Rex thought that, cracks began to appear on the ground.


Instantly after the cracks formed, they widened and split open, causing a screeching, echoing noise. After the earth shook and a huge bang resounded, Kagami was lifting the pedestal of the Holy Sword, as though he was the embodiment of the Earth’s wrath.

Dust and sand filled the air, and a dull sound resonated from the ground, as if its will had been torn away.

The soil scattered in front of Rex. Kagami, who was standing a bit further away, looked at Rex with a beaming smile.


Kagami threw away the pedestal as he spoke, and it landed with a thud. After seeing this, everyone was speechless.

This normal Villager had done such an outrageous thing in a composed manner.

All because of a Villager. No Role should be capable of doing such a thing, yet the young Villager in front of them had shown them otherwise.

Fear shot through Rex’s body, underneath his shock. Until now, whether people trained on their own or were familiar with fighting, he had thought that no other humans of his age would match his level.

Rex realized that there was no limit to excellence and his mind snapped. The person that stood before him was the embodiment of a monster.


Rex barely managed to squeeze the question out of his mouth.


Kagami stopped teasing him and casually displayed his Status Window and his Role.

The displayed description clearly stated,
Role: Villager
Level: 999
Everyone else in the room froze, as if they had turned into statues.

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