LV999 Villager – Chapter 1 P6

Xant: So we messed up the labelling of chapter titles. I’ve fixed it already. Pretty much, we’ve posted the prologue and chunks of the first chapter. They’re technically chapters of their own, but since the ones above C9 are labelled Chapter 2, we kinda figured the first 9 are parts of the first chapter. So uh, yeah. Anyways, things as normal. Enjoy.

The Sprouting Grass Which Declares That “We Are A Party Of Heroes!” Part 6


The person’s response distressed Rex, and he had a plethora of questions to ask.

How did he protect himself from their attacks? Why was a villager in such a place? Why was he not equipped with any weapons or armor? Why did he protect the Demon?

Rex could not understand the person in front of him. Why was he picking his nose in this situation? Perhaps he looked down on them? Everyone in the Hero’s party had similar thoughts.

“The Villager from back then!?”

Rex finally remembered that he and the villager had momentarily interacted with each other only a few hours ago. Kagami’s presence had been too weak, and Rex had completely forgotten about him.

“…How did you…?”


“How did you block our attacks? What did you do? Exactly what kind of item did you use?!”

Why was he here? Rex’s pride ignored the fact that Kagami had protected the Demon. He had let the Villager in front of him shatter his confidence. Rex was in disbelief and could not forgive Kagami.

“An item? Ah…yes, fufu, shall I inform you?”

Rex waited for the answer with a sour face while Kagami smiled sentimentally and picked his nose, as if he was making fun of the Hero.

“The strongest item I used…is my right hand.”

“Your right hand…you say?”

As he spoke, Kagami pulled out a booger and flung it away with a *Pin* sound before putting his finger straight back into his nose.

“Wait, haven’t you only been picking your nose this whole time?”

“Yes, I crushed all of your attacks with this right hand that picks my nose this much.”

“Impossible! With a hand covered in boogers?”

“Hold up, it’s not covered with them, right? Just how much mucus do you think my nose makes?”

Whether or not what they pointed out had hurt him, Kagami took his finger back out of his nose and sighed.

Krul stepped forward in an attempt to calm down Rex, who stared at Kagami angrily.

“Whatever you did, at least you are uninjured. It would have been terrible to kill a regular citizen.”

Krul politely lowered her head. She did not care about how he had protected the Demon. Her priority was to find out why this Villager had protected the Demon, and whether or not he was an enemy.

“That child is a Demon. Did you protect her because you knew this, or did you not know anything? Please tell us.”

“No, this child is not a Demon.”

Kagami replied to Krul’s question, as if to declare that they had misunderstood. Of course, Kagami knew that the girl was a Demon.

He also knew that the Heroes would try to kill the girl because she was a Demon.

“I can feel that girl emitting Demon magic. There is no doubt that it’s a Demon.”

“Ah…she isn’t a Demon. Because she is my little sister.”

Everyone in the hero’s party looked at him when they heard his words. The girl muttered “eh?” in a dubious tone, making the situation even more puzzling.

“Y-your sister? H-however…this magic? Though you do seem to be a Human…”

“It’s this, the horn of the Blue Devil. Don’t you know about its effects? I made my little sister hold it.”

Kagami said as he reached into the girl’s worn out cloak, as if he was going to show them the horn of the Blue Devil that the girl supposedly held.

As long as the Blue Devil’s Horn still held magic, it could prevent Monsters from becoming hostile to the holder. Bottles and wineskins were needed to prevent the magic from dissipating.

However, this magic was the same type as the magic emitted from Demons and would increase the spawn rate of Monsters when used in a dungeon. It was extremely aggravating for any other people who entered the dungeon at the same time.

“I was completing the Blue Devil quest when it just happened to drop, so I made my younger sister hold it. I didn’t bring a bag to store it in but I didn’t want to waste it, so I told her to keep it safe.”

Kagami pulled out the completed 30 Blue Devil quest sheet with magic and showed it to the Hero’s party.

Of course, Kagami had taken the sheet out of his Bag of Holding.

As Kagami talked with the Hero’s party, he glanced around quickly, hoping that the Demon girl’s presence was spawning a large number of Monsters. He evilly thought about how nice it would be if another quest like this one were to be issued.

“A…Villager? And two of them? 30 Blue Devils? I have never heard of this!”

Tina unintentionally raised her voice, surprised that the girl was not a Demon and the Villager had already completed the quest.

“That’s not much of a joke. Are you really a Villager?”

Kagami showed his Status Window’s Role with a wry smile when Palna accused him. Palna muttered “You’re kidding…” when she saw that Villager was indeed written there.

Palna had definitely thought that he was lying when he called himself a Villager. They had never heard of a Villager being able to enter such a high level dungeon, so Tina and Palna could not hide their astonishment when they saw that he was telling the truth.

“The Blue Devil’s Horn effect only lasts for about five minutes…”

Although the party was surprised that a Villager was in such a high level dungeon, even if he had the protection of a Blue Devil’s Horn, they no longer felt uncomfortable, and Krul asked another question.

“Excuse me, may I take your sister’s hood off?”

“That’s a little…well, my little sister is a shy person after all.”

“Why? Won’t we be convinced if you allow us to take a quick look?”

“My sister…if I show her to you, she would go berserk trying to hide her embarrassment. It’s a sickness she has.”

“But…I have never heard of such an illness?”

Kagami never thought that he would be questioned so insistently and he realized that his deception was falling apart. After observing the situation, as if realizing that it couldn’t be hidden any longer, the girl removed her hood on her own.


When she took off her hood, it became clear that the hood had been hiding more than just her head. She had red hair that glittered like a jewel, with a woven pigtail that hung down on the right side of her face. There were two small horns on the back of her head that had grown bent downwards and mixed with her shoulder length hair.

Kagami lightly sighed with an “Acha-” when he saw this.

“Please turn around.”

Krul immediately instructed the girl. The girl turned her back to Krul and exposed a horn growing on the back of her head.

“It’s as I thought…you don’t have an excuse for this, right?”

The girl gave up after seeing Krul prepare her Rod. She felt gratitude toward the Villager youth who had appeared and protected her.

However, excuses could only go so far.

If the excuses went on any longer, they would stop thinking of this Villager as a companion and he would be in danger. She didn’t want that to happen.

“No, look! This horn is…an accessory.”

However, Kagami, who had not give up for some reason, came up with a farfetched excuse and tried to protect the girl.

The girl stared at Kagami, who had not even tried to abandon her even though it had been the perfect opportunity to do so, with round eyes, surprised.

“An accessory? There’s a horn growing on the back of her head no matter how you look at it!”

The Hero’s party grinned at the pathetic excuse.

“No…this, it’s that, on here. I put it onto the back of her head.”


It was painful to just imagine how such an impossible accessory would be attached, and the Hero’s party unintentionally made doubtful expressions and sour faces.

“Lo-look! Such feelings are…I said, ‘Hoi!’”

Kagami grasped the Blue Devil’s Horn and forcibly thrusted it into the side of the pedestal, causing a loud, dull sound to echo in the surrounding.


Tina, Palna and Krul backed away from him.

Only Rex was astonished at Kagami’s behaviour, to the point that his eyes were bulging.

This Villager had, with his strength alone, thrusted into and broke the pedestal, which had been made from a highly resilient, special material in order to seal the Holy Sword until the Chosen human took it.

“B-but! Even though animals form such horns, I have never seen any monsters do so!”

Tina’s words were painful for Kagami to hear.

“This…umm…this, after the horn broke once…it was held together with an adhesive, and to improve the horn’s form just now…it was pierced.”

Palna furrowed her brow and uttered “Haa?” in confusion at the words.

Kagami quickly considered the situation and immediately followed up with more words.

“Ah, wrong! Look at this! I gave it to my cousin! I made a mistake! As for my little sister…that’s right! Custom! The horn I attached to her was specially made!”

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74 thoughts on “LV999 Villager – Chapter 1 P6

    1. Yea funny how the more novels I read, when the MC isn’t the official hero, I want is to see the hero get killed, since he tends to be annoying, and his harem members usually are as well, so kill them just make things less stressful for me

      Liked by 4 people

  1. andreliu507

    I wonder who’s the biggest idiot… The hero party for not understanding that the one before them is best left alone or Kagami for throwing poor excuses…


  2. arucchi

    I don’t even know why he’s wasting time explaining, it’s not like they have the strength to stop him if he wants to walk away with the little girl…

    Thanks for the chapter


      1. arucchi

        What hope of humanity… if he killed them all nobody would suspect a villager. Then again, why would he need to kill them? He can just walk away, they can’t do shit.

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        1. 1.It’s still suspicious either way. Beside, i bet the system have something like a reward/punishment system like in Death March, or at least a killer system that would made his name turn red. He would have a much harder time enjoying the luxury if he always carries a “i’m a killer” sign all around.

          2.True that, but then what? Driven by a sense of justice, that guy would just come again. More so, with each time he failed and still stay alive, he (or his companion) would just recruited more people and getting stronger each time. This inadvertively would turn the villager into a dam, always bearing the pressure from the “heroes” to protect the demon kin hiding behind his wall. What would happen if that dam broke?


          1. arucchi

            That is nonsense. If he can kill them easily, he can weaken them to the point that monsters can deal with them afterward and ensure they can’t escape alive from the dungeon.
            “To protect the demon kin hiding behind his wall”? He doesn’t need to take responsibility for her once they’re out of this dungeon.
            Then, if later that hero claim he was deep inside a dungeon and protected a demon kin from him, the guy is still a villager. A whole “hero party” unable to deal with a mere villager, who would believe? Remember, they’re supposed to be strong enough to challenge the Demon King.


            1. There’re myriad of thing i would like to said about your point here, but it will get me off-tracked from what i want to said.

              The main point it: All of the thing that you would said, along what i said will happen, would mean difficult, annoying and unnesessary problem he would have to carries if he followed what you said. Since he’s the type that would go to any length to get what he want, he inevitably will have to solve that, putting strain on the leisure life he got right now. So,probably thinking about such future (i guess he got many WIS and INT point just from leveling), he’s doing that so that the hero (or the Kingdom, remember the princess) wouldn’t be confronting him in the first place, while still able to protect the little girl from danger (heck, if he was better as bs-ting, he would have the hero protection to the girl).

              He failed at that anyway, so he would have to go the route you said earlier. So why don’t we agree with that and end the debate?


  3. bellcross13

    So painful to read kagami… Stop your not so working excuses… It really hurts lol… Just show them your lvl like in the prologue and then everything would be solve….


  4. xias1

    Thanks for the translation.

    Just why does the hero party even listen to the MC´s excuse?
    They could just tell him to show his “sister´s” status if she really is a human and then the questioning game would immediately be over cause her status as demon would be revealed.


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  6. gggggggg

    I don’t understand..

    “It was painful to just imagine how such an impossible accessory would be attached” and then MC broke the pedestal.. what the meaning really, moreover why this girl said this demon girl is a animal or monster suddenly when MC tried to explain she is human?


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