LV999 Villager – Chapter 1 P5

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The Sprouting Grass Which Declares That “We Are A Party Of Heroes!” Part 5

Rex questioned the girl, who was moving around suspiciously in front of the pedestal.

However, the girl was extremely focused and did not seem to notice the Hero’s presence. Instead, she examined the pedestal in an agitated manner.

“What are you doing?! And who the hell are you?!”

The Hero shouted after he grew impatient with the girl, who had not shown any reaction.

When she finally noticed him, the girl instantly froze and fearfully looked behind her. She had braided red hair, large pupils that were clearly childish in shape, a typical small nose and mouth, and a hostile expression.

She glared at Hero Rex’s party like a cornered animal.

Rather than wondering why a girl was in a place like this, Krul sensed the abnormal magic power the girl gave off.

“Ah…That woman is probably a demon. I think she is the reason why there are more monsters inside the Dungeon.”

As soon as they determined that the woman in front of them was an enemy, the party readied itself for combat.

There were three large tribes in this world; the Humans, the Monsters, and the Demons. Monsters were an existence that spawned in large quantities. Although they looked very similar to humans, they carried a huge amount of magic inside them.

As for Demons, their appearance was almost human, but their abilities differed significantly. Their physical strength and intelligence was on par with those of a Hero and a Sage, respectively, going far beyond a normal human’s capabilities.

“What are you doing…in a place like this? Oh, I know! Is your objective the Holy Sword?!”

Rex stepped closer as he spoke, causing the girl to retreat another step. The top of the pedestal came into view, and Rex noticed that there was no Holy Sword stuck inside it.

“You bitch…where have you taken the Holy Sword?”

Demons and Humans were bitter enemies. Powerful weapons that only human Heroes could handle would only be a threat to Demons. Rex readied himself to attack her, believing that she had come to steal the Holy Sword, because powerful weapons that only human Heroes could handle would pose a threat to the Demons. Therefore, it was natural for Rex to target her. However, moral questions such as “Why should I attack such a young Demon girl?” never crossed his mind.

It was common knowledge that Demons were enemies that had to be defeated, even if they were like this girl. Magic emanated from a Demon’s horns, and that magic caused Monsters to spawn, which was inconvenient for Humans.

Demons and Humans had different affinities with magic. However, there was no need for Demons to attack Monsters because Monsters were born from the magic of the Demons and would usually obey them… Of course, Monsters would oppose the Demons if they decided to kill one another, but that would never happen because they weren’t enemies in the first place. This was why Demons received the same treatment as Monsters.

The only purpose Demons had in this world was to be destroyed. Since Demons were born with an abnormal amount of magic, the subjugation of the Demon King, who continued to produce large numbers of Monsters, was the greatest goal of the Humans.

“Answer me! Where is the Holy Sword?! How did you pull it out!”

Holy Swords couldn’t be pulled out if one didn’t have the Role of Hero. Even so, there was no Holy Sword stuck inside the pedestal. There was also no sign of the girl holding the Holy Sword.

“I…am not doing anything. I’m not pulling anything out.”

She muttered an answer while facing the Hero, sweat dripping from her cheek. He let out threatening roar that pierced her eardrums in response.

Even so, there were no signs that she was concealing the Holy Sword on her, nor did she have the stature to completely hide it.

“Rex-sama. What should we do?”

“There’s a high chance that she’s telling a lie… Either way, she’s a Demon. Let’s take her down.”

The moment after saying this, Rex drew his sword and began to focus, causing a pale, white light to start shining from his whole body and cover his sword, making it look like the light was flowing into it.

“Don’t get near her or lower your guard just because she’s still a child. Take her down in one hit with long range attacks.”

Palna and Krul nodded in response to Rex and began to cast their spells.

The moment Rex gave the signal, large blades of ice appeared around Krul and shot towards the girl.

Rex slashed in a straight line towards the girl along with Palna’s blades of wind, releasing a flash of light.

Whether or not they had made a mistake in calling her a Demon, in that moment, before Rex even finished his attack, something flew towards the girl.

It suddenly stopped in front of her and received all of the damage from the party’s attacks.

“You guys…what are you doing, ganging up on someone who’s only a child?”

The collision with Rex’s flash of light caused a tremendous explosion to ring out, along with clouds of smoke.

An alarming voice rang out, ignoring the tense atmosphere. Rex threw a question at the intruder.

“Who are you? Her ally!?”

Rex’s party fell back a few steps, alert to the presence of the person hidden within the smoke.

Immediately after, Palna generated some wind with her magic and cleared away the smoke.

“Who…are you?”

The Hero’s party was bewildered by the strange spectacle. The one who was standing in front of the girl was, without a doubt, a human.

In addition to that, it was a young man who had entered this dangerous, high level dungeon while lightly equipped. No, the plain cloth and leather clothes he was dressed in did not even qualify as light equipment.

He had short black hair and a mediocre face. The man yawned despite the current situation.

“Me? I’m just a villager passing by.”

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