LV999 Villager – Chapter 1 P4

The Sprouting Grass Which Declares That “We Are A Party Of Heroes!” Part 4

The three sleeping Blue Devils instantly noticed Kagami’s figure. Since they would begin to swoop down and attack him immediately, he abandoned his thoughts of whether or not she was an illusion.

“Oops…I should pay attention, or else that girl…is she over there?”

Before the three Blue Devils could even approach, Kagami dealt a backhanded blow to the Blue Devil closest to him, slapping it into the Dungeon’s right wall; whilst the girl wondered who this person was.

Then, another Blue Devil immediately tried to attack but Kagami struck it with his fist, sending it into the Dungeon’s left wall. The remaining Blue Devil that tried to attack from the front was blown away by a roundhouse kick to its chest.

All of them were destroyed by a single hit from Kagami, changing into Drop Items and Gold.

“Argh! Damn it! I lost sight of her!”

Kagami seemed to cry out, but he intentionally stopped following the girl and began to pick up the Drop Items and Gold. However, that was not because he gave Drop Items priority over the girl’s safety.

It was because he realized that the girl wasn’t in danger.

Kagami had come to a conclusion as to what the girl was. In this world, there were no humans who didn’t attack monsters.

“There isn’t a settlement nearby so…I wonder what I should do?”

Even though Kagami no longer had a reason to stay because the quest for subjugating 30 Blue Devils was complete…He was genuinely worried about why the girl was in such a place and hurried back to the passage that the girl had faced, following the faint traces of magic remaining in the air.

“Umm…Hero-sama. Somehow…isn’t the number of monsters strangely high?”

“…Indeed. Since not all four of us have exceeded Level 70, continuing to fight would be a little difficult.”

Even though it would be easy to defeat a lone Blue Devil with the high Level 90 Hero Rex’s abilities, it would be more difficult to deal with a large number of them simultaneously. Just defeating them was easy, but it was important for him to protect his low level allies.

If multiple enemies attacked at the same time, Rex would be unable to block all of them and the three backline supporters would be in danger.

“I’ve almost exhausted my body’s magic…I will run out after three, no, four more battles.”

If the party’s formation was disrupted, Krul, who was still Level 42, and her dress would take a lot of damage from just one attack.

Of course, Tina would immediately respond if someone got hurt. She healed her teammates’ wounds by converting her magic power into healing magic. Although Rex was there to receive most of the damage, Krul took some damage due to being in the vanguard.

Tina also received damage because she was continuously using support magic near Rex. Palna was the only one to take no damage at all.

“Palna-san is amazing. You steadily continue to avoid enemy attacks while properly supporting Hero-sama. Someone as slow as me…couldn’t do such a thing.”

Tina said, while looking at Palna with admiration.

“Even though I’m a magician, there are a lot of times where one dives into a dungeon alone, so for this occasion I made it my goal to get used to fighting.”

Palna answered while dusting off her clothes. The dust was a side-effect of her magic, a magic attack that released a void blade.

“I’m also Level 78, but we would have turned back a long time ago if Monk Tina wasn’t here, so you are just as helpful.”

Palna said while facing Tina, who was a head shorter than she was, and rubbed her head without hesitation.

“I-I’m sorry…for becoming a burden.”

Krul said while shrugging her shoulder, clearly impatient and fatigued.

Krul, who was not at the proper level, had raised her level until now while being protected by a party and was not used to combat situations where she was the target of the attacks.

For Krul, who had fought as the only rearguard member with three vanguards, it was the first time she had experienced Monsters approaching her from such a close distance.

Due to her status as a princess and her level of training, she couldn’t be exposed to any danger, causing her to become a significant burden in combat.

“Don’t worry about it. The Princess’s level is lower than ours, so it’s fine if you just get used to it for now.”

“But…thanks to me, it’s become so dangerous that everyone had to keep looking back at me. I have to be more useful or such things will…”

“No, the Princess is already giving it her all. Take a look at this for me.”

As he said this, Rex pointed at the far side of the passage. A light could be seen, unexpectedly glowing in the normally dim Dungeon.

“That light is…in other words, it’s our goal.”

Palna said while smiling, instantly understanding what the unusual light indicated.

“Finally…Even if we encounter monsters later on, we can just run away from them while prioritizing returning to the town. It will be a lot more fun than completely defeating them.”

Tina said after letting out a sigh of relief.

Rex, who had been impatient with the speed it had taken to get here, tottered along as if he had removed some weights and raced as if in a fervor into the room that was emitting light.

“…This is the resting place of the legendary Holy Sword that was passed down by the Royal Family!”

The party had gotten used to the dim light of the Dungeon and reflexively squinted their eyes in response to the white light emitting from the room.

As their eyes gradually got accustomed to the light, they all stared at the room’s strangeness.

It was a wide, empty, dome-shaped room with white light emitting walls, and despite being inside the dungeon, the place had a feeling of divinity.

In the center of this room was a white pedestal that surely had the legendary Holy Sword stuck in it. Standing in front of the pedestal was the figure of an approximately ten year-old girl in a tattered cloak, squirming and rummaging around while obstructing the party’s field of view.

“…Who are you?”

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  1. Natsume01

    So short…
    Am I the only one who find the length of the two last chapters odd ?
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your translations~~ !
    I hope the hero will die…I don’t like him.


  2. Just wanna point out that the wordpress syntax hates multiple line breaks and turns them to a single one. The pov change was done like that in raw and lost here, so it would be better to put some character between part changes with the line breaks.
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  3. For this cliff, my thanks.

    Thoughts: “Chickyboy” *dies*

    Last chapter: flag

    little girl = Demon King

    Palna = knows exactly why the hero(lol) chose her and is amused.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!


  4. fishsandwich

    Aww no spoilers? Well lets just say everybody is a little bit right and a little bit wrong on what ultimately happens, but there will be a decent level of satisfaction at the results.


  5. i disagree with the assessment that this series is being released too fast. it is fast, and i commend that, but i’m too hopeful about this series to EVER have it classified as “too fast”. you could released 10 chapters every hour and i’d still keep up with it xD


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  8. gggggggg

    “In this world, there were no humans who didn’t attack monsters.”

    Aaah? Isn’t better if it’s “In this world, there were no monsters who didn’t attack humans.”


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