LV999 Villager – Chapter 1 P3

The Sprouting Grass Which Declares That “We Are A Party Of Heroes!” Part 3

“With this it’s down to 28…Only 2 left?”

About a dozen or so minutes after encountering the Hero’s party, Kagami, who had been surprisingly lucky, nearly subjugated enough Blue Devils to complete the Quest.

Normally, people would prioritize safety on the first day and complete the Quest on the second day, since Blue Devils could be dangerous depending on people’s Levels. However, Kagami had nearly completed it after merely three hours.

Blue Devils were blue skinned creatures with wings that were unusable in the Dungeon. They had abnormally large, red eyes that made them look similar to ermines. They also attacked irregularly by using magic or using the Dungeon’s walls to tackle their opponents and pierce them with their tridents.

Although he encountered other monsters, it took a while before Kagami could find the last two Blue Devils.

In an instant, they changed into Gold and Drop Items, disappearing afterwards.

“Today sure is a lucky day, though I don’t understand why.”

Originally, higher Monster encounter rates usually resulted in a higher chance of death due to the increased danger, but for Kagami, there was only an increase in the chance of gold dropping.

Utilising their incredible speed, the provoked ermines attempted to tackle him from outside his field of view, but they slammed into the ground as if hit by a flyswatter and became gold, which Kagami triumphantly picked up.

“…I have to hurry.”

Kagami suddenly heard a muttering voice nearby.

Looking back through the passage at the crossroad where the voice originated from , at the last moment, he saw a young lady dressed in a tattered, hooded cloak cross the passage.

Although he only saw her for a moment, he came to the conclusion that it was a woman from the red hair that had peeked out of the hooded cloak and the white thighs that he had seen between her knee-high socks and mini-skirt.

Kagami noticed that the height of the figure was only around 130 cm; she was clearly a child. He guessed that she was probably around 10 years old.

“Eh, isn’t it dangerous?”

Kagami hurriedly began to follow the young lady that had disappeared into the passage.

Although Kagami had already been fighting Dungeon Class Monsters at that age, he went through many near death experiences. The abnormally high encounter rate made the situation even more dangerous.

Although he recognized that she must have great abilities to be able to come to this Dungeon, he continued to chase after her.

Moreover, Kagami knew that nobody else had his kind of lifestyle. Still, whether or not it was their own fault, if there was a possibility of death and they weren’t a bad person, Kagami would help them. This was the one policy that Kagami valued more than earning gold.

Although he wouldn’t go on journeys specifically to save people’s lives, he unintentionally accumulated good deeds due to this simple policy of his: 【Don’t abandon people who are dying right in front of my eyes】.

Still, while Kagami would save people in front of him, he wouldn’t do it at the expense of his own life. Never get involved with things unknown. A coldhearted policy that was also as friendly as it could be.

“Hold up, wait! The girl over there! This Dungeon is far more dangerous than you might think! STOP!”

Kagami shouted at the girl immediately after catching up, but she didn’t try to stop at all.

Since she had definitely noticed Kagami, it was obvious that she was deliberately continuing. Kagami, even if confused, wouldn’t hesitate to protect her from harm, whether or not she was strong enough to not require any help.

Of course, it would normally be very suspicious for a young man wearing rough clothes that offered no protection to challenge the Dungeon, since it was dangerous. There were also Monsters that mingled with human society, although maybe that was foolish of them since they tended to act strangely. In fact, the girl who was running from Kagami looked back at him with doubt in her eyes.

“Ahead! Look ahead of you! There are Monsters!”

Kagami warned the girl, who glanced back at him dubiously.

Three Blue Devils were standing right in front of her and blocking her way. Although Kagami felt relieved when she stopped, the girl immediately walked past the three Blue Devils.

“Hey!? Why aren’t you killing these Monsters, child!”

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