We require additional minions!

Due to us picking up two more series with G5 and Sneak translating, we need more people.

I’ll be skipping some steps for the application process due to the urgency.

Fire me an email at xanteven@hotmail.com and we’ll discuss things. Just make sure the subject is either ‘Editor’ or ‘Proofer’ and I’ll message back within 24 hours.

If you want to see speedy translations and English is your thing (preferably primary language), join up. We got a lot of stuff in queue meaning you get sneak peeks~


9 thoughts on “We require additional minions!

  1. TheMadCatQueen

    Alright, I’d just like to ask a question, more of a clarification really, but anyway. I’d love to help, and English is my primary language. I’m pretty good at grammar and sentence structure and all that as well. But while I think I’d be a fairly good proofer, I have no idea what the job actually entails- whether it’s just correcting grammar and sentence structure as well as awkward phrasings, or if it actually requires reading Japanese. I can’t read Japanese at all (Korean or Chinese either), so I’d be useless there… I’d love to help, but as I said, I’d like to know what the job requires before I commit myself to something I can’t do. I don’t want to make more work, after all. So can you please inform me of what the job of proofer requires?


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