To the new blog!

No but serious, this is our new home. First thing: I did not name this. It was chosen by the minions.

As much as I like 9 and would like to continue what we had going way back in January, it just won’t work out.

He told me many many months ago that I had effectively full control over what we were doing as a whole since he was too lazy to do things himself. So I naturally brought on more translators. How was I supposed to know he dislikes KR stuff? >_>

To quote him in his post: “to summarize it i was being a child”

I am glad he is self aware to that degree.

Anyhow. The lack of communication from 9 to anyone else created a gap, and he did not want to put in any effort to close that gap he made. It got to the point where he felt alienated from his own group. Well, the result is as you see.

I made this new blog because I don’t want 9 suddenly deleting his wordpress, and this also gives me more control over what things look like and whatnot. So this is better.

Also, “well, if you guys remember me saying something like ‘Kinda pissed at someone’ it was actually someone in group with a big authority” <- clearly aimed at myself. I wish he would have spoken up instead of causing this, but he's right in saying he was too passive.

Fingers crossed he picks something up in the future he enjoys working on like Kansu in the old days.

Anyhow, enjoy the new digs.

81 thoughts on “To the new blog!

  1. lololomolomo

    you’re both children

    one of you gave the other full power and bitched when decisions were made

    the other couldn’t be the better man and went for a childish jab at the other

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  2. Nantoka

    Well, there is no point in working together if you don’t feel comfortable with each other anymore. In a way, i guess, this is what’s best for everyone.

    ps: regarding “THE HOME OF TERRIBLE YURI”, that was really low. It would be nice of the one who wrote that to change it.

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        1. There was a bunch of comments internally and externally about how I dislike Yuri but we had a ton of yuri series. Then we had the HTG thing happen.

          Effectively, Terrible Yuri is an attack on myself about my luck with series that are picked up by our group.


          1. Nantoka

            I see. well, in my defence that is the kind of joke anyone who does’t really read comments and/or some series ( i didn’t follow HTG ) would not understand.

            Add that to the fact that worded like that it can easily be misinterpreted without understanding, and me lacking comprehension is easily explained^^

            I still suggest to change it back to how it was before though.


              1. cclark777

                I can agree with that on the majority of yuri with the exception of girl meets girl.

                Just out of pure curiosity what do you think about yuri side characters? Like the teleport girl on railgun.


  3. Woo….. new start, hope everything works out for everyone. u are a very good leader so I don’t really understand the bickering. If some1 can’t take the role of leadership some1 else has to step up and do it . And like I said ur a very good leader


  4. Wew~ well things like this are common in online game where you started a guild then you give authority to the vice guildmaster and time past by your guild grows without much communication from the founder, the guild has grown then suddenly the founder says things then guild disbands… *sigh* he should have taken the initiative to talk to his members…..
    well goodluck guys hope you sort things out~ :)


      1. Sigh, well I can understand the situation, let’s just hope he doesn’t do something foolish like consider suicide, he seems like the type to consider it after all… Damn, this is why I prefer posting funny comments, this is depressing me. But since I have a personality similar to him I do feel the need to point out the possibility, let’s just hope i’m wrong…


  5. I’m pretty lost on what’s going on, as I only visited the site for Garudina and Astarte’s Knight (i.e. I haven’t visited the site since the last Astarte chapter). I’m assuming there were some hard feelings over power boundaries not being clarified or something?

    Also, who is translating Astarte’s Knight and Garudina? Is it you guys or someone back on the other site?

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    1. Ash is doing both those series~

      And no hard feelings, just lack of communication. And since this has practically been my ship since March or so, I decided to migrate from 9’s blog with 9 leaving the group.


                    1. uh we really need translators and editors, editing isn’t something that can be taught really, since it requires a strong grasp of the language in question.

                      Translating, well, yeah.

                      You could fill out one of our tests and submit it, that’d be the fastest way.


  6. cclark777

    Wish I could help but all I can do is proofread and I’m sure you got better people than me. I can also turn things into .pdf.

    Here is hoping that this site has a long future.


      1. cclark777

        Ya. I do it all the time for myself and recently decided that I should offer to do it for the sites that I read stuff at. If you want me to do it for you just let me know just add to my name and you got my email or you can contact me via steam under the same name.


          1. cclark777

            Ya I can just let me know what series you want me to pdf if you just want something that I have done I can send shield hero or mushoku tensei


  7. Schion

    will you be registering this site on aho updates? and I kinda feel…unpleasent about 9 saying that he feels unhappy that a series he had been secretly translating being “NTR-ed” simply cause how was the guy who picked it up supposed to know he was tl-ing it when he did it secretly? if he was gonna feel unhappy that others picked it up maybe he should’ve announced that he was picking it up?


    1. Oh and hilariously enough, I just played “The Beginner’s Guide” and the entire plot of that game is pretty much how you and 9 are.

      Kind of a coincidence honestly.


  8. dandyboy

    well…im glad you moved away from that crap, having an unmotivated and unreachable leader sucks. especially if he gives full control over to someone then bitches about it later

    Good luck in the future mate, ill be following you….um not in a stalker way ^^


    1. Leoneiros

      Editors are needed~ Keep in mind we have 4 translators and only 2 editors and everyone still has RL issues. For everyone who says things like “I have no knowledge or experience” keep in mind neither do I. I had the motivation and time so I just up and started translating Black Knight cause I really liked the story and it kept getting dropped. It’s MTL and I don’t know a lick of Japanese, but I push each line of text through 4 translators and pour in enough time into each chapter it could be considered a part time job. I don’t expect everyone to have that motivation but please, if you have the desire and time, at least fill out a test or application and see if you can help. It’ll just mean faster releases~


      1. i guess that mean i also get a pre-released sneak peek into the chapter~. ok then. I’ll apply. I also applied to work with Xant and the new Lazy9 crew so I’ll be spending time here and there


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