Black Knight – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Clothing Shop & Information Collection

Metropolitan Street

Having spent the night in the castle and finished breakfast, I applied my armor and left the castle with Alice.

The capital consists of the Castle as the center with the city spreading around it, divided into aptly named districts: North School District, South Market District, East Noble District and West Commoner District.
As the district names state, the North District is where kids go to school from elementary to college.  The East District is where the nobles live and the West District is where the commoners live.
We are currently entering the Market District or South District.
A gate and walls separate each district.  It’s the first time I have entered such a big city.

There’s a traveler’s inn and a guild located in the South District.
Food and clothing shops are also there, of course.  Weapon shops to deal with arms and armor, many general stores to deal with magic items, daily necessities, and furnishings.  There are even stores with merchandise that have come from other countries. Overall, a very crowded place.

“Amazing!” [Chie]

I stated while looking at the neighborhood.

“Yes, there is hardly a single day that it is not crowded in this area.” [Alice]

Alice stated as she walked to the right of me dressed in her maid uniform.

The current time is about 10:00am.
The Prince is currently at school which is 5 days a week.
Thankfully the North District supplies schooling for elementary all the way up to college.

In this world there are 7 days in a week.
There are also 365 days in one year.
Surprisingly this world is very similar to Earth in this respect.
It would appear that this world runs on the same time as Earth.
That’s where I don’t understand some things.

Before I was sent to this world, Amaterasu mentioned this country’s security situation.
However, the information Amaterasu gave was different than the current situation.
Amaterasu said I would be sent back 4 years in time during which time Yusuke would be summoned.
So would that mean there is a Yusuke and 13-year-old me back on Earth currently?
My power can rival that of the Demon King, but then why does Yusuke still get summoned?
Maybe Yusuke gets summoned by country that is not confident in their power?
Yusuke is a moron and is gullible… That may be a problem.
Either way, it appears the security situation is cleared up in 4 years.
Even though the security situation will be addressed I still have to get caught up with Yusuke.
It’s a complicated feeling.

“Haaa~” [Chie]

“Is there something wrong Black Knight-sama?” [Alice]

Alice heard me let out an involuntary sigh.
It’s not like she could help me with my internal problems anyway.

“No, it’s nothing” [Chie]

“Is that so?” [Alice]

Alice slightly tilted her head with a doubtful expression.

“Yeah.  Actually I’m thinking of buying a set of plain clothes.  Do you know a good store?” [Chie]

I try to divert the conversation.

Today I came out to gather clothes and information.

Time is precious.

Alice gives a nod and begins to guide me to a clothing store.


Clothing Store

I arrived at the clothing store with Alice and we immediately enter.
It’s good that we found one so fast, but how should I say it….

“Umm…I feel like I’m being stared at.” [Chie]

“Probably due to the color of your cloak.” [Alice]

Alice gives a slight giggle while looking at my cloak.
Certainly this store is generally frequented by commoners and travelers.
I have a bright red cloak, which symbolizes my closeness to the royal family. Entering a place like this would be unusual.
Also, wearing full body black armor to buy household goods.

Definitely too suspicious.

“I just want comfortable clothes to wear, and pajamas.  I have no interest in expensive looking fashionable clothes.” [Chie]

If possible I would like to get clothes that are good for wearing under armor.  A shirt and pants would be nice.
There is no point in getting shoes, since they change whenever I equip the armor.

“But it would be nice to be fashionable when not in the armor as well.” [Alice]

Alice knows my true gender so she is concerned about my appearance.
Sorry Alice but, I have no interest in a dress.
At home I wore comfortable clothes and jerseys.  Fashion was unrelated to my life.
Because of this my whole family would cry.
It’s just, rather than buy clothes with my pocket money, I thought games, manga, and imitation swords were far more exciting.
My brother use to tell me it was a waste but I enjoyed being buried in a room full of ninja goods.


“Alice, I mean to hide my sex not only inside the armor but when I am also without it.” [Chie]

“Well…that is so.” [Alice]

Alice seems convinced but at the same time I feel like I want to drop my shoulders.
Is this…that?
Where in the novels and comics the maid comes out and enjoys dressing up a person like a doll?
Nope. Sorry. Not happening.

I go towards the shelves where men’s clothing is placed.
It would be easier to hide my gender this way.  I should choose a bland color like black or brown.
From behind the shelf I can see Alice’s gaze full of complaints but I’ll just ignore it.
4 pieces of plain clothes and 2 black pajamas.
I need a robe to be on the safe side.  Just in case I am in a situation where I can’t wear the armor and I still need to cover my head and face.
A bland color so I can stay inconspicuous would be best.
It will need to be durable but light so it’s easy to move in.

“Excuse me.” [Chie]

“Y-Yes!” [Female Clerk]

I call over the clerk to find out what would be best.
It’s a woman with long straight red hair in her early 20’s.
She seemed panicked and came in a hurry.

“D-Did you need something?” [Female Clerk]

Her voice shaking.
Somehow, I’m feeling guilty.

“I would like a robe that is durable yet easy to move in.” [Chie]

The clerk began shuffling around the clothes searching for a robe that fit my description.

“This robe was woven from the feathers of a Gryphon!  It has a magic resistance boost and is light yet durable.” [Female Clerk]

She stretched out the dark brown robe before me.
I took it from her to examine it.  Definitely light and sturdy.

“I’ll take it along with these.” [Chie]

“C-Certainly!” [Female Clerk]

The clerk takes all of the clothes and heads to the register, however….

“Kyaaa!” [Female Clerk]


The female clerk manages to trip and stumble.
Clothes, robe, and clerk all fall to the floor.
At the sight, all the people around start to turn pale.  Well more like blue-green.
Alice and I immediately go to the place the clerk fell.

“Ah!…Um!…I-I’m terribly sorry!” [Female Clerk]

The female clerk was trembling terribly.
I hold out my right hand to the clerk.

“Are you hurt?” [Chie]

“EH?!” [Female Clerk]

She probably thought I was angry judging by the blank look on her face.
I ask in as much of a gentle voice as possible.

“No need to be afraid.  Are you uninjured?” [Chie]

“Y-Yes, um…” [Female Clerk]

She timidly reaches up and takes my hand then rises.
Meanwhile Alice quickly collects the clothes that were scattered around the floor and takes them to the register.

“Ah! I’ll get you different ones.” [Female Clerk]

The clerk approaches the register in a panic.

“I don’t mind. These are fine.” [Chie]

“Um…You still want these?” [Female Clerk]

The female clerk appears to be uneasy.

“Yes they are fine. I seem to be the cause of the situation anyway.” [Chie]

The female clerk enters a state of panic.

“S-Such a thing!” [Female Clerk]

“It’s alright. I insist it was my fault.” [Chie]

I try to pacify the clerk to calm her down.
Then all of a sudden from the back of the shop…

“GAHAHAHAHAHA! That is quite the display!” [???]

A man was carrying on with a loud laughter.
A man with short messy red hair and small mustache.  He had furrowed brows and eyes similar to a villainous person.
He had a height of 190 kuameito (cm) and judging by his looks, he seems to be around 50.  Though he is an uncle his body is built like an athlete, full of muscles.

“Hello Byron-san.” [Alice]

“Oh? Well if it isn’t Alice-chan.” [Byron]

Alice seems to be good friends with this uncle.

“This person is Byron Ozuri and is the manager of this shop. Byron this person is Black Knight-sama whom I now serve.” [Alice]

Alice gave out the introductions.

“You can just call me Byron.” [Byron]

Byron holds out his right hand while showing his white teeth and laughing.

“Nice to meet you Byron-san. I apologize ahead of time but circumstances prevent me from revealing my name. I hope you forgive me.” [Chie]

I remove my gauntlet and shake his hand.
By the way, as long as it’s just the hand the gender won’t be revealed. Such splendid armor.
Byron stiffens up a bit and seems to be surprised by something.
Looking around, several people inside and outside of the store are looking rather stupefied.
I wonder if I have done something unusual again.
I look to Alice but she is just smiling while looking at me.
I wonder.

“GAHAHAHAHAH!  You sure don’t act how you look!” [Byron]

–Bashin! –Bashin!

Byron pats my shoulder with his left hand and laughs once again excitedly.
Did I do something?

“To have come to this city with the Black Unicorn, wear a red cloak, and come to this shop, I thought I was dreaming.” [Byron]

To think so many problems could occur just from shopping and shaking hands. Not to mention the poor clerk.
Apparently the Unicorn legend is a bigger deal than I thought.

“No, but, I think this is normal?” [Chie]

While being shocked with Byron’s attitude I reply back to soothe the situation.
However, contrary to what I thought, Byron grabs both of my shoulders and faces me away. He then shouts to the onlookers.

“Hey everyone! This is how the legendary knight acts! Even though he was chosen by the black unicorn he shops like one of us!” [Byron]

“Oooooo!” [Onlookers]

The words said by Byron make the onlooker’s voice out in admiration.
Why do they do this?

“You know Byron, the Black Knight-sama was nominated Knight Commander by my brother Conrad. Black Knight-sama carries the hopes of the Imperial family. I can be proud to serve him.” [Alice]

Hey!  Don’t say such a thing in this place now!

“All you hear that! The Empire’s strongest knight backed by the royal family came all the way to my shop to buy clothes!” [Byron]

All it took was that.

“Sir Knight! By all means come also to my shop!” [???]

“Sir Knight, come to my grocery store!” [???]

“Come to my weapons shop! I have the best weapons!” [???]

One after the other people begged me to come to their stores.
And at that time I came to be called “Sir Knight” in the West Commoner and South Market Districts.
You know, I’m a woman. Not a sir. Oh well.
After a few minutes the commotion finally settled down. I was finally able to finish my purchase at the register.

“That will be 1 silver plate and 5 silver in total.” [Female Clerk]

The money of this world is copper, copper plate, silver, silver plate, gold, and gold plate.
Comparing to Earth, copper is 10 yen, copper plate 100 yen, silver 1000 yen, silver plate 10,000 yen, gold 100,000 yen, and gold plate 1,000,000 yen.
The shape and size of the copper, silver and gold is about the same as a 10-yen coin.  Plates are about the size and shape of a 500-yen coin.
So it came to about 15,000 yen.
I take two silver plate from the brown bag given to me by Amaterasu.
It is packed full of silver plate.
I counted before going to bed and it was at least 100 silver plates.
In hindsight it was a good thing it was silver plate and not gold plate.
The problems I would have faced while shopping with only gold plates.

“Byron, has there been any problems around the capital recently?” [Chie]

I asked Bryon while the clerk handed me 5 silvers.
Byron seems to be trusted and popular with the people of this district.

“Hrmm…” [Byron]

Byron seems to be thinking while he crosses his arms in front of his chest.

“There has been talk of some young people going missing recently.” [Byron]

“Young people? Roughly how old are these people that go missing?” [Chie]

“From children of about 10 years of age to young adults of 20.” [Byron]

“Males and females?” [Chie]

“Aye. Probably being taken as slaves by slave merchants or the Thieves Guild.” [Byron]

Slave traders?

“Slavery is…I was certain in the Empire it was abolished more than 100 years ago.” [Alice]

It seems in the Holy Kingdom it is still prominent but it has been abolished in the Empire.
The reason is the royalty here hates discrimination.
Although there are different social standings between nobility and commoners it is more of a give-and-take relationship. The royal family and nobles protect the country while the commoners work the land.
There are some nobles that look down on the commoners but it’s a small part.
It is precisely because the empire is such a country that the idea of slavery never set root.
So why slave traders?

“Certainly the empire has prohibited slaves but we have heard rumors of an underground auction since 3 years ago.” [Byron]

“Auction?!” [Chie]

What an unpleasant feeling.

“My brother tried to gather information about it also but could never get any solid evidence.” [Alice]

“The entrance would need to be located in a back alley or back side of town.” [Chie]

Back alleys and such are often where the more unsavory people hang out.
The Thieves guild probably has their base there also.

“If the auction is somewhere it is probably being supported by someone with power such as a noble. Their strong influence would help in keeping the location secret and the information about it nonexistent.” [Chie]

“You think so? If it is a noble then it could be anyone involved in the politics of the country you think?” [Byron]

I shake my head to Byron’s words and Alice explains.

“Just because someone is a noble doesn’t mean they are involved in politics.” [Alice]

“Is that so?” [Byron]

Byron answers Alice with eyes wide open.
It can’t be helped, most commoners wouldn’t know much about nobility.
Alice continues the explanation.

“When you say ‘noble’ it can mean Grand Duke, brother of the Emperor, a King or Saint, Royals, Holy Family or head of a branch. A duke is to the Imperial and Royal family while a Holy person is comparable to that of a great patrician. Black Knight-sama here is similar to someone of this position.” [Alice]

“Hoooo!” [Byron]

Byron lets out an exclamation as he looks at me.
It’s not like I’m happy about it.
Alice continues on.

“There are also Earls or persons with fiefs. Viscounts are nobles with land.  Baron is the lowest noble.  Others are called junior nobility. Incidentally my brother Conrad is a Baron.” [Alice]

Baron Conrad?

“Although he was mischievous as a boy long ago, now he is the most successful of the commoners!” [Alice]

“Conrad was a delinquent?” [Chie]

That serious looking Conrad?
I can’t imagine.

“Yes, very bad.” [Alice]

“Very bad?!” [Chie]

If it’s enough to have his sister say so then I can’t imagine anymore.
This is interesting!

“Alice, let me hear more of this in detail later!” [Chie]

“Yes, I would be glad to.” [Alice]

I’m looking forward to it.
Well, I digress.

“Well, that being the case of nobility.  From the before mentioned Grand Duke to the earlier said Baron only the most outstanding among them is chosen for political parliament. So being noble doesn’t necessarily mean you are involved in politics.” [Alice]

“Oh, so that is how it is.” [Byron]

Byron said while impressed.

“With the earlier things stated, a person with strong influence being needed to carry out such a crime is not uncommon. Rather, a large scale crime such as slave auction, it is natural to think someone with a lot of influence is involved and that person is probably the mastermind.” [Chie]

First things first.

“Up to this point our target hasn’t been narrowed down. The best way is to enlist help.” [Chie]

Even I have limits when alone.
We will need Conrad to help us.

“Alice, let us return to the castle soon. I need you to take me to Conrad.” [Chie]

“Yes, but do you not need to rest?” [Alice]

Alice is concerned of my well-being because of all the stuff that has been happening the last two days.
Certainly a day of rest would be nice but with the current situation….
This has clearly been going on for the last 3 years so I would rather solve this problem immediately.

“More than that, I don’t care for this situation. There is a need to address this matter as soon as possible.” [Chie]

“As you wish.” [Alice]

“If you hear anything more contact the castle.” [Chie]

Anything would help.
It’s possible that the military is not aware but if you are a commoner you would hear more.

“Aye, sure thing.” [Byron]

Alice and I leave the shop with our luggage as we hurry back to the castle.

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