Garudina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 2: Part 1

Ash: I realized that some of you are wondering whether there are beast people left at the village or not. I think the confusion stems from the fact I accidentally phrased a sentence poorly in Chapter 1 Part 9 TT_TT (will I get stoned if I add a tehepero here?).

The sentence was worded like:

“We-, well, this person is a lowly demi-human. Up until now, we kept these dirty things in a hut so Georg-sama wouldn’t have see them…”

but in reality I meant (and already fixed it to):

“We-, well, this person is a lowly demi-human. Up until now, we kept dirty things like these in a hut so Georg-sama wouldn’t have see them…”

So the sentence is probably meant as a comparison, not as a confirmation of the existence of other beast people. Based on the 1:100 population ratio of beast people to humans and the fact Georg interrogated the village, I find it very unlikely beast people would be left at the village.

Yep, real sorry about that. On a brighter note, we can revel in the existence of Georg’s new family member happier with a clearer conscience? ;D




Heartwarming everyday life time.



Inside a forest with sunlight shining through the leaves, there are the figures of two people who put on white hooded robes.

One is Georg, and the other is Ferris.

That day, Georg used Dragon Transfiguration with his armor taken off, and then used Human Transfiguration to create, not clothes nor armor, but this robe, then used Dragon Transfiguration with it taken off, then used Human Transfiguration again, and after repeating these troublesome acts, Ferris’ own share of clothes was secured.

He put on his robe over the armor he wore since the first day, and Ferris put on her robe over the over-sized clothing with rolled up sleeves and hems she wore. The colors are nothing but white because they’re dependent on Georg’s dragon appearance, but nevertheless, this clothing is far better than the function-less cloth.

At any rate, the performance is guaranteed. Referring to even possibly a robe, Dragonhide clothing mitigates heat and cold, and is a formidable armor which defends against slashes despite looking like cloth, and even magic is reduced until there’s no effect.

At first, Ferris said something like.

“I-I-I-…I can’t wear something like this!!”

Falling into a slump, Georg said.

“Well…I guess it might feel unpleasant if you think this was once part of my body but…”

The two people produced a chaotic space of being bewildered, being pleased, being sad, and laughing. After that.

“Well, I don’t care anymore if it’s precious and awe-inspiring, but are you trying to turn my mental health and reason into very small pieces?” (Ferris)

Saying this, Georg’s opinion was settled.

Afterwards when the clothes preparation finished, Ferris, who separated from Georg to change her clothes, was surprised by a large spider which fell on her shoulder and came running back almost nude. Seeing this, Georg became very embarrassed, and Ferris, coming back to her senses dealt Georg a slap to the cheek while screaming. Because of that various things happened, like her involuntarily running away from Georg, who had clearly saw too much various things, but somehow, they were able to depart from that place.

“I would like to say we made it out safely, but…”

For some reason, the slap that one time was effective. To the point where the struck part became red. Whether it could be said as great physical power at a scene of a fire, or a young girl’s characteristic, he couldn’t help but feel something ominous. (Actually, it was only because he didn’t consciously defend that part, which was not guarded by clothing or armor, to the point where damage passed through)
(TL: Great physical power at the scene of a fire- imagine your house burning, and in your desperation you manage to move a giant piece of roof fallen in your way you never thought you could. TL;DR: great strength in times of crisis)

Nevertheless, two days already passed after that day. The destination was also already planned.

The Garudina Great Forest, nickname, Demon Forest.

There lies an extremely huge forest spread out in this kingdom and the neighboring empire. A gigantic lake is in the center, there exists mostly untouched fruit and vegetables with an abundance of nutrition in the forest, and the extending mountain’s stratum contains numerous ore despite being on the north bank of the lake.

The reason why such a place still exists and was not devastated by humans was due to many powerful demons and beasts inhabiting the area.

It seems the kingdom and empire deployed armies many times before for the sake of extermination, but each and every single time they withdrew in the state of annihilation without offering significant results. Also for the kingdom and the empire, they paused and built up temporary colors of peace, and because of the reason, they can’t mutually invade precisely because this danger zone exists. Nowadays, it seems they completely leave this forest alone.

Certainly ideal to build a base.

Many demons and beasts, perhaps because of instinct or experience, hardly approach the Dragunir. (For this reason the general hunting style of using Dragon Transfiguration and killing in one breath in the air became numerous) The living beings flaring up at existences unmistakably above them in the food chain are, first of all, about only humans who grouped together.

Just by being there, Georg quickly changed the Demon Forest into a safety zone for himself and the surrounding people. Perhaps if Georg traveled into the forest center, the forest’s outer demon layer will become more abundant because of the migration of demons and beasts trying to escape, creating the state of a natural stronghold.

<…Now that I think about it, it’s convenient enough to think that I was called to this world for this sake.>

Considering his race and strength, and furthermore the situation the beast people are left in, as well as the opportunity obtained when looking directly at this, he started to think like that.

<Well, I don’t mind though. I acquired my purpose in life thanks to meeting Ferris and finding my objective, so what kind of dissatisfaction would I have?>

The sensation on the first day like he was not himself and like something was eroding him is already gone for now. Is this proof that his current actions are right? At any rate, the decision is to first struggle through the forest.

“Ferris, are you tired?”

“Mou, nii-san is a worrywart, we just rested a short time ago didn’t we?”

“What’s so bad about an older brother worrying about his little sister?”

While saying such small talk to each other, they walked down a untrodden path. The reason they deliberately went inside the forest is to avoid public notice and later, to ensure food.

“And besides, even if your injuries are cured, Ferris still doesn’t have sufficient stamina right? I don’t want to push you too hard.”

“…Seriously, you really are overprotective, prone to worrying, and over-pampering.”

“Ou, because I decided to thoroughly spoil Ferris.”


And now, the intimate atmosphere up until now between the two people is the results of Georg’s efforts over the period of these two days. When walking, he was always beside Ferris, as if protecting her; if he had food, he would preferentially give it to her; if she was injured, he would immediately use recovery magic no matter how minor it was; and when they were sleeping, they would always sleep nestled close together.

Notice up until now, it wasn’t the Ferris with a closed heart to the point of being cold-hearted (originally beast people have a warmer side to their feelings than humans), but the one which has a friendly relationship like real siblings would.

<But I haven’t snuggled with her yet!!>
(TL: the word is モフって. It’s like petting/snuggling/cuddling a fluffy thing like a cat)

His lack of zero ulterior motives can be said as a somewhat sad nature of guys.

Anyways, it appears as if this pair’s journey is, for good or bad, peaceful.


End Notes:

60 thoughts on “Garudina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 2: Part 1

  1. RKain

    …Why would a girl who’s been forced to live in filth and squalor all her life be afraid of bugs? Filth and squalor tend to have no lack of insects and spiders and rats and other vermin…

    My thanks to you.


            1. Possibly, the Author want to try create that kind of situation for once to show how close they are. But he forgot about the fact that he made her as a slave previously that supposed to already endure those kind of situations.


    1. I grew up in ah house 160+ years old, and thus, full of spiders. I then moved to a house just slightly newer, at around 20 years old. Not full of spiders, but it did have a brown recluse problem. I have an intense aversion to spiders. Just because you are subjected to a phobia frequently does not necessarily mean you will get over it. And even if you are used to it, turning your head to see a spider on your body at point blank range when you least expect it can be hella shocking. Plus spiders in wild areas where the factor known as pest control hasn’t been invented yet can get big.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. dark1knight

      that´s what you are worried about? and here i was asking myself how did a girl, abused for years opened her heart so quickly, i mean 2 days? even if he saved her i thought that it would be more normal if she kept her heart at a distance by acting more like a servant than a close sibling.
      Or am i crazy?


  2. lel that last line from author “His lack of zero ulterior motives can be said as a somewhat sad nature of guys.” my bet our MC will be another Dense MC again :v


    1. zekkendo

      Hmm? I thought it was something like a double negative, where he does have ulterior motives, slowly working his way past her defenses, out sumthin like that


        1. zekkendo

          I won’t deny that I could be wrong (seems pretty common for me to be), but I just felt that he’s portrayed as a more thoughtful character. Totally subjective


      1. That’s possible, though him being a “dense” MC who doesn’t even notice should be impossible. I mean, he noticed the human women in the village looking at him with love and lust… but then again, his love for kemonomimi does seem extraordinary, so I guess that could cloud his judgement on the matter within his nation later on.


    2. To lack zero ulterior motives is a way of implying he has it after all. Which is why the “sad nature of guys” part was included, which is basically saying “He’s a guy after all, so he’s definitely mindful of that stuff.” Because if you lack having a lack of something, that means you do not lack it at all.


    1. RKain

      It would be better to think in terms of race, rather than economics. There are plenty of cultures around the world where a minority group is oppressed for the crime of being the minority.

      For example, here in Canada, the various First Nations peoples have a long and rich history of being cruelly oppressed by the more numerous settlers. I’m sure there’s at least one example in or near whatever country you happen to live in.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. RKain

          Certainly they COULD hold value… but (this is speculation) I suspect that there is a cultural history of mistreating and/or dehumanizing the beast people. Such a tradition could have almost any source – the beast people could be the Jews of this setting, or the First Nations peoples, or the Ainu, or the untouchables, or whatever. But as long as the tradition exists, then numbers simply would not matter; in that case, treating them as slaves or livestock might be more of a “punishment” thing than a “getting use out of them” thing.

          But, this is speculation.


  3. Mike

    Just by the way some spiders are among the most poisonous animals in the world so i could be a poisonous one deadly to humans and demi humans but still no problem for a dragunir.


  4. Marisandini

    Thnx for the chapter! If you dont mind, i like to say i’ve been writing my own web novel, please visit i welcome any feedback


  5. Hello,

    I am new here in your website.

    I love garudina, that’s why I wanted to thank you guys .

    I also wanted to ask how often you release for this one?

    Or is it on hold because of RL, like exams and so on

    Also how many parts does chapter 2 have


    1. If there is something I can help with contact me.

      Even thought my Japanese/Chinese and co is nearly none existent, I can help with editing or software development and so on


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