Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 12

Ash: This marks the end of Chapter 1….. THE REAL STORY IS GOING TO START…. sort of…. like after Chapter 2 probably…

Draco: Georg’s got his priorities in order, always go for the kemonomimi flag

Ash: “Always go for the kemonomimi flag” -The One Truth 2015





After crying for a while, the young girl looked up at Georg’s face while sniffling.


“What is it?”

“Is…it really okay for me to follow you…?”

“What is it at this point, why is there someone hesitating even though I approved of your wish?”
(TL: 何を今さら、お前が望み俺が許したというのに、誰に憚ることがある)

“After all…I am a beast person…if we’re together I’ll cause you troubl-…”

“It’s nice having lots of trouble. If it’s family, that’s probably normal. Those words are already unnecessary, and if there’s something, it’s for when you wish to separate from me.|

“I don’t wish for something like that!!”

“Then it’s alright. Leaving that aside, you should decide a name soon.”


“Ahh, if I always call you “you”, it sets a bad example to others as family right?”


Even though it was said many times up until now, she didn’t actually feel it yet and as if digesting it, muttered it while looking down.

“Nn, You are…oh right, how old are you?”

“I don’t know exactly…probably, only around 14, 15…”

“Then, a little sister. I’m only a 17 year-old youngster, but I’ll support my one little sister.”

“Se-…Seventeen years old!?”

The reason for her surprise is because Georg looked older.

But in relation to his appearance, there was no helping it because of the Dragunir race’s typical characteristics. A Dragunir’s growth at birth is fast, about 4 times that of humans. In short, a 5 year-old has the physique and intelligence of an average human adult, and around 7 years, the typical Dragunir approaches its most mature state. From there the appearance will stay unchanging and preserved for close to 1700 to 1800 years.

This can be said as their disposition which excels extraordinarily at defending against foreign invaders. They possess a short period of being weak and young and a long state of being extremely resilient.

“Ahh, so there isn’t a big difference in our years lived. Also beast people, properly speaking, have a life span of about 150 years, so after this it looks like we’ll have a long relationship.”


This is his declaration to fulfill the young girl’s entire life span. Noticing this, the young girl answered delightfully while her tail swung. Quite an adorable smile and action.

<It can’t be anything other than this…>

For one reason or another, even he became happy and smiled. He finally saw this beast person’s smile, and if a smile was pulled out from him, his mood has become a bit cheerful.

“Well…then the name…what should it be. Are there any names you’re contemplating?”

“None…since I have never received a name ever since I’ve been born…”

“I see…”

“Yes…then if it’s alright with you…no, I want you to give me a name…”


His back started feeling uneasy.

“…Don’t expect much from my naming sense alright?”

“It’s okay, I believe in you.”


This unconditional hurdle is casually difficult.

<As expected it can’t be something like “Tama”… in the first place I never even thought of marriage as a kid, so to name someone…I have nothing but another foreign one?…Impossible, nope, but I don’t want to betray her expectations…>
(TL: Tama is the stereotypical name given to a pet cat)

After worrying for a moment while groaning, Georg said it as if squeezing it out.



“Ferris, Ferris Stanford. Georg Stanford’s little sister and only family member.”

In the end, what he dragged out was a game character’s name. Not only that, but the name of the heroine who was tied together with the character Georg to the end.

“Ferris…Ferris…yes. As of today, I am Georg Stanford’s little sister, Ferris Stanford!!”

A young girl whose expression lit up and turned towards him with a radiant smile, Ferris.

<…I won’t say it, that it’s a misappropriation of characters I know, or the like, I won’t say it no matter what…>
(TL: Misappropriation: the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one’s own use or other unauthorized purpose…from Wikipedia)

In front of Ferris, who repeatedly murmured the name he gave her while shaking her tail with a “bunbun”, Georg was secretly sweating unpleasantly.




“Alright, we should go soon.”

“Eh?…t-, to the village?”

To Ferris, whose expression suddenly darkened, Georg set up a confusing denial.

“Nope, we’re never going to that village again. For now, it’s an aimless journey to find a purpose.”


Ferris breathed a relieved sigh. As expected, the memories in that village thoroughly became trauma. He thought about what would happen if he took her out without any permission, but he saw a future where the young girl would die in the near future if she was left alone as is. Besides, the village certainly might have seen Ferris as property, but he should have given a favor of higher value to the villagers.

“Well, there’s also a time to thoroughly sort out this world…”


“What, just a monologue.”

While staying at that village, he had who knows how much time to sort out the common knowledge and information concerning this world inside his head. Among them, he had hunting knowledge, and game processing methods (at that time he became aware that the Dragunir are like hunters), and they shouldn’t end up in the situation like when he arrived.

“Well, for the time being, the discovery and cultivation of a base-like location, and after that the securing of a fitting population for the production of an ideal utopia.”

“…?…I don’t really understand, but I’ll try my best!!”

George replied while smiling to Ferris, who immediately raised an energetic voice after tilting her head to the side cutely.

“Nn, very well. Well, it’s time we go, little sister.”

“Yes, nii-san!!”

The two people stood up. Then.

“…But before that, we need to supply new clothes for you, Ferris.”

“Eh?…Ah, kyaa!!”

Recovery magic can’t fix the clothing tattered from violence. Honestly, Georg felt slightly excited looking directly at Ferris’ appearance after she stood up.
What a disorganized pair.


End Notes:

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          You skiped open perverts and jumpt straight to omega perverts? As someone who stuck at the open pervert level I feel the need to point this out. Some of us need to slowly grind our way up the ranks :P


          1. People there is no “open” or “closet” pervert. You either are or aren’t. Stop trying to label perverts like that. You two noobs obviously know nothing of our ways. There are no ranks, only a dedication to our preferred fetishes.
            I hope you both have learned from from your mistakes and not assume being lecherous automatically grants you the right to call yourselves Perverts.

            But you two show potential

            Perhaps, someday, you both can become splendid Perverts in your own right


            1. mem

              Actually, we, the top-tier perverts have created these ranks as to ease our path among normal females.

              They (as you said, young one) have no meaning except to weaken the competition and fool the world.


              1. digimaster6662000

                Besides, dear Cupcake Ninja, you speak as though it were possible to not be a pervert. Let the Truth be known, there can only be perverts and the innocent who have yet to learn. There exists no state of being where one with knowledge is not beholden to perversion. Any who claim otherwise are 1 – lying to themselves and others, 2 – have not yet learned of their own nature, or 3 – sate their desire through the agony that comes from denying themselves.


    1. Kensei Seraph

      I think he might be the oblivious kind who only realises things like this when he sees them directly.
      I’m actually more surprised that Ferris hasn’t mentioned them yet.


    2. Ah whoops, I phrased the sentence in question poorly. The line “We-, well, this person is a lowly demi-human. Up until now, we kept these dirty things in a hut so Georg-sama wouldn’t have see them…” had “these dirty things” but I meant “dirty things like these”. The sentence is probably meant to show off the views of the villagers as “dirty things” could be livestock etc. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any other beast people in the village as Georg questioned them thoroughly, and the ratio of beast people to humans are like 1:100. Sorry, its my mistake, I went back and fixed the sentence.

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  1. Hmmm, so that was a chapter huh… lol I wonder how many chapters I would have written by now, if I could just write a short conversation and be satisfied with it being a chapter rofl


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