Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 11

Ash: This was a nice chapter to translate in many ways. I tried my best on the dialogues to capture the full meanings and stuffs. Especially the stuffs. After this, there’s only one chapter left in Chapter 1. My exam week is short so hopefully, just hopefully i don’t some strange thing where I post Part 12 and Chapter 2 Part 1 together 2 weeks later.







Hearing a voice coming from below his face, Georg woke up.

Last night, freed of his feelings of staying in the village, he held the young girl, went to the nearby forest, sat leaning on a suitable tree, and made it his sleeping place. Of course, because he took off his armor, the young girl did not sleep on the floor but rather on his lap pillow. (He can’t deny there were sort of some thoughts of side benefits)

“…Did you wake up?”

In order to avoid frightening her, he greeted her as gently as possible. Her memories were probably interrupted at yesterday’s violent jeers and violence. And it seems his predictions were right.


Jumping up to her feet in a panic, she put distance between Georg, who was too close, pressed her head against the floor, and then.


Georg was at a loss towards the young girl who was apologizing while crying.

<For such a young girl to be like this…humans?…>

Unconsciously, the hands placed on his legs gripped tightly. The anger which was once settled, flared up again. Calming down after taking slow deep breaths, Georg turned towards the young girl who was still apologizing.

“…It’s fine.”

Even after saying this, the young girl still hasn’t stopped apologizing.

“It’s fine…please stop…it’s already fine.”

Saying this again and laying his hands on her shoulder, the young girl let out a short scream of “Hii!!”, her body quivering and eyes closed.

Why did so many tears come out of such an excessively pitiful figure.

He was troubled by what to do with his hand on her shoulder. Probably to the girl, other people might be things that only bring pain to herself. However, he thought he must not let her possess such a recognition. He doesn’t understand the reasons well. He sure doesn’t have the time to think about it.

By the time he realized it, he strongly drew the girl towards him, and hugged her.


The young girl writhed in his arms, nails raised, biting his shoulder. But something like this had no effect on his body. Even if it was effective, he wouldn’t let go.

“It’s alright, I won’t let you go through any more scary experiences and painful things, and your pretty ears and tail won’t be lost again, so be at ease. Calm down, you’re not alone anymore.”

He used light magic with his hands wrapped around her back. It wasn’t for healing injuries, but for calming her down. Georg continued to repeat his words over until the young girl calmed down. With his protecting strength as a Dragunir, the villagers won’t be able to put their hands on her ears and tail anymore. He continued to say any words he could think of.







“Did you calm down?”


Roughly 10 minutes have passed. He wanted the young girl to regain her calm by herself as much as possible, and stopped using magic after she calmed down to some extent. It was probably why the time it took prolonged, but he has no regrets.

“I’ll let go but…don’t run away, ok?”

“I won’t do something… like running away…”

“I see…”

After this short exchange, Georg released the girl from his arms. Looking at her after they separated, her eyes were red.

“Sorry, you had those unpleasant experiences. But I swear the words I said are the truth.”


“You aren’t something like livestock, nor are you an object, nor are you a human’s, no, anyone’s possession. It’s alright for you to choose for yourself, act for yourself, and live for yourself. If you’re scared being alone, or if you want someone to trust in, I’ll become that for you. I’ll stay by your side. Not as a leader or a master, but as a friend, a partner, or family. So…”

“Will you…believe in me?”

The young girl who was silently listening opens her mouth.

“But I am…a beast person?…For me, who is a lowly hybrid of beasts and humans…”

“What is lowly. If such an idiotic rumor causes you sorrow, I’ll use this long life to wipe it out.”

“I-…I…will greatly depend on you.”

“Depend on me, you should still be at the age where it’s allowed. And what’s bad about depending on family.”

“Making my ears and tail pretty, saving me from despair, giving me such gentle words, I probably won’t separate from you. Even if you think it’s unpleasant or annoying, I’ll follow you the whole time.”

“That’s what I want, no, rather I never thought of separating?”


With a thundering voice, Georg told the young girl who kept repeating contradictory, self-torturing words.

“No more buts, and alsos. Didn’t I say? You have the right to choose for yourself, act for yourself, and live for yourself. What do you want to do? As an equal existence, I respect your decision, and that’s all there to it. So, choose. Confess the first choice, the first desire of your life.”

Saying up to there, the young girl sank into silence, and there was a pause. After a short time.

“…to live.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“…I want to live.”

“That’s it?”

“I want to…live with you.”

“Your voice is quiet.”

“With you!! With you who saved me and gave me everything!! I want to go together!! Live together!! No matter where, together!…together…”

“Nn, well said.”

He hugged the young girl, who started shedding tears again, this time gently as if tucking her into feathers. She also hugged, clinging onto him. Georg caressed the young girl’s hair gently.

“A crybaby family member has been raised.”

“…It’s too late…for regrets.”

“Who would do that idiot. Same for you, have you resolved yourself to the fullest? It will become a bit busy after this.”

“Why…is that?”

“What, just changing the world a little.”


Like this, the world’s two member family started.

In the future, these two people’s names were left in many history books, but that’s not a story for now.


End Notes:

The mostly-conversation has ended…

Next time the story will certainly progress.

46 thoughts on “Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 11

    1. no need to countdown lol. Let him just walk straight to that (Catholic-like) church and do a purge. After that, humanity will already be screwed lol. Show some “muscles” and they will all run away screaming like little girls (no offense to all the females).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. soremo

        Why Catholic-like? For me it´s much more similar to some Evangelical or Calvinist ones, even the Anglican. The places with more witch trials were protestant countries.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. DarkLoki

            The witch trials start in Catholic church and for some info Evagelic church is really recent religion if you compare is better if you do between Catholic and Islam religions…


      1. he didn’t exactly buy but forcefully confiscated lol, who would make the dragon pay for something, just letting them off with their life is more than enough for the likes of those plebeians. eitherway though, both parties are happy and i can’t wait for the next member of his family to appear

        Liked by 2 people

          1. now, now, we don’t need to incite a war THIS early in the story now do we? i mean he’s already coming up with methods but hasn’t been put into place yet. but all for the sake of the fluffies.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Well, it took him 10 chapters to even notice how fucked up the world was lol I can imagine it take much much longer for him to actually accomplish anything significant :P Also, 1 person against millions or billions, isn’t exactly a war lol


                1. Yea, besides that, it’s impossible for ‘all’ the humans to be evil assholes. I mean, there are probably plenty of hidden beast-tribe villages too, and what about elves or other similar races? Also, I personally hate how races that are superior to humans are called ‘demi-humans’ in most of those kinds of stories lol. They should be called ‘super-humans’ because they usually are.


                  1. Well people seem to deem anything that are better than them as such or so just to demoralize since there are those that like feeling powerful or their existence at the top of the food chain is threatened. Can’t wait to see what his first step will be.

                    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s seem dragonir are Dragon who have ability to transform and have human appearance moreover he are purebred, i think dragonewt more close to demi human


  1. Leylin Shin

    What about the other beast-people in the village? does he leave them? aah i am getting annoyed with these kind of characters. they act modest yet completely show-of and fail too see the bigger picture.


  2. brian

    It really is like a father and daughter thing, eh? Not gonna lie those re some massive feels and i like how the mc has those feelings of pity towards the little girl


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