Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 10

Ash: This chapter was finished last Thursday, but I decided to post this today with Part 11 just so that the chapter releases are on Wednesdays…. actually now that I think about it, it’s a pretty bad idea to prolong the release by 6 days for this reason…. At least things are progressing nicely in the story…. ;D English is hard…even though its my first language…







Holding the young girl in his arms, Georg tried using light magic for recovery, and chants.

This world’s magic can be said as the act of creating phenomenon from imagination. Proper chants do not exist, as specific expressions are made from one’s inner image, and magic emits for the purpose of causing the image. For example, the imagination for making a spear of fire could be “Fire, become a spear”.

Due to a skill, Georg can automatically analyze the optimum solution for creating phenomenon without chanting, but from there, if he wants to cause a stronger image using powerful magic, chanting is,  as expected, the most reliable and has the best efficiency.

For that reason, he included the use of chanting this time. He desired to save the young girl even if his limits of strength was exhausted.

“Wh-…what are you…”

“Shut up, be silent!”

Silencing the bewildered looking villagers with one roar, Georg concentrated on nothing but restoration.

And after several minutes, the results appeared. Furiously.

The unsightly torn tail which lost its shine, the pitiful ears which are unbearable to look at, the full-body bruises, and even the old scar attained in the past disappeared completely, or were possibly restored. Right now, a young beautiful Tigermen tribe girl was in Georg’s arms.

“Thank god…”

He felt relief from the bottom of his heart. Even with his amount of power, he was dubious whether he could regain lost things, and for that reason he chanted.

The young girl held by Georg, who stood up,  is now tranquilly breathing in her sleep despite only able to breath feebly just before.

“It’s a miracle…”

“Is this… a Dragunir’s…?”

“Are the legends all real…”

Georg raised his voice again at the out-of-place voices coming from the side and they withstood it with “Geh”. For the sake of not waking up the young girl.

“I have things I want to hear from you and any words outside of the answer are unneeded. Retorts are unforgivable, if jokes are said I’ll destroy you, and if lies are enumerated don’t think about this place’s survival. At that time, not a single person’s life will be left, alright?”

Saying this using a voice with an anger that definitely can be felt, despite being quiet, every villager simultaneously gulped and understood. Likely, they must have felt fear on an instinctive level. Despite spending these few days together, the Dragunir with a friendly existence was in no ways here.

The villagers did nothing beyond silently nodding.







By the time the villager’s interrogation, er, questioning was finished, the night already wore on considerably. Georg, like before, was still holding the Tigermen tribe’s young girl in his arms. It seems she doesn’t have a name.

Collecting what he heard, it seems in this country, or at least this continent, humans treat demi-humans as a kind of livestock. Why are they like this despite naturally having human intelligence with strength practically surpassing humans? The rumor says it’s the obvious result of having low numbers.

The exact populations of both humans and beast people naturally are not established, but at least right now, the beast people can’t be more than than 1 to 100 with humans. With this, in a large city with a scale of 10,000 people, the amount of beast people bought, raised, and treated as slaves by nobles and merchants, or wealthy farmers with large amounts of land collectively should be around 100. Villages organized by beast people were hunted down across the board by humans in the last century and nowadays practically don’t exist. The few beast people are also leading a life of danger everyday from humans.

As for why their numbers were reduced to that point, in this continent’s most prosperous religion called the Harmit School, there is a teaching that beast people are a symbol of sin due to being born as an error between human and beasts. This created a lot of oppression and discrimination, and up from there the beast people have been declining. The Harmit School is a religion born during the times when war spread to various places in the continent, when a saint continuing to advocate anti-war, love, and peace, Harmit, was said to have revived. Hearing that Georg laughed scornfully because it was an unthinkably funny story that a race was destroyed because of people singing praises of peace and love.

And then, after hearing similar unbearable words after that endlessly, Georg finally made a decision.

“I’ll gather all of this country’s, no, this continent’s beast people, and build a paradise-like country for them. No, not only just what’s necessary for the beast people, but a country assembling every race the humans call and scorn as demi-human. I’ll end the world only humans can enjoy…”

This isn’t something simple that can be done just by having power. Where should the base be put, how should they flourish there, how they can increase the population, and in what way can they reform the recognition of humans?

There is a huge pile of questions. Of course, there are many thing he can solve using power. But the reality is there are things he can’t do with only his power.

But then there isn’t much time to worry about it. There are people unreasonably killed with force elsewhere during times like today,.


In his arms, the young girl slightly stirred, her sleeping breath rising.

“…I’ll do it. I’ll give up around 100, 200 years of my uselessly long life.”

It might just be his self-righteousness. It might just become the act of stealing assets and handled people from humans. But even if he understands this, if he were to ask whether he can or cannot pardon them, he can’t. Stealing assets from humans with force might just be the same act as humans stealing rights from the beast people right now. But even then.

<Even for such a young girl, this is a common sense of allowing no resistance to an anguished, painful life. Is this something that can be forgiven…?”>

While checking his decisions, he strokes the young girl.

The figure of him affectionately stroking the young girl’s head while smiling gently was like an older brother and younger sister. It was also like a parent and child…


End Notes:

Finally the story flows on the way to the title.

A heartwarming story should have been written but…

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