Kansutoppu! Chapter 42

9: will do this instead of making a note at the end “Souhana randbu -twin petal war dance- ” will use if the skill name is in kanji. skill naming in kanji is quite hard TT_TT

9: when i was asking for a name of a certain monster in the lazy 9 a member said this stuffs


“Vit, the Buzzing Hunter”

“Vit, the Hunter that Buzzes back”

“Vit, the Hunter with a Buzz”

“Vit, the Buzztastic Hunter”

“Vit, Hunter of the Buzz” (ok this one sucks)

“Vit, the Hunter that cries out “BUZZ””

“Vit, the Hunter with a Buzzing Personality (and sound)” (plz don’t hurt me)

……that’s all i got.  I made some of the titles with some flexibility to them, so take it with a HUGE grain of salt (like, super coarse)

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Chapter 42 – Union Part 1

“Protect his Majesty while retreating! Don’t let your guard falter against the attacks from the sky!”

The soldiers surrounded the King, mimicking the castle walls.
If it wasn’t for the A-ranked adventurers around, Amane and the others would have been annihilated a long time ago. The opponents were quite powerful.
If the flying monsters were given a danger level, it would easily surpass 30.

“I don’t know who the hell these people are, but they’re clearly malicious!”

[Amane used «Souhana Randbu» -Twin Petal War Dance-!]
[Red Scissors received 644 damage!]
[Red Scissors was defeated! HP: 0/1755]

This would be a difficult task to do alone, but by forming a party it seems like they’ll manage.
Those who lost during the prelims were doing their best to help, but they were being overwhelmed.

“Benkei and Baste! Don’t advance too much! Leave the dragons to that guy!”

“I know. It’s reassuring to have the Dragon Hunter here, talk about the right person in the right place. This Baste will work hard to support until the end!”

“He” alone stood against the encroaching dragon army.

[Seigel used «Dragon Buster Blade»!]
[Wind Dragon Army received 2688 damage! HP: 1651/4339]

His blade easily tore through the scales of the giant dragons.
The dragon’s death throes rent the air as they collapsed one by one.

“Good grief, what’s with these guys? Each and every one of them aren’t from around here. Oy, the important looking Mohawk-san, could you explain this?”

Mohawk, who was straddling a wind dragon, smiled as if delighted from Seigel’s provocation.
His hairstyle was a mohawk, he wore spunky tights, and in his hand was a thorny whip. He really fit the bill for a pervert.

“Ara~n, I finally received a name from Seigel-chan! You know, for a very long time I’ve wanted to meet you.”

“Unfortunately for you, I avoid escorting men.”

“You actually figured out I was a guy?”

“It’s because my nose is working.”

The clearly obvious male in front of Seigel had a delicate, female-like aura about him.
Even with the lack of information, there was no point in getting agitated at how he acted.
Now, to begin with, who were these people? There were no clues to their identities.

“Are these guys pets? Well, even if they are, that won’t stop me.”

“Nnn…I wonder about that.”

He swung his whip in the air, and suddenly a total of 10 Wind and Blaze dragons attacked Seigel at the same time.

[Seigel used «Charge»! Attack power raised!]
[Seigel quickly used «Burst Braver»!]

An explosion rang out as if signalling the final moments of the dragons, and their lifeless husks fell to the ground.
Attacking so openly without any support, charging and releasing so quickly, this risky method was his way of drawing out Mohawk.

“How half-assed. Can any of your attacks even reach your opponents? I’m tired of these small fries. You can do better can’t you…uh…wait, what was your name?”

“You may call me Churchill, the «Dragon Master».”

He started bending his waist back and forth, and Seigel was immediately reminded of Xinbu. He didn’t let his shock show on his face.
“One person with that type of character is enough,” but he kept it to himself. Seigel wanted to get more information before riling up his opponent.

“So, a «Dragon Master»? Among monsters, dragons are a superior species. For you to have the skill to raise so many dragons to this level…Where did you learn how to do this? Is this kind of ability even learnable?”

“About that, you see, I’m also a dragon.”

“Hoh, you’re quite amusing.”


[Ryua attacked! Red Scissors received 3915 damage!]
[Red Scissors was defeated! HP: 0/1755]

Only using her fist, her attack power was naturally weaker than normal.
However, since this was more than enough, she wasn’t bothered.
Aiming at the spectator seats, Ryua lanced through the Red Scissors, smashing them to bits.
Ryua was immediately worried about Roel’s safety once she realized the situation.
Any monster that hindered her path was instantly crushed by her fist. When she finally reached her important Roel, her heart calmed down.

“Ryua-chan, I’m happy that you’re safe…”

“Sorry, I was slow in getting to you…”

“Don’t apologize for that. How did things end up like this?”

Ryua did one quick lap around the coliseum, dealing with the monsters in the spectator seats to the best of her fisting ability.
Even so, people were still running about chaotically.
Ritta’s figure couldn’t be seen amongst the masses, and Nikka was still at the clinic.

“Roel, what about Ritta and the others?”

“Cynthia was able to retreat, she ran away saying she was already gone…Ritta was also gone before I noticed…Ryua-chan, what should we do?”

“Just what the heck is it with these monsters…?”

[A swarm of Red Scissors appeared! HP: 1755]
[A swarm of Blood Flies appeared! HP: 2384]

A large, unified swarm of red insects came to attack the spectators again. Thanks to Ryua, there were miraculously no deaths, but many were still injured.


[Ryua rushed the swarm!]
[The swarm received 17231 damage!]
[The swarm dissipated!]

The swarm left no traces and disappeared. Suddenly, a large insect came up behind her. A shadow could be seen on top.
The shadow had filthy, wavy hair and wore casual clothes totally unbefitting of a battlefield.

“The buzzing feels so good…please get closer, right, right, yes….aaah~….haa~…so good…~” (9: wtf did i just TL) (ED: wtf did I just edit)

His body was trembling as if in agony. Ryua and Roel took several steps back from him.
On both sides of him there were Red Scissors.
His appearance made the girls feel disgusted.

“W-what’s with that…it feels so wrong…”

“Ryua-chan…I’m scared…”

Roel retreated behind Ryua.
From the safety of her new location, Roel poked out half of her body and tried to understand the situation in front of her.
“Honestly, I don’t want to fight this guy,” that thought stayed unspoken inside of Ryua’s mind.
Buzzman slowly opened his eyes and saw the two girls.

“You, you’re the one that’s been slaughtering my bugs. Good grief, an insect not knowing its place is rather unpleasant.”

“Insects, you say? Aren’t they your underlings?”

“Ha! That is what makes you an insect! In this world, surpassing all life forms are bugs! You’ll never understand the greatness of these bugs and…aa~…this buzzing is so good…”

While in the middle of talking, his body shivered again from the buzzing.
“Ew” escaped Ryua’s lips, exposing her feelings from looking at this man.
Buzzman laughed scornfully at her.

“Well then, I should erase this woman who is lower than an insect. No reason to hesitate, go!”

Signalling with both his hands at the same time, Red Scissors along with other large insects faced Ryua and Roel.
Before long, dozens of bugs attacked at once.

Ryua was furious. She had become the champion, and then for no reason and completely unannounced, these unknown bastards spoiled everything.
Worst of all, unrelated and innocent people were dragged into it.
Just like her village…why…

–You are an insect.

Buzzman’s miscalculation was Ryua.
Even without her sword, she could easily end his life.
By no means was she a small fry, rather she was the sole lion.
Because he is Buzzman, he should have understood her ability for sure.
The bloodlust she emitted was so strong that even the bugs could feel it.
Those bugs just became stagnant, ignoring Buzzman’s orders.

“…Oi, do it already. What happened?”

Regardless of whether they fought or ran, they knew the outcome was the same.
“My life is precious” was their only thought.
Ryua was scowling at Buzzman while clenching her fist.

“Just who are you guys?”

“I am «Insect Master», Vit. Yes, we are…”

As if he was at a concert, the man straddling the mysterious bird shouted with a voice loud enough to reach across the whole coliseum.

“I guess it’s time to introduce ourselves! We are the Reborn Demon Lord army! I am one of the 12 generals! «Bird Master» Barts! As of today, this country is terminated!”

“De-Demon Lord…army..!?”

Gantetsu’s face did a complete change.
Even though he was in the middle of combat, his hand was shaking and trembling. His axe was no longer up, and he left himself open.
Amane was able to cover him, but Gantetsu didn’t even notice.

“Demonlord Army…as if such a thing is even real!”

“I agree with you, but right now, do you want to die!?”

Amane’s rebuke didn’t reach him, and the cold sweat running down his face increased even more.
There were more people than just Gantetsu in shock over that declaration. “I can’t believe this” was matched with surprised expressions plastered on their faces.
Bart was enjoying the reactions, he was watching with amusement.

“I’m sure you’re all surprised, but I don’t have any reason to explain the details, ok? I just wanted to announce that we have come back, no more and no less!”

He wore tea-colored full body tights, with feathers on his back.
His fashion sense was out of place for the battlefield, but nobody said anything.
Ryua was especially bothered by Vit’s attitude, and she decided to take the attitude of “Who cares anymore?”
Even with that mindset, she still had the manners to announce her attack, but no more than that.

“…Here I come.”

“Ho-ho-hou, that’s some great vigor. But you can’t defeat me, as to why-”

[Ryua attacked! Vit received 4821 damage! HP: 4512/9333]

When Ryua jumped onto the bug Vit had occupied, she dealt him a blow to his stomach.
He opened his mouth to the point where it seemed his jaw would come off, and he raised his voice into something you couldn’t call a scream.
He fell off his bug and onto the ground.

“A…agaa-….d-dying…I’m dying…”

Vit was squirming on the ground, face up.
Reacting to its master being in a pinch, the bug tried to shake off Ryua and flew about.

“Shut up.”

It received a strike, piercing its body. Then, all it could see was the sky as it fell down next to Ryua.

[Feather Mantis was defeated! HP: 0/5967]

The huge prey mantis that grew wings fell aside the squirming Vit.
Overcome by disgrace and fear, Vit showed his seriously hardened determination as the Girl was looking down on him.

“Do-do you think that you’ve won? Look properly, at the true form of Vit of the 12 Demon Generals…!”

From Vit’s back grew bug-like wings, around the same size as the Feather Mantis’.
On his hands and feet grew a carapace, but it looked more like he was equipping it.
Head, body, hands, feet. Each part had the feature of an insect, making him look like a legitimate monster. Every trace of Vit’s humanity was gone.

–A human has become a monster.

Ryua caught those words from who knows where, but, she immediately didn’t care.

[«The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, appeared! HP: 15300]

“Do you think that I am ugly? Do you think that I’m a monster? It’s come to my understanding that there are those that love this.”

“What are you talking about? You’re just a monster, you know?”

“‘Just a monster’…well, that’s not wrong!”

[«The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, used «Vital Slash -Taisetsuki-»]
[Ryua didn’t receive any damage!]

A human wearing armor would have been sliced like ham.
Ryua took it with her palm.
As if it was a rubber knife, the blade was pressed into Ryua’s hand.

“Wh…what the hell…”

“It’s my turn next, right?”

The blade in his hand broke, and the hilt was swatted away with one hand. A fist rushed into his body, shattering it and leaving no trace.

[Ryua attacked! «The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, received 14266 damage! HP: 1034/15300]


Vit was still alive with only his head remaining.
Vit had always boasted “Among the 12 Demon Generals, my vitality is superior!”, but now he regretted having that ability.

“F-for me to be done in by such a kid! Impossible! Just what the hell are you!?”

“Y-you’re still alive…”

Vit was talking with only his head, causing Ryua to take a step back.
She hadn’t held back with her punch this time, unlike before when he was in his human form.
If Ryua had known what Vit really was, he probably would have ended up in worse shape. For Ryua, Vit becoming a monster was lucky.

“Gigi…damn it…don’t think that this is the end…!”

His head flew forward and stuck to the back of a little girl trying to run away from the spectator seats. It may have been the most disgusting feeling in the girl’s short life; she let out a scream with all her might.

“Kuha! That’s too bad…if you think this kid’s life is precious, yo-”

This time, the head blew apart.
Vit severely underestimated Ryua’s speed. She rushed forward and blew him away with a single slap.

[«The Buzzing Hunter», Vit, was defeated! HP: 0/15300]

“Are you alright? Where is your mother?”


Ryua spoke to the crying girl.
With Ryua’s lack of social skills, the way ahead was dark.
However, Roel rushed over and they were able to have her take refuge.

“That child, I wonder if she’ll be fine.”

“Since the soldier was leading her, it should be fine, probably…”

The kingdom may have dealt with the situation properly, with most of the people in the Colosseum already gone, but you can see the corpses here and there of the people who didn’t make it out. Ones who only have their upper body left, those who were burned so bad that they can no longer be identified. It’s hard to find anyone with a body still intact.

“Damn, damn damn! Just what the hell are you guuuuuuuuuuuyyyys!!”


The skies are still occupied by the monster army, and she shouted to the master of the mysterious bird.
Barts may have noticed this, an exalted smile floated.

“If you’re talking to me, call me Birdman! Get it? I’m a Bird man you know? Hahahahahahaha!”

“Shut uuuuuuuuuuuup!”

Ryua jumped towards the sky.

When the monster army attacked, Ritta immediately went below to her brother.
Even if it’s an off-day, it’s her duty to guide each person trying to escape, but she abandoned that.
With her breath already faint, she sprinted through the corridor.


“Oops, there’s such a cute girl in this place.”

Just before reaching the clinic where Nikka was, a middle-aged man wearing a hat with an unshaven face, stood in her way.
The man smiled nihilistically and, with a wave of his hand, released a boar monster 3 times his size.

[Great Boar appeared! HP: 933]

“Well, you see this is a secret mission. I don’t know what you’re in such a hurry for, but I’ll have you die here.”

“P-please don’t get in the way…”

Ritta grasped her spear tightly, she prepared to intercept the heavily breathing monster boar.

“Reborn Demon Lord army, one of the 12 demon generals. «Beast Master» Pansardo.
Since you are going to die, you should at least name yourself.”

“C-«Castle Soldier» Ritta.”

That voice was very feeble and frail.

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