RAAAAAWR(rant) and other stuff

random rawr image i got from google

it may look cute but it holds a devastating power of destruction

this 9 has a rant and why ch 41 was delayed and then other stuff


I, as the demonlord, was forcefully summoned to the place of my brethren.  I don’t want to leave my “Castle”alone……….. and after 4 years when i was finally able to returned, the cowardly humans have attacked my Kingdom, destroyed everything!! leaving no trace of my Kingdom’s former glory!! I lost everything!!!!………………………….then i went on a quest to rebuild my Kingdom from scratch and was able form a kingdom again but!! what was lost is lost, i won’t be able to take it back again…………….

well, enough joking around. well actually a few days ago i went on a reuinon( forcefully summoned to the place of my brethren). it was boring, and i didn’t want to go. and the plan was supposed to be 3 days but got extended for another day RAAAAWR!!  and when i came back, my PC’s hdd broke , destroyed by ants(i don’t know how they got inside it)(cowardly humans have attacked my Kingdom, destroyed everything!!). then on the next day,  i went to have it repaired but sadly, i wasn’t able to salvage any files in it and lost all of my files and digital drawings and including my progress on ch 42 and HTG ch 5 RAAAAAWR!! TT_TT.  well, other bad stuff happened to me during that time but this is the most frustrating thing that happened in that time.  (also fun fact, Xant, I and  2 members of lazy9 had a hdd problems).

well, the other stuff is that i have an artwork(on paper) i was supposed to share on ch 41.
depicts Ryua VS Tifelia, though its too bad that my camera sucks

i swear it looks better in RL
i swear it looks better in RL



21 thoughts on “RAAAAAWR(rant) and other stuff

  1. I had a lot of RL stuff get in the way that negatively affected the release of chapter 41. I apologize for that. Work + my computer crashing every time I open a web browser+moving = a metric shit-ton of stress. It awakens the not so popular side of MrPopular, that’s for sure…

    Mostly everything has been resolved now(except work) so I’ll have plenty of time to edit future chapters.

    Sorry again for the delays.


  2. Liedral

    Hmmmmm… nice drawing. However I think you should’ve drawn Ryua smaller and younger. Feels like Ryua and Tifelia are the same size and age in the pic. Ryua’s still a young teenager isn’t she?


  3. condolences

    Always make backups of your files, on an external medium(hdd,stick,cd,dvd), you can’t really control google or dropbox(they can go down, out of business or just delete your stuff/account), uploading takes time, and networking can fail. If it is really important stuff, backup twice or more and check the backup.
    If you automate that then it isn’t even taking time you could do other things in.


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