Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 8

Ash: Part 9 may come a bit late because of AP exams :c I think it might be a little late to say this, but all the villagers speak to Georg in a respectful and formal tone.

Draco: The worlds spins one way, and this dude gets to spin his world around like a ball of yarn.

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Domestic Affair Cheat Time. The beast people got postponed (;_;)


Before, After

Returning to Schmitt’s house, four portions of soup and black bread were prepared in the living room. They were the portions for three family members and Georg.

Being observed by Schmitt and his family who became scared, Georg in all ways became uncomfortable while eating and he quickly washed down the slightly salty vegetable soup with the excessively hard bread. The flavor was honestly unclear, but it certainly satisfied his empty stomach.

Incidentally, Schmitt and his family were observing Georg excessively because originally, the hard rye bread, which was eaten while being softened by the soup, is generally eaten while being crunched.

“It was a treat. I’m heading out first.”

Georg, who finished eating earlier than the three people, gets up while saying this. Seeing this, Schmitt started stuffing his cheeks with soup and bread in a panic.

“You don’t have to hurry, I just want to see a little bit of the surroundings.”

When Georg said this, the face swelling with soup and bread arbitrarily shook. But Georg didn’t speak of his thoughts that it would make a pretty picture if only it was a girl.

Seeing that Schmitt calmed down, Georg left behind the place. To carry out yesterday’s promise, certain information is absolutely necessary.

While recalling other things after this, he opened the gate and went outside.

About 1 hour later, the weak villagers, numbering 50 in total, gathered in the open lot (called like this because the the plaza’s maintenance was completely not done) in the middle of the village. Looking at their appearances, the men and women were about fifty-fifty and the expressions varied.

Properly speaking, there were people with clear displeasure at being called out at a time when they need to go work in the fields. Among the young women, there were people facing Georg with gazes of love and the men who felt that are giving Georg gazes filled with jealously. Truly varied.

Saying this in his heart, he couldn’t suppress a wry smile. Well, a large cause should be that while looking at the village some time ago, in order to hear about various circumstances he aimed at mainly women. But he leaves behind the words that it’s an inevitable part of a man to think of wanting to talk to girls.

“Now then, everyone, sorry for this during a busy time. There should be people with dissatisfaction, but I believe I can provide something to counterbalance the stolen time, so please endure this for now.”

Pulling himself together and announcing this line, every doubtful expression which floated waited quietly for the next words.

“First is…this village’s harmful animal counter-measure, but the village doesn’t have a surrounding fence nor wall, and it seems the fields do get damaged from time to time right?”

Hearing this, some people raised their voice.

“Well…demons don’t appear, but wild boars and the such…”

“Raccoons also appear, and stuff like rats too.”

“But even if fences are made those things still immediately enter, the workers and time to just build ditches and walls are…naa.”

Hearing their answers, Georg nodded with an air of satisfaction.

“In that case, let’s first settle this.”

Saying this, Georg exercised magic.

The villagers became cautious, wondering what the heck Georg was planning to do, but that soon changed into surprise.



Speaking of what Georg did, moats were first created with some room around the outer circumference of the village. They have a depth of around 1.5m and a width of around 2.5m. Then the massive amount of excavated dirt was compressed and hardened and walls around 2m tall and 1m thick were created, completely enclosing the village (of course, three places of entrances and exits were created and there were no walls there). Furthermore, Georg did not forget to harden the inside of the moat. There wouldn’t be much point if the moat crumbles and fills up after all.

The power of Lv10 Earth Magic was lavishly exhibited.


“Like this the beasts can’t enter…”

Several voices of admiration leaked out of their mouths, but Georg had no intention of ending it here.

“I guess the fields are next. I heard it has a considerably distorted shape because of rocks and geological features. Let’s resolve that as well.”

Because the geological features were already confirmed beforehand using magic, Georg used his magic right away. First, the vegetables growing there was wrapped up inside of a bowl made of Earth Magic and was evacuated into the air using Wind Magic. After that the conspicuous rocks were pulverized into very small pieces. Then, the dirt in the fields were all dug up at once, mixing together with the earlier pulverized rock and furthermore was replaced by the dirt from the soft portion of the deep layer of earth.

And then the distorted fields were beautifully arranged, with the sections of dead space already usable. The plants taking refuge were beautifully put back, and the slightly dry ground was given
water to perfection using Water Magic.

Georg had an uninterested expression, but his real view is that it can be expressed in one word as his masterpiece. The villagers who were shown this before there eyes were.


They were in a speechless dazed state.

“After that…”

“””””There’s still more!?”””””


He reflexively drew back at the simultaneous roaring voices.

“Well, to draw water at a certain river in a nearby forest, you have to pass through places with animal trails right? The maintenance of that road, as well as opening up space by transplanting the trees growing along the route is needed. Later the wood felled during maintenance will be secured as lumber.”

Saying up to that point, the group of villagers became completely silent, and then.

“””””Our Saviour!!”””””

(TL: for a moment I read this as “fue”…)

Georg, for a moment, was deified in a certain village.


End Notes:

Next time, will the beast people finally make an appearance?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, and i wonder how many species of animals the beast people will take after in the next part. damn… just wasted the time reading this while i’m already trying to finish a research paper due tomorrow… why do colleges make all these damn papers due at the same time… must be my severe case of procrastination…. we all will eagarly and patiently await the next release, so please, just focus on your exams lol.

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          1. you know, i’d be laughing if your so called beast people ended up looking the like nukos from nukoduke. should read that btw as it’s very… entertaining…


  2. Val

    I don’t believe he’s doing this for charity. It’s too much. He must have ulterior motives, like enslaving these people and then making them capture beast race girls so he can do this and that to them…
    Jokes aside, thank you for the translation.


  3. zacktyce

    Seriously? Not only did he kill the robbers for them, he also give the robber’s loot to the villagers while also burn the corpse for them, he also built a wall, remodelled the farm, paved a road, cut down the trees and also give them the lumber all just for three days of soup and hard bread…..


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