Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 7

Ash: The beast people are coming soon I think. I haven’t read ahead, but I have my forecasts at Chapter 10. Only slightly more!


^Ash: I keep forgetting to ask Draco about what he wants to say -_- but I guess this might get edited in later.



Village’s Morning

(TL: yawn sounds)

Squinting his eyes at the dazzling morning sun, Georg got up.

Last night, Georg stayed in the house of the village chief, a man in the prime of his
life. But instead of a hard bed, Georg slept on blankets laid on the floor. The villager
chief’s name appeared to be Schmitt and he seems to have a wife and children. He
introduced his wife, Elena, and his son, Sun, when they entered the house. He suggested
Georg to use his bed, but Georg politely declined.
(TL: Fun fact, his son’s name is Son)

Because he is a burden, Georg didn’t have the boldness to steal the home owner’s bed.
Besides, any difference in heat or cold has hardly any effect on his body. It’s just that
he had a feeling that his body joints would hurt if he spent the night on a hard place
from his time as a human, so he slept on laid out blankets.

Schmitt persistently recommended the bed to the end, but Georg gave up on explaining, and
of his own accord, laid out the blankets in the room’s corner, took off his armor, and
lied down. By the way, Schmitt reluctantly left. (Incidentally, under the armor was
clothing like white silk made of wing membrane)

“Ha-…Have you woken up?”

Waking up and spacing out, he heard a woman’s voice greet him from his side.

“N…wheres Schmitt?”

“If it’s my husband, he went to confirm the thieves’ belongings with the young men…”


He forgot to deal with the corpses.

“Understood, I’ll go too. I did say I’ll deal with them.”

He stood up at those words, and Elena promptly folded the blankets.

“Please wait for the preparations of breakfast.”

Saying this, she bowed her head.

Georg didn’t realize up until now, but at those words, his stomach felt extremely empty.
In the end, he didn’t eat anything last night; on top of intruding during midnight, he
didn’t ask for food.

“…I’ll finish it quickly.”

Persevering through his rumbling stomach, Georg quickly wore his armor, and went outside.

“He?…Ah, it’s Standford-sama! Did you just wake up?”

Going towards the place where the thieves were cleaned up last night, there gathered many
young men who were counting the currency-like items and evaluating the sword and armor.

“Hou, are you checking the spoils of war?”


Why did Schmitt’s face cloud over. No, the other guys were also acting suspiciously.


He sort of guessed it.

“I said it, but I don’t want these items.”

“Is it okay!?”

The faces smiled broadly. In short, they did think about the ownership of the thieves’
valuables. Thinking about it normally, it should be Georg’s, as he repelled them alone,
but to this remote village, it is undoubtedly precious money and metal products.
Consequently, they must have thought of scavenging, and dividing and taking some.

“You can take it all as one portion of the food and lodging costs. It didn’t take alot of
time, and I don’t have interest anyways.”

“Th-…Thank you very much!!”

“While your at it, I’ll be saved if you pile up the corpses. Since disposing of them will
be easier.”

“Theres no problem, doing something to this extent!!”

The robustness of the humans living in this era can be felt from Schmitt, who joyfully
started giving out instructions to the men.

Georg passed the 30 minutes drowsily. until work finished.
(TL: The author put a period in an odd spot. Not sure if it is intentional or a typo)
“Stanford-sama, we finished.”

“N?…I see, now then. I’ll dispose of them quickly.”

Recovering from a half-sleeping state from Schmitt’s voice, Georg stood up, and went
towards the place where all the corpses were collected. He already thought about how to
dispose of the corpses.

“It’s dangerous, so can you stand back?”

He approached the corpses, warned the surroundings, checked to see the villagers stepped
back, and then exercised magic.

He sensed the surroundings stir up at the blaze which flared up in an instant. Then there
is that, almost all magic users worked for the country, and an ordinary person would
practically never see it. In short, it’s because they have never seen magic.

Georg also exercised wind magic simultaneously, taking into account the smell of burning
people spreading to the village, and he burns the corpses which doesn’t even have bones
remaining. After that finished, he exercised earth magic this time. The ground dirt
hollowed out as if being penetrated, and the remaining ashes fell into the hole. Once
more, the earth buried itself, and it ended after the ground is slightly tinged by
moisture from water magic

A beautiful disposal, to the extent where the corpses there just 2, 3 minutes ago
appeared to have never existed.

“Un, something like this… is this good?”

“He?…Ah! Eeh, yes, there are no problems…”

Schmitt, who watched over with a befuddled expression, gave a flustered response.

The appearance of a Dragunir during a thief’s attack, furthermore seeing such magic, he
had a speechless appearance.

“I see, then its good. Now then, like I said yesterday, everyone gather somewhere…no.”

Georg saw Elena, who had a worried expression, in the distance as he thought about
carrying out the promise made yesterday.

“Before that, its breakfast. Schmitt, Elena is waiting after laying out the food.”

While adding in his heart that he also is hungry, Schmitt followed Georg with a wry smile
like last night.

While firmly grasping the small bag containing the money, as if it’s his own treasure.


End Notes:

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      1. Wow. This is pretty long then. How many chapters are in the book then if there are that many parts to a chapter. Good work on not letting the walls of text not get to you


        1. the parts are actually relatively short, but added up, I think its one of those 4-5 chapter books ( if the plot works that way) The parts are actually small sections of text so its not that bad ;p


      1. mr.tanen

        it’s the most idiotic idea actually…good for us readers, but not for the villagers
        good thing he didn’t give a fvck, but he could easily be pissed off that they were trying to rip him off already


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