Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 6

Ash: For some reason the last 5 lines were left untranslated for 3 days >.> so it’s a little bit late. The “” is speech and the <> are thoughts btw.



He doesn’t meet with beast people yet..!



“Why did such a thing…”

“Other than that, these corpses…”

The villagers, who started to become noisy, made Georg feel a little ill at ease, but he didn’t have a choice to leave here. Hereafter, he needs to work out his plan, to get a meal and rest, and the mountain of corpses can’t just stay there like that.

“Aa-…I will explain the situation briefly. I am wandering for a reason, and wanting food, this place caught by eye and I came not long ago. But I saw these guys here were trying to attack here, so I just beat them up, over.”

Indeed, he had an attitude saying it was bothersome to do, but the truth that it was bothersome doesn’t change.

It seems the villagers were bewildered for a short moment, but representative-like people gathered in one spot and started discussing something.

<Are?…are they doubting it’s a self-made play or something like that?>

Certain, it is true these guy’s (robber) attack’s timing overlapped magnificently.

However, he soon realized those were needless fears.

The villagers finished their discussion, and lined up horizontally in front of Georg. And then.

“””For giving our village assistance, thank you very much!”””

While saying those words, prostrating on the ground, they simultaneously bowed with such vigor that they rubbed their head against the ground.

“Er…will you raise your head?”


<Why did they lower even further!? Are they sinking in!? Do they want to sink in!?>

The sensation of his body had pointed out, “is this the normal reaction of humans towards existences like the Dragunir?”

“…if you humble yourself like that, you can’t speak?…”

“Please continue like this.”

“The likes of us worship your-sama’s countenance..”

“Very awe-inspiring…”

These guys are already done for.

“I’m saying it’s okay. Raise your heads or you’ll bury yourselves.”

It’s already a threat, and if he doesn’t do that, the heads won’t rise.

At Georg’s words, the villagers timidly raise their faces. Their expressions were uniformly pale. However, he was unable to judge whether it is fear or anxiety, or possibly because of the corpses behind them.

“For the time being, I’ll dispose of these corpses. And, I also want permission to stay for 2, 3 days and a small portion of food. Things that will become compensation…I thought of selling this armor for some money but…”

Seeing Georg saying this and knocking his worn armor with a “kon kon” sound, the villager’s one pale face became even more paler and shook their heads.

“Im-im-im-impossible, we can’t take such a thing!!”

“Mu, not enough?”

“That’s out of the question!! Just such an armor that at a glance is splendid is too much…”

“What, it’s not something with a great value to me, so don’t worry about it. After all, it’s made of scales, and will regenerate in the blink of an eye.”

Georg said this, but in reality, the villagers weren’t worried about this. Dragon scale armor. Since the creatures known as genuine dragons perished, the amount of living things with the raw materials for refinement, the technology, and the lost items, did not exceed what can be counted on one hand. And this armor has legends of bestowing the wearer with great blessings, withstanding all attacks and nullifying all magic. Before, there were wars started from disputes for the ownership of the armor.

It’s a worthless item to Georg, but to humans, it’s not like that. Due to the adverse effects of the values and knowledge Georg received, which to the end, can be said as those of a Dragunir, there is a misunderstanding.

And then there is the real reason why the villagers strongly refused up until now. If they received such an item, they wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. They likely can’t attach a price to sell it, and just having the truth of their ownership leaked out somewhere, they don’t know what would happen.

If a country sends out soldiers with demands to hand it over, it’s fine. What’s bad, is that there is a high possibility that guys who try to obtain it while keeping it secret from the country will appear.

Nobles, merchants, thieves, or foreign spies; if such people appeared, this village would be ruined. Because there isn’t a reason to keep witnesses alive.

“We humbly request. Please pardon just only that…”

And for that reason, an entreaty.

“Saying to that extent…”

When Georg said that, everyone was washed by an atmosphere of relief. Other than the main culprit, Georg.

And the main culprit racked his brains once again.

<Receiving one sided charity is kinda unpleasant…is there anything else?>

While having these thoughts, he surveyed the vicinity. The plots at the simple, or perhaps he should say, worn out houses had no fencing, let alone walls. The fields had irregular figures, perhaps because of rocks or hard sections of ground.

<…will this be good?>

Even without objects, there should be things he can give with his power.

“Well, besides I must get the approval of everyone, but…”

While muttering he looked at the villagers. As usual, a facial expression of unease.

“Okay, tomorrow, during bright hours, can everyone gather?”


“Ah, unfortunately, nothing else I can hand out as compensation comes to mind. Therefore, well…what is it, minimal kindness or perhaps I should say assistance to make living a little easier. Do you mind?”

Asking this question, the villagers looked at each other with bewildered faces.

“I will tell you the details tomorrow. Today, are you willing to lend me a bed for now?”

“Ha…haa?…Like this,a~…Derrick, didn’t you have an extra bed and blanket?”

“Eh?…oh, its my son’s who went to the city the other day but.”

“Then lend us that, the place will be mine because it’s the most spacious….err, Dragunir-sama.”

“I don’t mind Georg or Stanford.”

“Th…then Stanford-sama, please rest at my house tonight. There are small and dirty spots but…”

“What, this body, taking advantage your good will, has no complaints.”

“Un…understood…well this way.”

The men got up at these words, but Georg started to walk as if leading, and Georg continued to do so.
(TL: Not sure そう言い立ち上がった男が、ゲオルグを先導するように歩き出し、ゲオルグはそれに続く。)

And like this, Georg passed his first night in a parallel world.


End Notes:

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  1. TheFrostDude

    Thanks for part 6!
    You would think since he was a human before and now combine with his knowledge of this world has a Dragunir that he should kinda understand the villagers’ reasons for not wanting the armor and such.


  2. brian

    Im glad they declined that armor. They would had gotten massacre since its just a small village. He’s being to nice! Just making a wall around them is enough!


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