Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 5


The violent scenes will end quickly

The First Conversation (Physical)

(TL: the kanji in the brackets mean “Physics” but I think it might be referring to physical things)

The men are perplexed.

Before their eyes is a single man who just stands there.

Though they were enthusiastic just now about attacking the village, stealing money, scavenging food, and raping women, a single man, who they couldn’t raise their hands against, appeared from hiding.

The reason is simple.

Silver hair and blue eyes.

Looking at the appearance, which is clear despite being under the moonlight, the men’s movements stopped.

If they are one of this world’s humans, they should know a conversation topic-like true story, a noble race who moreover turns up often as heroes, Dragunir. The blood vessels of dragons, existing myths, living legends. It is absurd for a human to oppose them, and even making eye contact is equivalent to being rude.

Some whisper about the truth of such numerous anecdotes and folklore as if they are plausible, a rare species that if met once in one life, their life afterwards would become affluent. In reality, under normal circumstances, this race has a small population; they don’t meddle with humans and only live in dangerous areas.
It is thought that if such a figure is seen, an uncertain danger zone infested with many demons crawling around can be overcome, even at the stage where one’s spirit has be worn down after many days.

Such an existence that they thought they should have never met, now, is in front of their eyes.

Every time they look, they doubt their eyes. But every time they check, nothing changes. That silver hair and blue eyes are traits that do not exist outside of the Dragunir.

“I’ll warn you once, “humans”, obediently leave this place. Don’t cause me any trouble.”

An excessively arrogant manner of speaking. But, what allows for it is this Dragunir race.

The men, without saying anything, in an unmovable state, huddled together.

Georg chose to give a warning as arrogantly as possible.

Well, he knew this was the way of talking based on this world’s humans and Dragunir’s correct status. If possible, avoid violence. That is not gentleness or lenience, it’s just that having trouble is honestly pointless.

Even with this difference in human numbers, no, even if there is a difference of 100 in human numbers, it can only be thought of as a one-sided game. It’s quite an irritating thing, but it seems this body scraped off any difficult or unpleasant feelings towards killing humans, and only the thoughts of avoiding troublesome things if possible persisted from his time as a human .

“What’s wrong, can’t even reply? Then at least show some movement, fools. To disappear or to be killed, there should be two simple choices.”

Speaking like his nose is scorning, some men’s red faces became clear.
(TL: Not sure about wording of first section of sentence 鼻で嘲笑するような物言いに)

This is why humans are troublesome. If it were wild animals or even high ranking animals, they would move as soon as they felt the difference in strength. Based on instinct, they would pick one of the options of “fight or flight”. But humans pointlessly think. For example, it could be calculations, something they should protect, or to attain trivial pride, honor and such. But in the first place, against a Dragunir those are failures and mistakes. If they are making such a mistake of trivial thinking, he doesn’t want to see their sorry state.

Yes, like those people in front of his eyes.

“It’s a bluff…it’s obviously magic or something!”

“That…that’s it…that’s it! There can’t possibly be a Dragunir in such a place!”

“Ha!! Intimidating us like this, it seems they want to get seriously hurt!”

At the very least, Georg can’t see it as anything but escaping reality.

“I see, if you’re resisting, then it’s unavoidable. Come at me.”

Of course, the swords at his waist were sheathed. Because all of the men carried daggers or one-handed swords, he reasoned there were no magic users.

Georg made a motion for the men to come at him with his right hand. Maybe because of the excessive irritation, the group of humans had their vigor pushed up.

And in the middle of the group, a gust of violent wind blew.

Words will only do so much, that is, if their details are even presented. Georg, who leapt into the middle of the thieves, swung his fists left and right. Just by doing that, the results were lunging fists which people’s eyes cannot keep up with, already at the level of being lethal.

“…Did I overdo it?”

A certain person had his head twisted towards a wrong way, a certain person had blood pouring from his mouth, and again, a certain person had shards of his broken sword stuck into his head…

Zero survivors.

“Something like going easy on someone, I had never done so in my life up until now. In the first place I never had a full-fledged fight before………can’t be helped right.”

He persuaded himself and came to an agreement. Here, the one saving grace was that he didn’t realize he had nothing like feelings of guilt or pangs of conscience.

“This…this is…”

Turning around after suddenly hearing a voice, there stood a man in his prime with a pale face. No, there wasn’t only the one man, there were also some other men, and children peeking at him from under cover.

Well, it’s natural after making so much noise.

Georg turned his whole body towards them.

“Sorry for making a racket, I am called Georg, Georg Stanford. I am of the Dragunir race.”

There were people opening their eyes wide at Georg’s words, and people who fainted and collapsed could be seen.

<Aa, perhaps this might be a miss?>

Among them, the one person who casually thought this was Georg.


End Notes:

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  1. Schion

    thanks for the chapter and welcome new translator and editor, btw if you guys profess to like OP MC’s…*evil smirk* might I recommend you read “Kaettekite mo Fantasy?!” it has a MC who is OP but others think he is weak

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  2. M

    What is implied here is that he is “laughing with his nose” scornfully, the meaning of laughing with your nose is to make the noise “Fu” / “Hpmf”, a sort of small arrogant laugh.


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