Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 4

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Finally it looks like the soliloquy ends.

Beginning the Different World Interaction

In the dusk, before Georg’s eyes, everybody was lined up prostrate.

“How did it become like this…”

This place is a certain obscure village with a population of about 50 people. In this tranquil landscape, relaxation is felt, however.

“…Can you raise your heads?”


More profound than the habit of responding with “haha-“, are the people bowing their heads. Asking once again, how did it become like this?

Returning to about 30 minutes ago.

The day completely darkened, in the end he didn’t find any food and just wandered aimlessly.

“Even with a cheat, if I don’t eat or drink…I would die.”

Most likely this sensation of hunger is because Dragon Transfiguration was used. He thought there were no demerits, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. There wasn’t such information within his knowledge, and even though he didn’t feel very hungry, he suddenly got really hungry. There is no way they aren’t related.

“..Weeds don’t have poison, right?”

With an unsteady gait, he murmured while gazing at a weed around 10 cm tall. The first meal in another world is some weed? It’s not even funny.

“But on the other hand, my stomach…nn?”

The moment he started to seriously think about the final option, he picked up a small sound with his superhuman hearing. A voice, a human-like sound.


Words are already unnecessary. Run, run at full speed. Why he is running, obviously because there is food. (Confusion)
(TL: Yep, the (Confusion) is part of the raw text)

Already running at a speed that the human eye cannot keep up with, several houses and simple fences appeared in front of Georg’s field of vision. No doubt about it, it’s a human village.

“First is food…what do I do about the bill?…But I don’t have anything valuable…no…”

Just then, he thought about his armor.

This armor is transformed from dragon scales; with his body boasting high regeneration, if he takes it off and uses Dragon Transfiguration once again it will temporarily restore. Then, using Human Transfiguration again, the same armor will be mysteriously made.

“…Is this somewhat valuable?”

Possibly, it is something that even the king of a country would covet. Certainly it’s not something to stupidly offer up with carelessness, but to fulfill the the indispensable life maintenance activity called a meal, it shouldn’t be something loathsome.

“At any rate, the negotiations come first.”

And thus Georg reached the human habitation, albeit with some struggles, at last.

“…Well if there is only light from fire, they should normally sleep during the night.”

The village-like place that he struggled to reach, with many of the households sleeping, had silence hanging over the vicinity.

“Is there anybody?~…”

Muttering in a quiet voice, as expected he can’t bring himself to yell loudly. Even himself, if someone was woken up by a person they didn’t know in the middle of sleep, they would certainly be displeased.

Georg has no way, and he stopped and listened carefully there.


“No…if you…Bari…”

The voices he heard. That seems to have resounded from the vicinity slightly outside of the village.

Georg is harbouring some doubts, but in order to dispel them, he moves towards there. However, he doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

“…it should be good soon.”

“Ah, it seems like everyone in the village is already asleep.”

“Okay, listen up. Kill the men as soon as possible, put off the old people for later, and seizing the women and children is the highest priority.

“Like always, we can do whatever we want except to the virgins?”

“Ah, in any case their value isn’t that significant anyways. If you like, should we bring them home this time?””

“Sounds good, as expected of the chief, very reasonable.”

“Ha, flattery huh? Apart from that, oi, let’s go.”


On the slight outskirts of the village, it seems there are voices and 10 weak presences of people lurking in the bushes. The appearances definitely weren’t confirmed yet but oh well.

“Robbers or the such it seems.”

He sighed deeply with a “haa”. He would have never thought the first interaction in another world is with robbers, furthermore probably will become a bloody interaction, and became slightly depressed.

If he repulsed the robbers trying to attack the village, it probably won’t be a viewed as a bad thing.

“Well, do I lightly defeat them?”

While walking he lightly swung his arm, getting accustomed to his shoulder. He wouldn’t kill, and try to take care but, well, how easy does he need to go so they won’t die? Probably, they won’t die with a light hit.

“What a bother.”

Though he complains, he has no intention of stopping his walking. For him, it is a critical moment of whether a meal can be eaten or not. Do they know about the death of a strange “human”?
(TL: Not sure about the last sentence 見ず知らずの「人間」の生死など知ることか。”

Again, while lightly sighing, he struggles on to reach the entrance of the village.

The beautiful and sharp figure of him standing still while wearing armor gleaming from moonlight, is wondrous and both solemn and sinister.


End Notes:

nn~…its too conspicuous there aren’t many good things to say about my literary talent. (cries)


9 thoughts on “Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 4

  1. TheFrostDude

    Thanks for part 4!
    He should of thought to trade animal or monster fur or anything for food cuz he can basically one hit K.O. anything.


  2. blade1309

    thank you for the translation.

    It might be a bit late but about the “見ず知らずの「人間」の生死など知ることか。” part:
    The translation in my opinion would be “Why would/ should he care about the life and death of strangers”.
    Although the author puts “human” in brackets to probably emphasize the fact that the MC is not human anymore, it would be difficult to do that in English….something like ” …life and death of humans he doesn’t know” would be closest to the original i guess


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