guys, i have promised you this bomb but first…………….

guys i have to tell you this, actually xant is very busy with his RL life he was once again got fired and became a neet again and now he is searching for another job but still he tries to be positive and joyfully comments and i hope he will get the job, the new editor Mr. Pop was currently swamped with work and RL circumstances but still helps and i’m grateful to that ,the proofies Draco and Neo had a fight with xant, because xant was harrasing them too much. and me , nothing happened but i’m alone now, though mr. pop pops out once in a while and helps me in editing. I honestly didn’t want to get this pessimistic that was why i planned this event. honestly, i’m lonely, i’m not sure if i should continue translating, i have been stressed and i rarely got any sleep, one of the reason why i translate so fast cause i always translate so late that i barely get any sleep. and recently my RL life is getting much much worse and its really depressing me.

guys should i continue translating? or just stop? is my translation that good? is the quality that good? honestly its troubling me a lot i don’t know what to do anymore hey guys what should i do? this is an april fools joke so what should i keep doing?

anyway.  . ..  . . . . . .





muwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! ITS HERE!!! the BOMB IS HERE!!!! muwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahaahahaha!!!!! fumu, my announcement last time i didn’t lie!!
1st at least 5 chapters : yes there are at least 5 chapters but it was not Kansutoppu!!! it was different wns!!
2nd Truth ,Trust us : yes this was true we didn’t lie in that announcemnet!!!
3rd enjoy it ,  earned it:  yes you guys deserved it , you deserve to enjoy it, and you earned it because your reactions was great!!!! this 9 is so pleased!!
4th April fools event: yes this is the April fools so i made that sad story!!!

MWUAHAHAHAHAHA SO how did you like the bomb?? did it hit your house?? where you able to hide in your bomb shelter!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

anyway, we got 2 new side projects, first is Gardeina!! we got a masked translator reincarnated from the other world, his identity was hidden by his mask. and then now HTG which means Harrasing Thief Girl which we made a smaller version cause the full version is long!!!.

anyway, this chapters were rushed and wasn’t properly proofed


part 1
part 2
part 3



56 thoughts on “guys………………………

      1. Ikr!! Kansu’s romance is kinda slow but HTG has a fast pace in romance(not sure if its really love or lust) you will understand why in a few chapters


      1. Vivec

        The stories were definitely enjoyable. I think the thief girl reincarnation one is more amusing for now while the first one can simply go anywhere from where it is, and both could easily become stale extremely quickly depending on what happens, but it’d take a good bit more to be able to properly judge, so don’t you dare overdo it and burn yourself out. You better work at your own pace, or you’ll regret it later.


        1. i haven’t read Gardeina yet because a different author did it, but HTG will get interesting starting at ch 4. it may have been slow but it gets really interesting at the next chapter. the title of the next chapter is “1st victim”


  1. RobotLove

    Well I don’t really read your translations cause all your stories you pick suck. If you want to give up or take a break cause your tired you should, at least a break for your health.


  2. Berserkering

    I was expecting something but not two new series. Will give them a try, thank you!

    Hoping for more Kansutoppu. I need to know what happens to that stupid Hekaton.


    1. Thernn


      I just meant to link the pictures.

      I’d fix it so pictures aren’t automatically shown. Someone could post bad stuff.

      Don’t need to approve this.


  3. Where it hurts...

    Nah, you should just drop; your translations are meh, and while the speed is nice, it’s clear you can’t keep it up for long. While you might have created the beginning as a joke, if I were you I’d take this chance to evaluate your performance and reflect on where you went wrong. Also, thinking about it logically, it doesn’t seem very likely that you’ll be able to “catch up” with any of the works you’re translating, so rather than having them putter out in the end and leaving us with that bitter unfulfilled taste, ending it now would be better. Either that, or work up the resolve to firmly see things through to the end. While you’re at it, take the time to learn real translating, rather than relying on machines.

    A-April fools…. You guys are awesome…..

    I’m pretty sure I’m doing this April fools thing wrong…. This IS a day where people say mean and hateful things that are close enough to the truth that even when they’re expecting tricks and lies, they are still wounded? And then reveal it truly was a farce, leaving their victim to ponder the what-ifs as well as their choice in companions, perhaps a few life choices? Undeniably a harsh holiday.


  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Pitchforks –> check
    Torches –> check
    Angry mob –> …
    I could have sworn there was an angry mob behind me.
    Um… what is everyone reading? Hmm… looks interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. natsumiloves

    hahahahah.. I was sad that another series might have gotten stopped/dropped!

    But at least it was an April Fools day!

    thanks for the new novels :) at least got something new to read lol


  6. Crazyh

    If xant can’t cope, just give us the scripts after 9 translates from japanese to gibberish and before xant translates from gibberish to english


  7. lirg123

    HTG, I took the chance look ahead a few chapter, it look like it might take a while for the story to start.

    As for the other one, current no comment on it (haven’t check the raw).


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